My #sheldoncooper Shirts


A while ago I shared my first #sheldoncooper inspired shirt. BUT before I get into my shirts I have to share something I found the other day…I can’t put a picture of it here because I didn’t have time to get the blog owners permission so instead I am going to trust y’all to go and look and then come back….Here, look here! Wasn’t it worth it? #sheldoncooper pixelated!! A.MA.ZING!!!! Ok…back to the subject at hand, my shirts…

This was my first…

I hate selfies!
Lightning Bolts

Last week I made myself a Green Lantern shirt. Here is the shirt that inspired mine…


Here is my shirt…

green lantern shirt

Here are two more images of #sheldoncooper that inspired me…


Here are my versions…

flash shirt

batman shirt

I have only one more I want to make but only because it will show off so much of my fabric…this will probably wait until I can figure out how to make it without the t-shirt fabric showing between the bars.


Oh and I think I need to order one of these…


This is one more item off my July list!

Tomorrow I will share a couple more!signature_3


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  1. Oh Rhonda, I love this !!! Sheldon is a big hero in our house as J can be so much like him (but without the genius!) A quilt made out of all those Tshirt designs would look fabulous. But that pixelated quilt – OMG!!!! That quilter must have such patience!
    Can’t wait to see your next T shirt
    R xx

  2. You crack me up! Love ’em.

  3. The last t-shirt is hilarious but about the other stuff – I think it would help if I knew who Sheldon Cooper was!

  4. I shared your T’s with my hubs. We both got a kick out of them. We love the Big Bang Theory, of course. I didn’t have any luck with the click-thru links.

  5. I have no idea who he is, but the t-shirts are cool!

  6. Poor Susan and Katy – they need to watch more daytime TV!

  7. I love BBT and your t-shirts!

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