Post Q1 Finishes


Here we are….the end of the first quarter! Can you believe we are this far into 2013?

I must admit I am pretty excited to see how well I have done so far! Here is the list as it started (I have crossed off the projects that don’t qualify for FAL prizes):

Name FAL Qualify? Deadline Status
Duo QAL Table Runner Yes n/a DONE
Callee’s Quilt Yes n/a GONE
Batik Nature BOM Yes n/a Top complete/back started
Sugar Block Club No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Birdie Embroidery Yes n/a A few blocks done
Amazing Grace Yes n/a Top Done
Spring Time Yes n/a Top Done
Red & White Yes 11/30/13 Top & Back Done
Foo’s Quilt Yes n/a DONE
Christmas Lights Quilt Yes 11/30/13 GAVE AWAY
Placemats & Tute Yes 1/31/13 DONE
Coin Purses No 1/31/13 Commission work – haven’t started
Sock Monkey Yes n/a DONE
Bright Daisy Quilt Yes n/a GAVE AWAY
Mystery Quilt Yes n/a A few blocks Done
Row by Row No Monthly 1/9 o 1/23 o 2/6 o 2/20 o 3/6 o 3/20 o
T-Shirt Quilt – Kaylah Yes 4/15/13 Blocks cut out of T-Shirts
Black Monkey Yes 6/1/13 Need to re-stitch back and bind
AAQI Donation No n/a Needs official label
MSBee Blocks No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Large Dresden Yes n/a Quilting started
Tute for FAL No 6/1/13 1 done – want to stitch another (gift)
Christmas BOM No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Toes in the Sand BOM No Monthly Apr o May o Jun o Jul o Aug o Sept
Penquin Quilt Yes n/a Pieces cut
Vanity Scarf Yes n/a DONE
Abbey Bag Yes n/a DONE
Bunting Yes n/a DONE
Pink plaid tied quilt Yes n/a BACK IN STASH
Pillowcase Dress Yes 6/1/13 DONE
Duckie Quilt Yes n/a Need to finish tying & bind
Reunion quilt Yes 7/1/13 Needs bound
Walker/Wheel Chair Bag Yes n/a DONE
Hexie project Yes n/a Started stitching

I have completed 9 projects this time and got 3 off my list in more unconventional ways – gave them away, donated them, put them back in stash. Not all quilts were meant to be finished by me.

Here are my finished projects:

It's difficult to read but it says Foo
It reads “Foo” and now hangs in her sewing room.
The other side is pieced but since her color scheme changed this is side that will show now. Go figure!!
The other side is pieced but since her color scheme changed this is side that will show now. Go figure!!



Callee & Co-Co
Callee & Co-Co
four placemats
The tutorial for these are in Fluffy Sheep Quilting‘s Newsletter

Quilts I Made10

wheel chair bag

abbey bag collage

Duo QAL runner collage

There you have my nine finishes. I am not sure the second quarter will have quite so many in quantity because this quarter I focused more on getting the small projects out of the way. This quarter I need to get to….well more on that coming soon when I talk about my plan of attack. But right now I need to get busy linking up! I have a prize to win…..well, maybe. I am just excited that it is at all possible.

And don’t forget that I am keep my FAL page updated with dates, links and such.

Chat soon!



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  1. 9 finishes is great. But that list, wow! Do you think it will ever get shorter?

  2. Your list is insane, you nutter! You’re making amazing progress, though 🙂 Keep stitching like this and you’ll need a FAL linky all to yourself 🙂

  3. Well done – you’ve got loads finished!!!

  4. I’m going to bed. I’m feeling inadequate! Well done you for finally finding your sewing mojo and the time for yourself to do some sewing. Woohoo!!!

  5. I’m not sure which I’m more impressed with, the finishes, or the excel spreadsheet you planned it all on!

  6. Now I am really scared to look at my list. You are amazing and Co-Co is so gorgeous! looks like she loves him/her

  7. You are rocking the FAL – 9 finishes!

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