WhiteBoard Wednesday


I know this is a terrible Picture but I bought some bright colored Chalk Pens and they brighten up my sewing room but they are difficult to photograph! I had to make some adjustments on PicMonkey and I’m certainly no Photo Editing Professional. heheh


Believe you me, I know just how ambitious this list is! BUT this at least keeps me aware of what I am up against. Keeps me on my toes!!



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  1. Woah. There’s a lot going on in your house. Get stitching, missus. You don’t have time for blogging 😉

  2. This is a great list, and I sure hope you blog about your progress/finishes on each of thes.

  3. i like a nice whiteboard list… wish i still had my board!

  4. My board would have to be the size of a wall in one room to fit all the things I need to get done each week — so I don’t write them down. It’s too depressing. lol You on the other hand will accomplish most of yours easily, I imagine. I’ll watch from the sidelines.

  5. I think it’s so great you have everything in sight Rhonda! I keep putting off my inventory to know what I need to be working on. Maybe this will kick me in the butt to start! Good luck to your list, it’s not that bad. Try finishing the stuff that need the least amount of time so you can cross things off quickly! 🙂

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