Callee’s Quilt


Well that poor baby had to turn a year old and I had to totally destroy a different quilt but she did eventually get one – one that I hope she has for many years to come!

I have to start this post out with thanking Nicky! Just a couple days before I was to leave for Michigan I was in a panic about what color binding to put on this quilt. So, knowing that Nicky had great quilt taste, I got a hold of her on Skype, held my laptop up to the design wall and we discussed the best option for binding. She came up with this color – one that I hadn’t even thought of! Thank you Nicky!!!!!

So without further ado here are Sarah & JP aka Mom & Dad aka DIL & Son showing off the quilt at the party….

Is that not the perfect color binding?  See those creases in my jeans? Does anyone know how to get those out?

I have to be honest and tell you I hand sewed the binding all the way to Michigan. Then it got too dark and I had to finish it the next morning at my girlfriend Foo’s house. Here are the shots we took the morning of the party:

The quilting…straight line in a variegated pink thread

The back…Sugar & Spice by the Quilted Fish for Riley Blake. This shows the quilting a bit too!

The Roll Picture – mine “roll” pictures never look as modern as others….why is that?

All folded up & ready for the gift bag!!

This quilt began as a part of the Clover & Violet Embroidery 101 Stitch & Quilt Along. I had so much fun working on this quilt and learned so very much!!!! I will certainly do another embroidery quilt again soon but first I have some other projects to work on.

This project is part of my Finish A Long list. Since I only had 2 items on the list I guess I am half way there. This week I am working on the tutorial and then I will see what I can get done on the other quilt on my FAL list. It was supposed to be a birthday present on the 17th of March – oops missed that!!!

Speaking of the Finish A Long….you might want to start thinking about the 1st and 2nd quarters. The 1st quarter will come to a close on March 31st and your plan of attack for the 2nd quarter will be due on April 7th. The 7 days in between those 2 dates will be chalked full of tutorials by some amazing people!! Just look at who will be posting tutorials this quarter:

Is that talent or what? It is going to be exciting and each quarter I have an equal amount of talent scheduled!
Enough for today….two days in a row has worn me out…hehehehe

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  1. It's gorgeous Rhonda! I think the rolled up quilt photo never works when it's your own. Whenever I see someone else's pic I think it looks great – like yours does. Whenever I try it myself it's always a bit so-so.

  2. Rhonda its fabulous! Lovely, and I'm sure Callee will adore it too.

  3. That is an amazing quilt! 🙂

  4. I love it!!! Perfect binding!

  5. Fold your jeans different when they come out the dryer. The quilt is stunning and will be the first heirloom quilt of what I presume will be a huge pile of them by the time she is eighteen.

  6. It's a wonderful quilt that is sure to be loved!

  7. Cute cute cute!

    My roll photos are never as cool as other folks too. We'll have to ask Sarah (Fairyface Designs) for a tutorial…hers always look great.

  8. The back is a lot of fun as well. Super cute!

  9. Thanks for bigging me up there Rhonda! Glad to help but I think any option would have been great on this little charmer!

    Great finish!

  10. Awe, you finished and gave it away to be loved!!! Mine's going as a Graduation gift this year! =) Lovely job.

  11. I do love Callee's quilt. It is beautiful and I see many opportunities for teaching vocabulary. Lovely Miss Rhonda. PS — I have never heard of a “roll” picture. Yours looked good, yes?

  12. I have never gotten very bold with the back of my quilts but yours is so cute! Maybe I should branch out!

  13. This is beautiful. I have such a problem finishing quilts. But this is inspiring me.

  14. That is a beautiful quilt for Callee! Good for you for giving it to her on time and all. I am thinking she might need a new one in a few years – maybe when she is 5 or 6, you might want to start that one any day now.

  15. The greatest and most long-awaited finish!!

  16. Fabulously done missus, and obviously just in the nick of time!

  17. she is going to love it so much! it is so pretty rhonda! beautiful finish my friend!

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