Mail, Mail Glorious Mail


Looking for the Pre-Fourth Quarter Linky Party? Here it is!

Now that is a song I don’t sing very often because normally my mailbox is chocked full of bills and the like but today was an awesome mail day!!!

First, do y’all remember this…..

Susan’s Sneak Peek… (click image to be taken to original blog post)

Then there was a subsequent sneaky peek here. Well, all those sneaky peeks and teases about my geography from the peanut gallery (too many of you to list) turns out it was for me!!!! Check it out!!!!!

Me? A Brit? I am so Honored!!! I couldn’t be more excited!!!!!!

Did Susan rock it out or what??? Do you think this will work like a fake ID into all those Brit-Only swaps? I will have to try it soon!!!! I am off to make this picture my profile picture in Flickr…think it will help? Thanks Susan!!!!!

That is just the icing on the cake for my mail today!!!! I also received these two things from Michelle (these were thank you gifts for the interview on my podcast):

The picture really does it no justice!!!!
Seriously? A Knit Owl? OMG!!!

I could have fallen out of my seat when I laid eyes on these….I am in love!!!! My little owl is standing guard of my button jar and I rearranged my entire wall to make room for my two new gifts which I adore!!! Thank you Michelle…You said you hoped there would be room in my new sewing room…wanna see?

The wall all rearranged!!!!

Is that enough? One would think! But wait there is more!!! While I was Skype-ing with my dear friend Sarah the other day, she was a bad influence (again) and I bought some fabric for curtains in my sewing room. Here is the image that was in the etsy shop I bought it from (who by the way was the BEST!!).

I love that some of the owls are grumpy and some are sweet!!!!

Thanks again Sarah!!!! hehehe

BUT WAIT….there’s more! The least exciting of my mail today (beside’s the bills) was my order of some Kona White for my bee blocks and my applique sheet I needed for an undercover project I am working on (which may and may not end up in the January issue of Fluffy Sheep Quilting‘s Newsletter).

Phew! I am wore out after all that!!!

Don’t forget y’all tomorrow is the big launch of the Quilting Photo a Day using #quiltphoto……Nicke!!!!! Are you paying attention????

Well that wraps up my post for the day, I will be back tomorrow with my kick-off photo!


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  1. HOW SUPER EXCITING! Susan totally rocks. Your mini is gorgeous! Lucky girl!

  2. Yay! So pleased you like it. Don’t think it is enough in exchange for the aprons but at least it made you smile.

  3. Well I’d use that as an official passport if I were you! I’ll back you up Rhonda! Lovely mini, and the knotted owl, adorable! Now, I need to get skyped!

  4. Whoop whoop – I am so excited to see the whole embroidery.
    Wow did Susan ROCK that!!!!!

    But wait – such eye candy here today! the mini is sublime and your sewing wall is just absolutely perfect. And I see a Dare to be Square Hootenany, if I am not mistaken. Did you shrink the pattern? that is super cool.

  5. Wow! What post. I had a feeling that Susan’s embroidery was for you. I am sure that passport control might take a second look! Di x

  6. What wonderful mail!

  7. Just so much gorgeousness, and I love your sewing wall it sure is a real hoot.

  8. Oh brilliant mail xxx. Love Susan’s hoop x

  9. That is a wonderful gift….to be an honorary Brit…how fun! Looks like you have quite a few owl pretties….I’m a frog person myself…but oddly enough, I don’t have very many…go figure!


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