September’s List


September is going to be a tricky month! Can you guess why???? Here’s a hint…. She’s potty trained now!!!!!

just like dad
Her dad has taught her well!!!

That’s right……………

Callee’s Coming!!!!

I couldn’t be more excited about her coming!! She will be here on the 14th and she is bringing her mom & dad. They will all be here for a week!!!! During that week, the 5 of us are going on vacation for a couple days (a tourist-y town – Gatlinburg, TN – fairly close to us) then we are going to make the 2 hour track to Kaylah’s school and spend the day with her. So our week will be BUSY!!!

Then on September 26th my mom and her boyfriend will be here for the weekend. So, that weekend takes me out of commission (and part of the week before since I probably need to clean to prepare for her).

Now, having said all that….I probably SHOULD reduce my list a bit BUT I’m not going to. I would rather try my best and see what happens….who knows maybe it will happen. Of course 2 of the items, are for Callee **big cheesy grin**.

  1. Spring Time Quilt (jelly roll race) – finish
  2. Modern Stitching Bee block – Leanne is Queen
  3. Tumble Tee for Callee (9/12)
  4. Batik Nature – finish
  5. Sugar Block Club block
  6. D9P – work on blocks – 4 twins
  7. Faux Fur Vest for Callee (9/12)
  8. Christmas Quilt – finish
  9. #swoon2013 – make remaining blocks
  10. Toes in the Sand  block
  11. Black Monkey – finish restitching back
  12. Row by Row – finish

It seems doable as long as I stay on top of it! I guess only time will tell. I am linking up with:





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  1. There’s nothing like having grandchildren come to visit! I’ve only been to Gatlinburg once, and that was long ago, but I remember it as being a beautiful area. blessings, marlene

  2. Have fun with the visitors, even the ones not getting gifts from the list 😉

  3. who knew potty training could be so cute! have a wonderful visit and fun making little girl clothes.

  4. You can do it and I hope you have the best time with the visits!

  5. Oh just keep it moving along, you will be fine! as long as you do not get too much help..

  6. I have very fond memories of time in Gatlinburg when I was a child and young teenager. My brother and I were fascinated by the taffy shop! Enjoy Callee, your list can wait.

  7. Hope you post some pix! I’m still so looking forward to moving there next year! Michael retired yesterday at 12:56 pm (not that he was taking notes or anything) and we are full speed ahead on moving from SoCal to your area. Enjoy your grandbaby – what a cutie! Have a great month – and I have a feeling a lot will still get done on that list! Joy

  8. Enjoy your visitors! 😀 LOVE your Christmas quilt project.

  9. Wow your house is full! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and find a moment or two to stitch. Your C is just adorable 😉

  10. Seriously, where do you get the energy?
    Oh yeah you’re still young!

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