Serious Catch-up **UPDATED**


I have a great deal of catch-up to do today. I think it has been an entire month since I have posted. I could list a million reasons why but instead I think it’s more important to move forward (who knows maybe admissions will leak out as we move ahead **wink, wink**).

So, in the spirit of moving forward here is what is going on in Rhonda’s world:

1 – Let me start with the most important…Today is Sunday, March 1st…..which means today my girl turns 4…four, quatro, quatre, vier….no matter how I say it, she is growing up.

Here’s my girl being super silly the other day:

Callee feb27

2 – The cat did eventually get a name. I was so busy with snow storms, work and **oops, I wasn’t going to do that was I**. Ok, cat’s name. If you follow me on IG than you know she was dubbed Neuro. I know, its a strange name but it fits her to a Tee. She is the most Neurotic animal I have ever seen. For example, she will only eat food that is all the same shape, she scratches the outside of her litter box BEFORE and AFTER she uses it. That list could go on forever. She has many neurotic quirks. So, Neuro stuck. Of course, my husband rarely says it right (more to annoy me than anything) so I’m not sure she knows her name, but she knows her favorite room, my sewing room!


3 – While visiting Miss Callee this month (I told you reasons would leak out) we decided I would wouldn’t go back for her birthday thereby making 2 trips to Michigan in about 2 weeks. Instead husband, daughter and I are meeting son, daughter-in-law and Callee about half way in just a couple weeks and spending a couple days. I can’t tell you how excited I am. All my kids (well, the birthed ones) in one place! Such fun.

The reason I am telling you this is because I have 2 dresses to make for Callee (Happy Birthday) and hopefully one for me (if time allows). I am using this fabric for Callee’s:


They are knits from Girl Charlee. Now that I have my serger I am not afraid to work with knits. The feather print has some significance for Callee and I but she probably won’t remember it. Her and I found a feather once while on a walk. We saved it and petted it and she thought it was the coolest thing (I think she was around 2). I will never forget that moment so when I seen that fabric and her mom expressed interest in it I was sold. BTW, I don’t think I ever showed y’all the dress I made her for Christmas….

Callees christmas dress 2014

It’s made with Tula Pink Bumble Fabric that I purchased at Quilter’s Square and MadebyRae’s Charlie Tunic Pattern with the Dress Add On. I adore her patterns and have made a couple of them but own several. I will get around to the others eventually. She loves her “Bug Dress”. The one thing I will say about making Callee clothes….I wish she were closer so I could fit her BEFORE they are done. I had to make adjustments on this so she didn’t get it until February (when I went back to see her). BUT I did give her mom a measuring tape so hopefully we can avoid this issue in the future.

4 – Another big piece of new is I FINALLY HAVE A FINISH….

2015-02-24 06.03.42

I realize I am not showing much and that is because I can’t just yet. I need to finish the other 3 before I show them off. This is #1 of the Hero Quilts. I am sewing the binding on #2 and just about the start quilting #3. I NEED to finish these quilts for my own mental well being. I am sick to death of them!!!!

5 -In more news…. I have started a couple more quilts….UGH!!! I just couldn’t help myself. Hello, my name is Rhonda and I have a chronic starting problem!!!

I started a QAL with Melissa Corry at Happy Quilting. It’s called the Irish Chain Twist QAL and I am really enjoying myself. It is simple and the steps are minimal. Here are a few pics of my steps:

irish chain twist qal
Neuro doesn’t always make my sewing easier. But she does make life more fun!


I have also started a  Stereo Quilt by Jaybird Quilts. This one is for my spare room and while the bed is queen size I decided to make the quilt in King so you just have to throw it on there without much thought. The pieces are all cut, BUT just taking my time. Too many quilts….not enough time!  **UPDATED A COUPLE HOURS LATER – apparently I already told y’all about this but eh – such is my poor feeble memory**

2015-03-01 07.45.16

I have more to say but I think I am going to stretch some of this out for other days. I mean there is such a thing as information overload. This is simply what I feel y’all have missed.

Plus, I have a question that I don’t want to get lost in the mix so I will go and type up a couple more posts and schedule those…Hopefully I can keep this going. UGH!



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  1. Busy, busy, busy… I totally relate to your post. 🙂

  2. Good hearing from you again. Life has a way of getting in the way of blogging, don’t I know it! 🙂

  3. phew! love the bumbledress, happy birthday to the wee one, three cheers for you finally having a quilty cat! love xxxx

  4. I’m glad your are fine and that your kitten has settled in with a name and all. Calle looks great, I can’t believe she is 4 already.

  5. Love Callee’s bumble dress. Looks like one she could get lots of wear out of even as she grows. It would make a really neat little tunic with cute leggings when she’s taller. Hope you get the next dresses made.

  6. Nice catch-up post Rhonda! Great job with the dress, it looks great :)) Good luck with your new projects!

  7. Great catch-up post – it’s about all I manage these days!

    P.S. The bumblebee dress is really cute!

  8. You have been very busy and you don’t need to make excuses for not posting for a while. You are entitled to spoil your sweet little Callee all you want. Your post was very interesting and enjoyable to read.

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