WhiteBoard Wednesday


You haven’t seen this yet but here was January’s WhiteBoard:


I got #3 – the Modern Stitching Bee Blocks for Katy, #7 the Toes in the Sand blocks and #10 one set of blocks for one Super Hero/Americana Quilt done. THAT’s ALL!!! Which means February’s WhiteBoard looks a great deal like January’s:

2014-02-03 07.07.10

Since it is difficult to read, here is what it says:

  1. Finish blocks & put top together SH/Amer Quilt #3
  2. #swoon2013 – finish last 5 blocks
  3. MSB – Annabella
  4. Hive #7 Blocks
  5. Finish quilting Spring Time Quilt
  6. Make Callee’s Skirt
  7. Toes in the Sand blocks
  8. Put top together SH/Amer Quilt #1
  9. Catch up SBC Blocks
  10. Finish blocks & put together SH/Amer Quilt #2
  11. Mend 3 pcs clothing
  12. Finish blocks & put together SH/Amer Quilt #4

Just in case you are curious about my color coding system: top priority, monthly items ie: bees, bom, etc, and if you get around to its.

My WhiteBoard needs replaced so I am in the market for a new one. But in the meantime this wavy one will do….

In a couple days I will tell you all about the SH/Amer Quilts and maybe you will understand why it appears I haven’t been getting anything done!



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  1. Thanks for fitting me in 😀

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