WhiteBoard Wednesday


If you have been around here for a while then you remember my WhiteBoard Wednesday posts. If not, then let me quickly tell you a bit about them….

The first of every month I update my WhiteBoard and then every Wednesday I update y’all as to the status of what I have completed by posting a new pic of my WhiteBoard. Generally, these posts are wordless but since it had been a while since I had posted a WhiteBoard Wednesday, I thought I would do a quick explanation.

Here you have it….WhiteBoard….

WhiteBoard Wednesday 7-9-14

Let me add this one thought…I am under no illusion all 13 items will be completed in July but I do expect this list to keep me on track (well kinda)…

Oh and can any of my Modern Stitching Bee members guess what #1 is for????

Glad you were here today…..have a stitchy kinda day!



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  1. Really? Are you testing before issuing a royal decree? That would be fun!

  2. Hi Rhonda good to see you back and into the flow of things, hope you have time for your projects .would like to see the hero quilt.

  3. Good luck with getting to at least some of it!

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