Callee’s Pressies (and maybe one for me)


I have been working diligently at getting a few things ready for Miss Callee’s arrival….mainly her pressies!!!

The first thing I made (and if you follow me on Instagram then sorry for repeat photos) is her Faux Fur Vest. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this turned out. I bought the fur fabric on eBay at a reasonable rate (why is Faux Fur so expensive). I ordered a yard but for her size a 1/2 yard is plenty….now I need to find another someone to make a vest for! I used the Lux Vest pattern from Figgy Patterns.

fur vest
My favorite!!!

I also made her a new pillowcase. She used to use a smaller pillow on her bed but recently her mom was telling me they are about to upgrade her pillow size. So……a new pillow case was in order. I got this fabric from Super Buzzy quite a while ago and adore it!!! I used this pillowcase tutorial:

japanese pillow case
The print on this has the cutest sayings “room to grow” “bead board” “tooth fairy” so funny!!

Another thing my daughter-in-law informed me of is Callee’s new love for Superheroes. This sparked a couple of projects the first of which was a cape. Don’t all Superheroes need one? Who else will save the day if not Super Princess Callee? I used the free tutorial and pattern created by Thread Riding Hood (well written):

Zebra print – every superhero’s dream

Finally, I decided Miss Callee needed a new dress but not just any ordinary dress more of a Super Man inspired dress. One that would allow her to be proper when Mommy requested it but Super Princess Callee by simply stepping into a phone booth requesting a bit of help from said Mommy.

When I started out with the Tumble Tee pattern (created by the amazing Imagine Gnats) I was just going to make the one dress but due to a cutting mistake I ended up with 2 fronts and 1 back – so what was I to do but cut another back…

The first is the Minnie Cupcake Tumble Tee:

Cupcake minnie tumble tee collage
Notice this dress is a reverse of the one below – a direct result in my cutting error

The second is her SuperMan Tumble Tee (the front is the same as above minus the applique):

Superhero Tumble Tee
Notice once you unbutton the cape its just a plain dress

This pattern was incredibly written as well as the other patterns I used. I might have made a few mistakes but the patterns were great!!

Then I decided I needed a new bag/purse. I wanted something I could use for my extra camera lense as well as everyday purse items and maybe a few other vacation-y things. When I seen the Pocket Tote tutorial by Flamingo Toes I knew this was the one I needed. The pockets on the sides will hold a lense and the other big pockets will hold miscellaneous Callee things. And the inside is big enough for my regular & extra bits.

ย There is a problem with the fabric cutting pieces so if you use this tutorial (which I recommend) email me first (unless of course she updates the tutorial). UPDATE: Bev (flamingotoes) has updated the tutorial.

When I made mine I didn’t have any leather bits so I just used a contrasting fabric. I am certainly going to be on the look out for some thrifty leather purses/bags to cut up. I want to make a couple more of these especially now that I know the ins & outs of making one. I love it but want more:

pocket tote

Well there you have my last several days in a nutshell! I gotta run, I have quilts to finish…my list is calling out for help!!



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  1. lucky girl! she’s going to be over the moon ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lucky wee miss! The superhero dress and cape absolutely ROCK. Love it all!

  3. I don’t know how you resist making her a million dresses. I love the cape, kids like capes, I always had a few different ones in the dressup box.

  4. She is going to be the happiest little girl going! You are the best nana.

  5. You’ve been busy! She is one lucky little one ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Callee is so lucky to have a Granny like you! So many dresses and this gorgeous vest. And all with pink!!!!!

  7. Blimey!!!
    All great xxx

  8. Love the cape! It goes so well with the Tumble tee – thanks for sharing the link! Could I share your cape photo on my blog sometime soon? And – I LOVE the vest too! Thanks! Sherri

  9. Those are the cutest dresses and fur vest I’ve ever seen. What a lucky granddaughter to have a grandma that is so talented. She will love everything. I would even love one of those 2 colored dresses!! Good job.

  10. Well glad to see your ‘retirement’ isn’t slowing you down ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for faux fur, I could give you the boring reasons, but let’s just go for ‘Just ‘cos’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Me again, I linked to your cape today so I thought I’d share ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again! Sherri ~ Thread Riding Hood

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