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I cannot believe how much I have gotten done in May, especially considering how busy May was. I have to admit, I am glad May is over. I can’t wait to tell you all about the last few days in my upcoming podcast (there just isn’t room for it on a blog post and I don’t think a post would do it justice).

So, let’s summarize May’s finishes. Here is the list I wanted to finish when the month started:

  1. Quilt Kaylah’s T-Shirt Quilt – DONE
  2. Make my mom an apron for Mother’s Day – DONE
  3. Make myself another skirt – Note Done
  4. Quilt The Revamp Top – Started
  5. Complete all my monthlys
    • Sugar Block Club – DONE
    • MSB (I am queen this month – nothing to do)
    • Toes in the Sand – DONE
    • Christmas BOM – DONE (I was mistaken I have another month left)

So, in summary I finished 3 of the 5 projects and started one of the two I didn’t get finished. I think that is pretty good. Now for the fun stuff, the pictures:

Sugar Block Club - May
Sugar Block Club – May
Christmas BOM
Christmas BOM


Block 2A

Toes in the Sand - Block 2
Toes in the Sand – Block 2


Kaylah's quilt
Kaylah’s quilt…notice my monkey trying to hold it down?

I am only posting one picture of Kaylah’s quilt for now as I will dedicate an entire post to it with all the deets very soon. I just needed to get it in this post to qualify for the Year of Lovely Finishes monthly entry. Yeah, Yeah, leave it to me to be pushing it to the last mintue. I have so many posts I need to do: the party, graduation, the quilt, the podcast….and the list goes on and on. But since I am just now catching my breath (I slept for 12 hours last night) I think I am doing pretty good. lol

I have some great pictures to share over the next few weeks. We had a photo booth set up at the party and had a great deal of fun. But in order not to bore you to death I will simply sprinkle them in here and there. So as a farewell today, here is one of my darling Callee and her parents:

Before Callee got ahold of the mask...
Before Callee got ahold of the mask…
After Callee got ahold of the mask...hehehehe (maybe she's mad because her daddy stole her crown)
After Callee got ahold of the mask…hehehehe (maybe she’s mad because her daddy stole her crown)

Ok…well, that’s it for now….

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  1. Sounds like you are having a busy month. I love your blocks.

  2. Well done Rhonda!

  3. What, no confidence you will finish more in the last few days of the month? Well done, my friend.

  4. I’m thinking Madam reckons she makes a better princess 😀

  5. Doing great, all things and visitors considered!!

  6. That Sugar club block looks amazingly 3-D! I didn’t recognize you with your long hair, I thought it was your daughter trying to spread the quilt :))) The family pictures are so fun with your sun and the Tiara, LOL!

  7. Your family photos are hilarious 🙂 I love the “real life” shots best. Your Sugar block is just gorgeous. Great pattern and you used the perfect fabrics. Great job.

  8. I love those toes in the sand blocks. And the family photos are great. Now get all those other posts written please!

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