Time to Pack….


….but not for a trip! Instead it’s time to pack up all the prizes (and a couple things I have sold).

FAL-2014-Button small/quilterinthegap

BUT FIRST….let me announce the winner of the Premature FAL Giveaway….

the winner is none other than….

Our very own (and well loved)….

Susan of CanadianAboard



No….just kidding…oddly she doesn’t want my hexies (she has about a million of her own) and didn’t even enter the giveaway!! I just had to give her a hard time…she is lovely though!!!

Ok…now to be serious for a minute. The real winner was picked by Mr. Random:

premature fal giveaway winner

Laura (Blue Giraffe Crafts) pinned our FAL button on Pinterst and also linked up (sorry, the linky party is now closed). Before today, I was not familiar with Laura’s blog but it is super cute. She is very talented with a crochet hook (something I might be a bit jealous of hehehe). If you get a chance I hope you will check her blog out and congratulate her.

I have sent you an email Laura (if you don’t hear from me, please email me by using that envelope on the top right hand corner) so that I can get your address.

Well….I have a living room to paint. It currently looks like this:

Living Room & access to basement
Living Room & access to basement

Well….kinda! There isn’t any carpet in there…that nasty stuff had to go. I will be installing carpet next month so I have to get busy. I have three more rooms to paint: the LR and 2 bedrooms. In case I forget to tell you this later….I HATE PAINTING!!!!!!

I hope y’all have a stitchy kinda day.




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  1. Congratulation to the winner! Susan will love the hexagons *gg* I am sure the sewing room is already painted so let the fun begin with the living room

  2. Hang in there, the painting is so worth it! And congratulations to Laura.

  3. Thank you very much 🙂 I’m super excited as I never win anything, it’s topped off an absolutely great week plus now I will be able to start my very own quilt!

  4. I hate painting too – some people love it, seems so bizarre. It’ll be worth it and with the new carpet it’ll feel so fresh. Congrats to the winner.

  5. Well done Laura!!

  6. Congrats Laura!

    I totally and utterly sympathise on the painting! I’d like to say it gets so much better when you get past that bit, but no, it seems to keep kicking your arse for weeks afterwards until it’s all done o.O

  7. Hadley - Mrs Flying Blind says: Reply

    Poor Susan! You deserve that painting as a penance!

  8. Congratulations and Blissful Stitching…

  9. We’re painting right now too! And getting new carpet once we’re done. I’m lucky, though – my hubby is doing most of the work.

    Congratulations to Laura!

  10. I would have totally believed you that S won! She and Hadley scoop up all of the goodies. You’re so funny.

  11. Oh I’m so glad it was Laura, she’s lovely 🙂

  12. Cheeky sod! Good thing I kept scrolling before I started screaming. I dream in hexie now. Or should I say have nightmares. Loving my quilt but will most likely not start another hexie quilt for a long while!

  13. Wish I lived near you, I love painting, might take forever though because I am slow at it! Can’t wait to see the new colors!

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