Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Towels #PatchworkPlease


As you know, I am playing along with the Zakka Along 2.0 :: Patchwork Please. You can find details either in the link above or in theFlickr Group.

This week’s project is the Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Towels. This project was quite straight forward but I made it even more simple with my supplies. A couple weeks ago I was at the Wal-Mart and bought some new kitchen rugs from the clearance shelf. You might recall my “rug matches pedicure” post on IG. Right next to the rugs were some matching dishtowels. I used one of those and a couple of Dollar Store dishtowels I had on hand. This kept me from having to bind them! BONUS!!!

Here are three of them (the tan ones photograph funny)….

pp towels


In case you are curious, I took the pictures on my porch swing….

pp towels swing

After all the pictures were taken I put “lunch” out for display….

pp towels rug match
Don’t they play well together?

This makes me want to paint my kitchen right now!!! BUT I first must decide if I plan on staying here….LOL

Next week we are making a Lettered Tea Cozy….that will certainly end up being a gift or maybe a giveaway (hmmmm).

BTW, are you Zakka Along-ing?



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  1. Oh they are brilliant! I have to sew the binding down on the one I have made for my mum today (still can;t bring myself to use pretty things for mucky jobs!!!). x

  2. Such a great idea to use already made tea-towels. I haven’t managed to make any of the projects yet – life is just too busy at the moment, but there are some I really want to try – like the tea cosy 🙂

  3. wow I like the idea of using supplies that are half way there…thanks for sharing.

  4. oh these are really fun! Love your premade towels too!

  5. I’m with Hadley! Can’t actually use those can you??

  6. Lori Smanski says: Reply

    These are wonderful. I love the applique you did. They look like a fun addition to any kitchen.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. They look great with the ready-made tea towels, especially showing off on your porch swing!

  8. These are looking great! I wasn’t planning to zakka along but today I succumbed and ordered the book!

  9. Yeah, I’d decide about the moving before the painting lol

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