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I am seriously hoping one of my readers (or even someone they know) is will feel like this after they fix my problem. Ok…here’s my problem…..

I have finally updated my list of blogs as I said needed to be done here. N.E.Way….I am not able to leave comments on blogger….nowheres (that is some serious hillbilly speaks). I type it out, click “Publish” and absolutely nothing happens. It just goes right back to the screen as if I did nothing.

It doesn’t matter what Blogger Blog I try to comment on but it will not allow me to leave a comment. I can comment on WordPress blogs just fine but NOT on Blogger blogs.

I have tried looking for answers on Blogger but haven’t found anything….but then again, I don’t think I am really good at navigating Blogger!

UPDATED TO ADD: I am sure you have figured this out by now but THIS is why I haven’t commented on your blogs and this is also why I CANNOT WIN ANY GIVEAWAYS!!!!!

Can anyone help?



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  1. I have no answers, but if any helpful readers know how I can get you off my husband’s Mac, he’s going potty after 3 years of you popping in uninvited!!! Even my son is getting upset now when you butt in during a Minecraft session!

  2. What browser are you using? Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.? Can you try using a different browser?

  3. Have you joined anything new ? Google Plus changed me to a no reply commentor! So I’m off google plus again πŸ™

  4. Blows my mind, how do you pop up on his laptop

  5. If you use Bloglovin, you have to close out the Bloglovin bar at the top of the page before you comment.

    1. Well, that solves MY problem! Does anyone have a suggestion for what to use instead of BLoglovin? I already have to pop out when going to any links a blog suggests, and sometimes I have to close out of Bloglovin because the screen is blank! Bloglovin makes me take FOREVER to get through the blogs I’m trying to read! (Sorry I think I hijacked this question, but you gave such a good answer! πŸ™‚ Well done, Colleen!

  6. If your browser blog 3rd party cookies you cannot comment on Blogger blogs. You need to tell us which browser you use.

  7. I get this problem sometimes if I have to log in to leave a comment and I’m not already logged in but it may be a Bloglovin thing. I usually copy my first comment of the day and paste it again until it works, usually the third attempt. This is on Mac using Safari, not sure if it will be different elsewhere. I find it works Ok if it already knows who I am below the comment box.

  8. Blogger is so frustrating. Google Plus is horrible and like Benta wrote, it makes everyone a no reply blogger. I use Firefox platform to do anything with Blogger now. I can’t load photos on any other platform when writing posts. I do read my blog list from Blogger yet, cause it’s still there, but I can not add new ones to my reading list anymore.

  9. The same sometimes happens with my Blogger comments (I use Chrome) – I click ‘publish’ and the page refreshes but the same page (and URL) appears, rather than one with my comment on it. It’s so frustrating but doesn’t happen all the time; sometimes it happens three blogs in a row and then doesn’t happen for a few days. I’ll be keeping an eye on the comments to see if anyone can shed any light on it. And I’m intrigued at the thought of you popping up on Hadley’s husband’s computer!

  10. Alas, not a clue, although amused at the idea of you stalking Hads’ menfolk πŸ˜‰

  11. I’m wondering if you have a Google ID. I think you need one if you want to make a comment on any blog created under blogger. I have my own blog that some of my friends have not been able to make comments on because they don’t have a Google ID.

  12. Gloria Friesen says: Reply

    Oh, I must also say not only do you need a Google ID, you need to be signed in to make a comment on any blogger site

  13. This was way over my head…but did you find a solution? blessings, marlene

  14. Beth-Near Washington DC! says: Reply

    I have had this problem once in a while… I use Chrome, and if I go back (back arrow of the browser) after clicking publish (and nothing happens), my comment is still there and I click publish again, and magically… it appears… It could be because I have multiple devices… connected all the time… If you have a Gmail… account, it may be a setting in Google that is causing the issue. A minor conflict… I see that someone has the same intermittent issue… above.

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