Things Not on The List


I have been working on a few things that were not only July’s List. But I figured I have been such a good girl, it was OK.

First, my nephew (the one I took to the zoo) asked for a new lanyard. He said he needed to keep the key to his bike lock on. I found a great tutorial here, let him pick through my scraps, and away we went. This is what we ended up with….


He was quite proud….

rj new lanyard

I also decided it had been way too long since I had made Callee anything. I mean just look….

miss priss

The poor thing is about naked…So, I made her a dress and a top….

Remember her love of Minnie Mouse? Well, I started there…

minnie Dress

I love how the polka dots on the ruffle are the same as the polka dots on Minnie’s bows. Here’s a close up of the ruffle…

minnie dress close up

I have been saving this combo for just the right tutorial. I used this tutorial which was well written. It can be quite difficult to sew for Callee when she isn’t here especially when they say “measure your little one” or put the straps where you want them. I am generally guessing at that point. A good example is the elastic on this dress (around the ruffle part) is only pinned right now. When I send it or see her it will have to be cut to fit and sewn. OH and the tie straps….I sure hope those are in the right place…hehehe.

After the dress was done I remember some lovely fabric I wanted to use. You see…not too long ago the lovely Samantha of PatternCrush posted a shirt for her little one made of the same fabric on Instagram. I knew Callee needed one too. The name of the fabric is Vintage Circus and from knowledge is made for Hobby Lobby BUT you can buy it on Etsy. N.E.WAY I digress….

Here is the top I made for Miss Callee using this tutorial….

Circus shirt

And a couple close ups of the front & back bits….

circus shirt back


circus shirt up close

I have many more things I want to make for her but one must stick to the schedule. LOL

BUT before getting back on schedule my daughter needed a new ID pouch and lanyard. So….

lanyard wallet

UPDATED EDIT: I used this tutorial for daughter’s pouch & adapted this tutorial for the lanyard. The lanyard I made is narrower and one solid piece of fabric.

So there you have my unscheduled sewing. I have finished the Duckie Quilt but I will show you that on Thursday since tomorrow is WhiteBoard Wednesday. I really need to get busy now so I am off to start my day….back soon!



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  1. Love that your nephew included pink in his fabric choices. Cool kid! And that circus top is gorgeous!!

  2. Wow Rhonda, I went away for a week and you blogged almost every day. So I loved the zoo pictures and the square dancing sounds like a hoot. Each project in this post is lovely, I like the dresses and the lanyards. It sounds like you are having a great summer.

  3. Wow Rhonda, that’s darling stuff! Love, love the Minnie Mouse! Blessings, Marlene

  4. Such cute things you made for her, Rhonda! She’s so lucky to have a Gramma like you! Proud nephew is also really cute! :))

  5. I love that lanyard ID case. Did you have a pattern for that, or was it more of a make it up as you go? I would love to make this for a friend of mine. It’s really perfect for her style!

  6. *gasp* you went ‘off-list’! Your creations are cute though 🙂

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