Not-so-Square Dancing


I am quick in and quick out today – just to share a bit of fun I had not too long ago.

Here in The Gap we have a community event every month. Sometimes I attend, sometimes I don’t. Just depends on my mood (menopause will do that to a woman ya know?!?!). N.E.WAY….

This month I went because I wanted to get out for a short walk, it was a beautiful evening, I heard they were playing some music, the teenager was willing to accompany me, the husband was grumpily suffering from Shingles, oh and the bonus they were going to have dancers….many reasons to attend!!

Little did I know, we, the community dwellers, were the dancers!!! They had hired a square dance caller who taught us to square dance…and I have to admit, we had a great time!

Since hubby couldn’t go and my daughter certainly wasn’t going to dance (she took the pictures) I got to dance with a friend from The Gap. He owns a couple antique shops with his partner but doesn’t live here. Super nice guy – well super nice grumpy guy….LOL

square dancing collage

The guy in the third picture is the mayor of Cumberland Gap who also happens to be one of the nicest men I know. He tells everyone about how he used to change my diapers and what my hair looked like when I was little!! I adore that man but this picture makes me concerned for him! His partner is the lady that lives across the street from me…I adore her too! The Gap really is full of the nicest people….even the grumpy ones. lol

Except for the one who stole my partner (teasing of course)….

square dancing 5

That’s ok though because I ended with a better one…one who actually smiles….

square dancing collage 2

Once we figured out who the man in our relationship partnership was…we did just fine!!

All in all I had a great time! ALTHOUGH, I sure wish I hadn’t changed out of my shorts before I left the house….I was HOT!!! I am almost always cold, especially in the evening so I put on jeans – but then I didn’t know I would be cuttin’ a rug!

There you have a lazy day in The Gap….



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  1. Sounds like an absolutely fun time! We square dance when we can get out to do it and it is one of the most fun past times around, especially if you get a lively caller! As long as ya end up with a partner at the end then you did it right (at least that’s MY story and I’m stickin’ to it!).

  2. Looks like you had great fun!

  3. That looks like fun! It’s always nice to end up with a partner that smiles.

  4. Love,, love, love this post. What a great idea!

  5. Wish there was something like that here where I live. Casual and out in the streets would be fun. I love music and dancing and have most of my life. You look cute with your partners.

  6. Lol, hope you have your do si do mastered now 😉

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