BessTop Pattern Release


Last month I did some pattern testing for the amazing Rachael of Imagine Gnats. Over the short period of time I have gotten to know Rachael, I am more and more in awe of her humor, devotion to her family, generosity, and talent!

The first bit of introduction to her talent was when I bought this dress for Callee:

sweet Callee

I have purchased a couple patterns from her before I tested this one – an embroidery pattern:

and a dress pattern for Callee (I am sewing one today for her with a Super Hero twist):

BUT the BessTop!  Oh I love my BessTop Dress!! Here are a few shots of that one during the testing:

besstop 2
sorry about the undergarment problem and the blurry picture – I hate taking selfies!!!!


Maybe I should leave the picture taking up to the pros:

If you are looking for a comfortable dress/top then this is the one for you! I love my dress and plan on making myself a couple more tops and dresses using this pattern!! I love it!  Watch Rachael’s blog because I am sure there will be much hoopla coming with great ideas! BUT believe you/me……..YOU WANT THIS PATTERN!!!  I am ever so happy I tested it!!!! Thanks Rachael for letting me play with you – Great Job!

I have a ton of sewing to do before Miss Callee gets here FRIDAY!!!  Gotta run!



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  1. Callee looks SO cute in that dress 🙂 apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, i suppose, b/c so do you!! thanks again!

  2. Callee’s visiting on Friday? Wow, best chat to you as much as possible this week whilst you’re still sensible… ;-P Am very impressed with your dress top. Good job! xxx

  3. Rachael is the bestest… Especially for hiding at the back of a class with and messing about 😉

  4. It’s good that you are doing so much sewing, Callie is growing and will need more stuff that fits and is in style. Rachel’s stuff is always great.

  5. Oh my goodness C is adorable. I just want to squish her. Look at you rockin’ that dress. That color looks nice on you.

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