A New Skirt for KayKay


I swayed a bit from the WhiteBoard this past weekend. My beautiful daughter asked me to make her a new skirt. Since she is starting a new job this year during her sophomore year at ETSU as a tutor for America Reads, she will need some work clothes, I felt compelled to comply! I mean just look at my girl (this pic gives you a glimpse into who she is as a human):


This is my girl....in a nutshell!!!
This is my girl….in a nutshell!!!

Kaylah is going to school to be a Special Education Teacher (not sure where she gets that from – certainly NOT me). But I digress….we are here to talk about her skirt.

She asked me to make her a skirt based off this Pinterest Pin (clicking photo will take you to the tutorial):


This Big Oak Tree: High Waisted Sash Skirt Tutorial
Click photo to go to tutorial

It seemed simple enough at first glance….am I the only one who glances at a tutorial and/or pattern and agrees to things?!

Regardless…I agreed! I had some Robert Kaufman Metro Living Circles in Navy (about 3 yards) that I had bought for another skirt project and never made – I know, imagine that !! So….I started pressing and cutting and forging ahead!

And then…it hit me! I am a quilter, not a seamstress. I did finish this skirt and will probably make more skirts in the future but I am NOT a seamstress!!!! There were many times when I thought “what did that say?” so I re-read it, and read it again, and then read it one more time….and then did it the way I thought it should be done because I know how to wear a skirt or how to zip a zipper….LOL!

Well here you have the end results:


Originally there was a bow that matched the skirt (like in the tutorial) but we decided there needed to be a white bow in addition to the patterned one so that she could switch them out as she seen fit. Here is an upclose of the bow:


Did you notice I used navy thread to outline the bow? Oh….

While we were photographing the skirt, we noticed her nails matched it – polka dots and all….


Oh, and just in case you are wondering why you can’t see her face….well, of course because her make up wasn’t done….LOL

Thanks for being here today…and happy stitching!!!



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  1. Super cute skirt!

  2. Looks lovely. I can’t dress make eighteen – nothing ever looks like the pattern, and it doesn’t fit!

  3. The contrast topstitching is a lovely touch! Super skirt.

  4. Very cute skirt and daughter too (even though we can’t see her face on this skirt.) We saw it earlier and she is very pretty. I’m sure you are so proud of the woman she has become.

  5. Rhonda a lovely skirt for a pretty daughter and I guess that is what Mum’s do even when we are not fussed with dressmaking.

  6. Great skirt! I love navy and white together. It takes a special person to teach special needs children. Well done and good luck to Kayla.

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