WhiteBoard Wednesday….on a Friday


It’s odd how you don’t keep track of days when you don’t work and you don’t have kids in school. This past Wednesday I posted about Callee’s pressies (the whole time thinking about how I needed to post WhiteBoard Wednesday on Wednesday). Later in the day I was having coffee with the neighbor and she said something about what day it was (Wednesday)….oops!

Regardless….here is my progress on my list:

2013-09-12 20.23.56

Yesterday I cut my last five #swoon2013 blocks. I may work on them a bit today. I won’t do anymore sewing again until the 22nd (when Callee leave – and I deal with my sadness). At that time I will work diligently on #swoon2013 and the D9P quilts. I need to make some progress on those two things. Oh I should have my Toes in the Sand block by then as well.

But I am quite pleased with where I am as of now. To be honest I got more done than what I thought.

Well…off to clean house a bit before my company comes and then sew for a bit….



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  1. Have fun with your company!

  2. The white board is working well for me. I have eight blocks that are listed on my board to make this week. The other items have been completed.

    I finished my Coffee Time quilt in time to put on display in one of the local quilt shops for the store’s Fall Festival Quilt Show. I have never had anything in a show before so I thought this would be a way to start.

    The board helps me keep on moving on instead of putsing on other items. I don’t think I would have completed so much without daily seeing what needs to be worked on.

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