Zippy Bag & FMQ Practice


Part of my Finish A Long list were some orphan blocks I’ve had laying around for quite some time. I knew they would make for good FMQ practice but I couldn’t just practice and then discard them.

I had these two coordinating blocks that I knew would make a cute (if not slightly large) zippy bag:

orphan blocks1


I did quite a bit of FMQ – actually I think I did too much in some places – and then turned them into a zippy bag. I think i will use this bag when I travel for my toiletries. You know those small bottles that seem to get lost in the large toiletry bag – or something like that.

orphan zippy

orphan zippy 3

Regardless of what I use it for (or maybe it will be gifted), here is finish #2 for 2015 Finish A Long (I haven’t blogged about Finish #1 yet).




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  1. Yay for making progress Rhonda! They both look great! 🙂 You just reminded me that I have a lot of “orphan” blocks from block swaps years ago…

  2. Love it! I’m planning to make a zip bag today. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  3. Lori Smanski says: Reply

    these are lovely, personally I think you did just the right amount of FMQ. these are going to be so fun to use

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