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I’m not sure if you have had it…

I’m sure you have hear about it….

I don’t recommend you obtain it….

I had it….


I am sure by now you have figured out I am referring to the dreaded FLU!

Monday – I worked but felt……tired (nothing odd as it was our first day back after 2 weeks off).

Tuesday – I was woken up with an urgency to RUN to the bathroom. Regardless, I dressed for work. By noon, I wanted to kill my co-workers (was actually plotting their demise) and was struggling to hold my head up. I decided I needed to go home. Oh and there was the path I was wearing in the tile between my desk and bathroom. There were many other symptoms but I am really saving you the gah-rose details.

I fell asleep at 12:30 Tuesday and woke up Wednesday about 3:00 pm. Now there were a few trips to the bathroom but I’m not certain I was awake for them. The family said I was moaning in pain and took some medication but again, I’m not certain I was coherent. I really think I only woke up to cough, sneeze, hurt….basically die!

I don’t think the pain and fever stopped until Friday evening. Did I say IT SUCKED!!!!

During the course of all this my new serger arrived. I could have cared less. Dedicated post coming soon!!


This past weekend we decided we needed a cat. So, we ventured out to the Animal Shelter and decided on a beautiful all black cat. She is 4 months old and remains nameless to this day. We simply can’t agree on a name. Let me clarify. There isn’t a large group – just me and the hubster….That’s right, 2 people can’t agree on a name!!! PATHETIC!!!! Here she is…

2015-01-11 20.03.41

Shortly after getting her home I remembered why I never had indoor cats before…..I’m allergic. Yep, sneezing, stuffiness, swollen eyes. Oh yeah! So, I have been on Benedryl all week! BUT I have read that eventually you build a resistance to the cat in your house.

Has anyone experienced this?

So there you have the last 7 days here in The Gap….a schlew (a hillbilly word) of snotty symptoms. It ain’t pretty folks but I didn’t want y’all to forget about me so I had to let you know what I was up to!

There was a little sewing but I’ll save that for another day, can’t share all the good stuff at one time.




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  1. Yes, I’m allergic, but when I had my own cat, I got used to it. Also, I have found that kittens are worse than adult cats when it comes to causing allergic reactions. So, give it time.

  2. My son is allergic to cats, but grew used to ours when he lived with us. Also, it’s the cat’s saliva and dander that causes the allergic reaction, so it helps to wash your hands after petting the cat. Also frequent vacuuming.

  3. we had cats for about 20 years but a few years after they both died we visited a distant relative who had cats and I discoversd I had become allergic. I couldn’t figure that one out.

    1. It’s usually a protein in the cats saliva that people are allergic to and not all breeds have the same amount in their bodies. Bengals (for example) have a relatively low concentration and can be good for people with allergies. Perhaps your cats had a lower concentration than your relatives kitties?

  4. So glad you’re feeling better Rhinda, I never realized you were sick in the first place… Hope you can find a name for the kitty soon! And let me tell you, cats are better in pairs :)))

    1. I meant RHONDA, sorry for that!!!

  5. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Real flu is a nasty, nasty thing. There was a doctor on the radio the other day saying how loads of people have a bad cold (which can make you miserable) but wrongly say they have flu. She tells them if they saw a £50 note on the ground and couldn’t pick it up? Then they have flu. *g*

  6. Lauren aka Giddy99 says: Reply

    Sorry to hear about your flu, and glad you are better! About the cat and allergies… It’s been the opposite for me – mine have gotten worse. We’re up to 3 cats, and my allergies are horrific (I recommend Zyrtec; nothing else works for me). My husband now understands that another cat means he’s leaving (with the cats).

  7. sweetie you are doing well, had flu when i was a teen and was in bed 2 weeks just out. so look after yourself!! get hubby to be in charge of daily kitty brushing for you, the less floating about the better. i’m sure you would get used to it tho. xxx

  8. Sorry you have had this flu… Misery stuff… Hope the kitty gets a name quickly… and that your allergic symptoms disappear soon, too.

  9. Urgh, glad you’re getting better.

  10. So sorry you were sick. Your black kitty is so cute. I hope you can keep him. I tend to name animals based on their color or their personality.

  11. I’m glad you are healthy again. The cat thing will improve, especially if you do wash your hands after petting and I advise keeping her out of your bedroom. Have you named her yet, I a bit slow to get here.

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