Family Reunion


Well of sorts….I went to the zoo…hehehe

I took my nephew who is visiting from Michigan to the Knoxville Zoo. I am not a huge fan of the Knoxville Zoo but I will say this about it….it is a great zoo for kids!! It doesn’t do much for adults but they certainly cater to kids.

You see,  for the majority of my adult life, I have been taking my kids to the Toledo Zoo which had a nice mix for adults and kids, and I can say Toledo Zoo was GREAT (I hear it isn’t so great anymore).

Knoxville Zoo is great for the kids but leaves a bit to be desired for those of us over the age of say….12. Let me show you….

They have a Lego Room…

lego Collage

You can spend as long as you want in this air conditioned room and play with their legos. They will display your finished project (2 pictures on right) and you can also kit out your item and purchase if you want or you can buy the kits they have there. VERY COOL room!!!

They also have Budgie Landing….

bird  Collage

Here, the kids can feed the birds. They get a stick and if they hold remotely still the birds will land on their stick and eat. Of course if you look at my daughter (lower left corner) you can see she was concerned about birds pooping on her head. My nephew got very bored with feeding the birds and decided to nap in their nest.

Other things they have that I didn’t photograph was carousel, petting zoo, playground, stream to wade in, and I am sure there is something I am forgetting.

Oh and animals….here are a few of my favorites:

animal Collage

I just love the gorilla! He looks like I feel some days….UGH!!!!

Oh and according to my nephew, the best part of the zoo (I told you all about kids….) is the Splash Pad…

splash Collage

But no zoo trip would be complete without a picture of Susan’s quilting…..

susan quilting

Love ya Susan…..hehehe

All in all we had a great time at the zoo and I can’t wait to go back with Callee, speaking of I think y’all are overdue for a picture of her so I will close with some recent trouble she got herself into….she made it snow!

2013-07-17 18.01.09



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  1. mindingmomma says: Reply

    I love visiting zoos. All of them, good or bad. I hope you had a good time watching the kids play.

  2. Oh that photo of Callee makes me congratulate myself for insisting on moving everything in reach away from Miss Os crib. I could so see that happening here! We will be attending the zoo this week I think – it is cute and little but perfect for three girls under 5!

  3. I would have totally spent the day in that Lego room…

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