Ready for **BIG** FAL News??


How long you been following the Finish-A-Long? Since its inception in 2012 here at Quilter in The Gap…

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or since it was with Leanne at She Can Quilt

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Or with Katy at The Littlest Thistle

Finish Along 2014

Regardless of how long you have been following the Finish A Long you are aware that every year the hostess changes. Today I get to share with you who will be hosting in 2015!!! It’s ……..



On the Windy Side!!!!!

Let me tell you what I know….I know her energy is exhausting to me. You want to know how I know that? Simply look at her 2014 Finished Projects tab. There are 29 items on it….Seriously? I will be lucky to finish 5 this year. Now in a self-supporting, make-myself-feel-better-kinda-way I will say I have had quite the challenging year BUT I know Adrianne’s job is quite challenging and time consuming AND I follow her IG feed so I know she makes a quilt block a day on top of all these projects. Oh.Em.Gee!!

Here is your new button. This may come in handy later for giveaways and such. This is the larger size. A little later in the game we will have a smaller size for those of you who prefer that.


Also the rumor mill tells me she has some pretty exciting things coming up in 2015 so keep your eyes open for those….so beans spilling here…you’ll have to wait!!!!!

This is not all the **BIG** Finish-A-Long news…..keep your eyes on Instagram for a new way to post pictures of your projects. Sometime in mid-December there will be a giveaway for those of you who decided to follow the new IG account so keep your eyes open for that. Oh and…..I will post a tutorial on how IG will work with the Linky.

Just to keep it real….as of Thanksgiving (US) you have 5 weeks for 35 days (give or take a day or 3) to get your finishes done…..that’s not much time so you better get to sewing, knitting, crocheting or whatever it is that requires your attention to call it finished.

Please take a moment and give Adrianne some love….



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  1. Exciting news! Looking forward to another year of inspiration!

  2. I’m off to visit Adrianne!

  3. So exciting. It’s been a great run so far with much to be thankful for. Glad the torch is being passed on

  4. Thanks for hosting in 2014! I look forward to playing along in 2015 with Adrianne!

  5. Oh does this mean I can participate through IG in 2015? I don’t have a blog but use IG so would to participate this way. Whose IG account should I go to for details?

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