2015 First Quarter Projects


Yesterday I posted all my current UFOs. Today I will make the decision on what I plan on completing this quarter. UGH…I hate making these decisions. HATE, HATE, HATE it!! However, it must be done.

I know I need to get these Hero Quilts done…all four of them (they should be done by end of February)

Super Hero/Americana Quilt #1 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Quiltinghero1Super Hero/Americana Quilt #2 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Top almost donehero2

Super Hero/Americana Quilt #4 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Top almost donehero4Super Hero/Americana Quilt #3 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Top almost donehero3


**Fredly Found** – Need to finish tying & bind

Fredly Found
Fredly Found

Orphan Blocks into Something – Too many to name (these are good to practice FMQ on)orphan blocks

Rowland – top done (assuming I  don’t decide it needs borders – hmmmm)

Rowland - the Row by Row


#swoon2013 – Some blocks quilted **#swoon2013**swoon collage

Ok…I admit this list is a bit ambitious BUT one never knows what they might be in the mood to work on. I figure it is better to dream big and then if I get a great big ole burst of energy then I have included the projects on my list and can get an entry for them in the Finish A Long (which I will link to when the time is right)!

I know I haven’t said this lately so let me say it now, I am so blessed to have found such fabulous hosts for the Finish A Long. Leanne and Katy were amazing and I know Adrienne will be equally as amazing. I hope you are all enjoying it. Should you have any questions please ask away. Please remember you don’t have to have a blog to participate. You can use Flickr, Instagram, or even Facebook. All you need is the ability to link up. Let me (or any of us) know if you need help with any of these.

Well, no time like the present to get started…







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  1. Thank you Rhonda, and I think you have a great list here for Q1.

  2. thelittlestthistle says: Reply

    Good luck with all that!

  3. Lisa C in Dallas, TX says: Reply

    I am so glad that there’s so many of us in the world that do things differently. I would just fret myself to death if I had more than three things (sewing-wise) going on at the same time. But if that were the case for everyone, I wouldn’t get to see all of this gorgeousness on blogs! I can’t wait to see those Americana quilts finished. I know they’ll be lovely.

  4. Robyn Cameron says: Reply

    Me too for not wanting to tie myself to a set project when I like to work on whatever takes my fancy at the time. That’s probably why we have so many things on our WIPs list!

  5. Good luck! I’d especially love to see Rowland finished.

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