2013 UFO List Progession


I know things have been extremely quiet around here lately. Life got a bit overwhelming for a while and I couldn’t seem to get a grip on everything at once. The only thing I knew to cure this was to focus on one thing at a time. Through the course of this progression, I decided the blogs date would be Jan.1 – so here I am! I have to be honest and tell you, I have missed y’all!!

Oddly, it seems sewing just isn’t as much fun without showing it off here at some point. Don’t get me wrong there hasn’t much to show off. A couple projects but not too much! If I got pictures (I can’t even remember the last 3 months are such a blur), I might go back and blog about a couple of them.

BUT, I decided today was a good day to look at my 2013 UFO list – from January to December. This is what my list looked like January 1:


Name FAL Qualify? Deadline Status
Duo QAL Table Runner Yes n/a Ready for Binding
Callee’s Quilt Yes n/a Needs re-thunk
Batik Nature BOM Yes n/a Top complete/back started
Sugar Block Club No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Birdie Embroidery Yes n/a A few blocks done
Amazing Grace Yes n/a Top Done
Spring Time Yes n/a Top Done
Red & White Yes 11/30/13 Top & Back Done
Foo’s Quilt Yes n/a Binding needs re-stitched
Christmas Lights Quilt Yes 11/30/13 Top Almost Done
Placemats & Tute Yes 1/31/13 2 need binding & 2 need completed
Coin Purses No 1/31/13 Commission work – haven’t started
Sock Monkey Yes n/a A few stitches from complete
Bright Daisy Quilt Yes n/a Top Done
Mystery Quilt Yes n/a A few blocks Done
Row by Row No Monthly 1/9 o 1/23 o 2/6 o 2/20 o 3/6 o 3/20 o
T-Shirt Quilt – Kaylah Yes 4/15/13 Blocks cut out of T-Shirts
Black Monkey Yes 6/1/13 Need to re-stitch back and bind
AAQI Donation No n/a Needs official label
MSBee Blocks No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Mod Pop Quilt Yes n/a Cut-ish –
Large Dresden Yes n/a Quilting started
Tute for FAL No 6/1/13 1 done – want to stitch another (gift)
Christmas BOM No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Toes in the Sand BOM No Monthly Apr o May o Jun o Jul o Aug o Sept
Penquin Quilt Yes n/a Pieces cut
Vanity Scarf Yes n/a Needs bound
Abbey Bag Yes n/a Pieces cut
Bunting Yes n/a Pieces cut
Pink plaid tied quilt Yes n/a Need to finish tying
Pillowcase Dress Yes 6/1/13 Need to finish top
Duckie Quilt Yes n/a Need to finish tying & bind
Reunion quilt Yes 7/1/13 Needs bound
Walker/Wheel Chair Bag Yes n/a Pieces cut – started sewing
Hexie project Yes n/a Started stitching
Now look at that…Here’s what I want to know…who decided on that layout? Terrible to read!!
The math of it is this – there are 32 UFOs listed on there! WOW
Here is today’s list:
  1. Duo QAL Table Runner – Ready for Binding  (Table Runner)
  2. Callee’s Quilt – Needs re-thunk (trash)
  3. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back done
  4. Birdie Embroidery – A few blocks done (Dorothy’s Duckies Must Die)
  5. Amazing Grace  – Top Done (Amazing Grace)
  6. Spring Time  – basted
  7. Red & White – Top & Back Done
  8. Foo’s Quilt – Binding needs re-stitched (Foo’s Quilt)
  9. Christmas Lights Quilt – Top Almost Done (gave away)
  10. Placemats & Tute – 2 need binding & 2 need completed (Placemats)
  11. Coin Purses – Commission work – haven’t started  (Coin purses)
  12. Sock Monkey – A few stitches from complete  (Sock Monkey)
  13. Bright Daisy Quilt – Top Done (donated)
  14. Mystery Quilt – Top Done (Myrtle)
  15. T-Shirt Quilt for Kaylah – DEADLINE: May 23rd (Kaylah’s Quilt)
  16. Black Monkey – Need to quilt borders, and bind (Black Monkey)
  17. AAQI Donation – Needs official label (Beautiful Bedlam)
  18. Mod Pop Quilt Revamp – Quilting started (ReVamp)
  19. Large Dresden  – Rip out begun (Large Dresden)
  20. Tute for FAL – 1 done – want to stitch another (gift) & write tutorial  (NeedleCase 2.0)
  21. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut
  22. Vanity Scarf – Needs bound (Vanity Scarf)
  23. Abbey Bag – Pieces cut (Abbey Bag)
  24. Bunting – Pieces cut (Foo’s Bunting)
  25. Pink plaid tied quilt – Need to finish tying  (turned into fabric)
  26. Pillowcase Dress – Need to finish top (Callee’s Dress)
  27. Duckie Quilt – Need to finish tying & bind (Duckie Quilt)
  28. Reunion quilt – Needs bound  (Reunion quilt)
  29. Walker/Wheel Chair Bag – Pieces cut – started sewing (Wheel Chair Bag)
  30. Hexie project – started stitching (Blogged at Clover & Violet)
  31. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders, back ready
  32. Christmas Quilt – half pieced together  (Robyn the Christmas Quilt)
  33. #swoon2013 – 5 blocks to go

First thing you probably notice is there are a couple projects added – this shouldn’t be a surprise. I will always start new projects!! The important thing is to look at all of the completed projects! Well, they may not all have been completed – one was donated, one was ditched, a couple given away as they were. Regardless they are not in my sewing room!!

Theoretically, I am moving into 2014 with this list:

  1. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back done
  2. Spring Time  – basted
  3. Red & White – Top & Back Done
  4. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut
  5. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders, back ready
  6. #swoon2013 – 5 blocks to go
  7. Sugar Block Club  (had to move it up from the monthlys – time to make a top)

And then there are the “Monthlys” that are ongoing:

  1. Toes in the Sand BOM- Nov x Dec x Jan 0 Feb 0 Mar 0
  2. MSBee Blocks – Jan x Feb o Mar 0 Apr 0 May 0 Jun 0

Of course we all know there is a hidden project somewhere! Its the time of year when I find them, log them, and share them….

So, I’ll be back tomorrow with a good 2014 UFO list – with pictures!!



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  1. You have been doing so well, when you have a chance show us some pictures.

  2. You had a great year, I think you probably did a lot more than I did as regards finishes! Now if only you knew someone that ran a competition for finishes… 😉

  3. Amazing amount of crossing off you’ve got there – I agree, sharing pictures makes it way more fun. Happy New Year

  4. Rhonda! I missed you. I hope things have settled down and you are gradually getting back into a routine. Your list of finishes for 2013 is impressive. Good luck with everything in 2014.

  5. Wow, I’m exhausted just looking at your lists!!! Have a great 2014 !

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