June’s List


I have decided to be quite ambitious for June just because it is the last month of the quarter for the Finish A Long. I have already finished a few things on my list but I would still like to get a couple more things done. I really want to wipe out my UFO list in 2013. I have so many things I want to make and I have been very good about not starting anything new….boy that has been difficult!!!!

Here is my list for June:

  1. last block for Christmas BOM
  2. start quilting Christmas BOM – QAYG style
  3. Finish tying & bind duckie quilt
  4. Toes in the Sand BOM
  5. MSBee blocks
  6. Sugar Block Club block
  7. Finish quilting Revamp
  8. Tute for FAL – write tutorial & stitch another
  9. Mystery quilt blocks – decide layout & stitch together
  10. Season By Hand – something???

This is doable if I stay focused!! It is summer which makes it difficult since I like to float in the pool and I have to maintain the yard. BUT we will see. I do enjoy being in my sewing room. I wish I enjoyed hand work more because I could sit by the pool with my feet in it and stitch. It is difficult to stitch binding while sitting in the sun…LOL it gets a little hot!

Oh ….. I forgot….When I posted my finishes for May, there was one that wasn’t on the list. If you follow me on Instagram (@gapquilter) then you have already seen it. But for those of you that don’t, I thought I would share it. I made myself a Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), Flash shirt…please don’t play that horrible song, Hadley!

I hate selfies!
I hate selfies!
a better view of the shirt
a better view of the shirt

Here is Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) wearing his – the one I copied from:


You can buy the shirt but I thought they were a  bit pricey and mine only cost me $3.50 since I am a fabric hoarder lover. I want to make this one next:


Well, here we are at the end of the post which means it is time for another picture from the chronicles of my life….hehehe. I have already shared one awful picture of me today, so we won’t go there. How about a picture of my adopted daughter and her family. She has four boys and is a spectacular mother. They live in Atlanta and recently got remarried (long story there). You may remember we went to the wedding. N.E.Way….here they are:

Krissty, Jamie & Boys
Krissty, Jamie & Boys

Well, in the words of Porky Pig….That’s all Folks! Once again, linking up with




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  1. Fab shirt – we Love Sheldon in this house!! Xx

  2. Melissa Ryther says: Reply

    Love your selfy. And your Sheldon Tshirt. When I try to take a pic of myself, all I get is my double chin!

  3. that Sheldon Tee shirt is great! love it!

  4. Are you triyng to make us believe you are a super science geek!?

  5. you did a good job on the shirt. 🙂 Love the family picture, it is adorable. 🙂

  6. You have ambitious goals, so good luck! What wonderful projects you have.

  7. Good luck with the list, and love the new top lol

  8. My son loves that programme! So there will be a series of tshirts then!?

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