January’s Plan of Attack


I am sure most of you have seen my massive list by now! Like many things in life it is important to break it down into manageable pieces. Kinda like cake….you can’t eat the whole thing unless you take it one bite at a time. Or like life you must take it one day at a time! So, while the Finish A Long (FAL) is my baby there is another one out there that I am going to link up with today. Melissa is a great blogger and she has started A Lovely Year of Finishes. She is breaking her year down into months. Each quarter has 3 months, so why not!

I am only required to link up 1 project but I am thinking I can probably finish a couple of them during the month of January (especially since there are a couple of deadlines that involve the end of January. So here is my list:

2 coin purses

4 placemats – 2 are already started

and the wheel chair/walker bag

I might even get Foo’s binding sewn down but I am not sure! Serious maybe!!!

Here are the pics:

Wheel Chair/Walker Bag
Wheel Chair/Walker Bag


Placemats - can't show any more on this because it is top secret for now
Placemats – can’t show any more on this because it is top secret for now


Great photos right?  Hehehe

I am linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes:

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If I get these 4 projects done in the month of January that will be 3 projects for the FAL!!! What I need to do right now is get busy with on that list over there ———————————————————–>





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  1. You’ve no time to blog. You’ve got sewing to do!

  2. Can we have a podcast some time soon please?

  3. Oh my goodness – my To Do List made me tired, but then I read yours! That’s great that you’ve got all your projects lined up and ready to finish. Now if I could just be organized…..

  4. Sounds like a great plan.

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