Charity Churn Dash Blocks


The lovely Sarah of Sew Me blog is collecting Churn Dash blocks for a Siblings Together Quilt. Being here in the states it is difficult to make a quilt because it is so pricey to ship a quilt overseas. Since Sarah is collecting blocks, this allows me to make a block (or 4) and ship them to her, therefore, be a part of Siblings Together. Such a lovely thing for Sarah to do!

Sarah made up a very nice tutorial and here are the blocks I put together using her tutorial:

charity blocks

Sarah asked for blue, gray, red, orange, or green. She didn’t want any florals so that she could focus this quilt for a boy. I didn’t realize how much my stash was focused on a girl until I tried pulling fabrics for these blocks…I need to work on this!!!

Originally I forgot to add these to my July List – I am glad I remembered!!



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  1. What a wonderful place to visit Rhonda – and I love the “making snow.” 🙂 blessings, marlene

  2. Oooh Rhonda – these are niiiiiiice! Like them a lot and thank you so much for making them. I spotted them in my reader when I was in London this weekend but couldn’t get the ipad to play ball with commenting. Seems if I come to the big ‘puter I can comment just fine! Anyway, thank you again ever so much and I’m delighted you can contribute to the quilts I’m making for next year’s Siblings Together donations.

  3. Oh, oh, there are photos of ‘our’ quilt being handed over to Delma from ST 🙂 I may, or may not have been mentally saying ‘FFS, take the photo’ at this point…

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