WhiteBoard Wednesday


I hope to start this new thing called Whiteboard Wednesday. As you may recall from my last podcast, I keep a WhiteBoard in my sewing room with my monthly to do list. As a form of accountability I plan on blogging about the status of that list every Wednesday….thus, WhiteBoard Wednesday. Some Wednesdays will even be Wordless WhiteBoard Wednesday!

So, this week you will see I have quite a few done! All my monthly’s (the ones in green) are done. BUT there are still 3 important things to do! I can say the FAL tutorial is almost done – the projects are complete and the tutorial is about half written. Oh and what you don’t see is I have added #swoon2013 yep! you guessed it! a new project!


Back in 2012 there was a Swoon Along started by Katy of i’m a ginger monkey (if I’m wrong about this please don’t tell me). It was a huge success but some of us missed it. So Sarah of Fairy Face Designs has decided to host Swoon 2013 because she rocks!!! I know there are about 5/6 of us swoon-ing at the moment and maybe more after Sarah blogs about it. If you want to #swoon2013 with us please let me know and I will forward you to the right place once it is all up and running.

Here is my fabric of choice (I hope to add some of Lori’s newest line too):

2013-06-16 18.27.53
Time to recover ironing board?! YES!!!!

There are two lines from Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet here – Millie’s Closet & Polka Dot Stitches. I hope to add Bake Sale and potentially Gracie Girl. I have also been looking on Etsy and found some of her older lines that will fit in this quilt – Sew Cherry and Daisy Cottage. Obsess much?

I am taking my time with this one because I want a LARGE king size quilt. I actually want more of a bedspread size. What I mean is that when I don’t want to have to use a bed skirt. I want it to go all the way to the floor and over the pillows. Like this….

So…one large block at a time….that’s the plan!

There you have June 19th WhiteBoard Wednesday….accountability is important (that’s what they tell addicts too)!!!



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  1. I’d love to join the Swoon group. I have one block completed, but a little more accountability would help this girl who starts many a projects in classes, but then takes another class before finishing. Love my Swoon block. Soon to love my Swoon quilt!

  2. I so like you. I love that you have an If-y category on the white board 🙂 I’ll 100% be swooning with you. Have my fabrics in mind…they’re just not available in the shop yet!!!! Killing me, Miss HR.

  3. Hmmm I have swoon pattern and have not yet had time to make it. Maybe it is time to get it out and quilt along with Sarah’s group. You are so good at lists. I am flying home this afternoon, I am multi tasking at the moment, working and reading blogs (don’t ask how that is possible), and so tomorrow I can listen to your new podcast. Can’t wait.

  4. Love the board; good luck with the whopper. Listened today – you made me cry too you bugger!!

  5. Wow! that is great! I need to swoon too but I am gone for a long time. I should join after the summer break but what do I do in summer?

  6. I would like to join the swoon as I am new to quilting (2 years) I need you to explain all this to me . I have joined BOMs and enjoying them so this is new to me Thanks Annette

  7. I would like to swoon with you too!

  8. I missed Swooning the first time but I now have the pattern. I can’t wait to see your finished product. That will be one big swoon!

  9. That will be one “mutha” sized quilt. It’s nice to be accountable even if it is only to yourself.

  10. Good luck! Maybe I need to take a photo of my whiteboard more regularly, but then I fear I might push poor old Helen over the edge 😉

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