2015 UFO List


Its that time of year again…you know that time when things seem to be new and fresh and all things seem to be possible. Well, it is this time of year when I look at my list of UFOs. I pray 2015 is a very different year for me. Last year was very unsettling and therefore I got very little done, did very little blogging, and honestly, felt quite poorly a great deal of the year.

As a result, my UFO list looks very similar. Similar but longer. I found a few projects that somehow never made it to the UFO list…weird. Regardless, I am excited about what 2015 will be for me creatively!!! Without further ado, here is my current UFO

  1. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back done **Bonnie Batik**batik nature collage
  2. Spring Time – started quilting **Susie Springer**

    Susie Springer
    Susie Springer
  3. Red & White – Top & Back Done **Mr Red & Mrs White**

    Mr Red & Mrs White
    Mr Red & Mrs White
  4. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut **Peters Penguins**

    Peter's Penquins
    Peter’s Penquins
  5. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders, back ready **Rowland**Rowland - the Row by Row
  6. #swoon2013 – Some blocks quilted **#swoon2013**swoon collage
  7. Sugar Block Club **SBC**SBC blocks to date
  8. Purple/Yellow quilt **Tess the Crash Test Dummie**

    Tess the Crash Test Dummy
    Tess the Crash Test Dummy
  9. #moderninstabee – **Nellie’s Neutrals**July
  10. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #1 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Quiltinghero1
  11. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #2 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Top almost donehero2
  12. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #3 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Top almost donehero3
  13. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #4 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Top almost donehero4
  14. **Fredly Found** – Need to finish tying & bind

    Fredly Found
    Fredly Found
  15. Toes in the Sand BOM blocks -**Sandy**sandy
  16. MSBee – **JuJu Jack** – May end up being more than one quilt2014
  17. **A Few of My Favorite Things**few favorite things
  18. Modern Stitch Bee Sampler **Sammy Sampler**msb sampler
  19. Modern Stitching Bee 2013 **Emmy**msb2013
  20. Orphan Blocks into Something – Too many to name (these are good to practice FMQ on)orphan blocks

Tomorrow, I will narrow this list down a bit and tell you what I will work on this quarter (necessary for the FAL2015) and then on Sunday, I will narrow it down even further (necessary for the Lovely Year of Finishes) and tell you what I will work on this month. Accountability is important!!!!

Speaking of accountability…something else I decided to commit to for 2015 is Sew My Stash 2015. In 2014 I was real good about shopping for fabric and recently I cleaned out my scrap bin (it was seriously overflowing) and sold it for real cheap! All this combined felt like a good cleansing. Since I have so many UFOs to finish there really isn’t a need to buy any excess. **wink wink**

Well, better get started….



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  1. I hope you have a lovely year and that we might see a little more of you here too.

  2. right, i want to see you finish Rowland, SBC, Emmy, Sandy and Sammy. Rowland is gorgeous especially. Heres to a fitter, healthier, better year for us both my lovely x

  3. thelittlestthistle says: Reply

    Good luck with all that!

  4. Good luck! Here’s to a healthy and happy 2015!

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