3rd Quarter FAL List


I cannot believe I missed an entire quarter of the Finish A Long but I did! It’s not that big of a deal since I didn’t finish anything!! LOL

BUT I am going into the 3rd quarter with a renewed vengeance!

Here is my 3rd Quarter List:

  1. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back done **Bonnie Batik**
  2. Spring Time  – quilting about 3/4 done **Susie Springer**
  3. Red & White – Top & Back Done **Mr Red & Mrs White**
  4. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut **Peters Penguins**
  5. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders, back ready **Rowland**
  6. #swoon2013 – 5 blocks to go **#swoon2013**
  7. Sugar Block Club  (had to move it up from the monthlys – time to make a top) **SBC**
  8. Purple/Yellow quilt **Tess the Crash Test Dummie**
  9. Crochet Boot Cuffs  **cuffs**
  10. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #1  **Super Hero/Americana Quilt**
  11. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #2  **Super Hero/Americana Quilt**
  12. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #3  **Super Hero/Americana Quilt**
  13. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #4  **Super Hero/Americana Quilt**
  14. The one I found – the quilt I found when moving (yep, had a UFO tucked away in a suitcase) UGH! **Fredly Found**
  15. Toes in the Sand BOM blocks – ready to be made into a top **Sandy**
  16. Growth Chart Cross Stitch

And then there are the “Monthlys” that are ongoing:

    1. #moderninstabee – July x Aug o Sept o Oct o Nov o Dec o
    2. MSBee Blocks – July o Aug o

I can only imagine you are tired of looking at some of these quilts but the Finish A Long rules state I must show a picture of my started project(s), here they are as each project stands today:

Bonnie Batik
Bonnie Batik – top & back done
Mr Red & Mrs White
Mr Red & Mrs White – not sure if the back is done
(4) Super Hero/Americana Quilt pieces
(4) Super Hero/Americana Quilt pieces – all blocks complete and in process of trimming
#swoon2013 – 5 more blocks to go (they are started)
Rowland - the Row by Row
Rowland – the Row by Row – debating on whether to add borders & back done
Fredly Found
Fredly Found – need to finish tying
SBC blocks to date
SBC  – all blocks done (i think)
Tess the Crash Test Dummy
Tess the Crash Test Dummie – top finished
Susie Springer
Susie Springer – about 3/4 quilted
Peter's Penquins
Peter’s Penquins – cut only (maybe a bit of sewing)
cuffs (well the ONE I have done)
cuffs (well the ONE I have done)
Toes in the Sand - Block 2
This is 1 of the 24 blocks in this quilt (I will photograph them all together soon)

At this point I am not going to worry about getting a pic of the cross stitch because…well…it is 3 foot long and it will be sometime before I get it done – definitely NOT by the end of the 3rd quarter!

Thanks for reading…



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  1. You have so many nearly finished, it will be great to see them quilted bound and in use. Happy stitching this quarter.

  2. That’s a great list and brilliant names for your projects!!

  3. cannot wait to see the row by row done, i’m going to LOVE it!

  4. You are a full on nutter with that list! It’s the shotgun approach, is it? xx

  5. Good luck! Although I’m not sure I’m ready to hear bout your monthlies… ;o)

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