Almost a year ago, I signed up for the Modern Insta Bee 2014. It is an Instagram Bee using the book, Modern Bee: 13 quilts to make with friends by Lindsay Conner.

I believe we started in February, who can remember that far back? Regardless, I thought it would be fun to show you the blocks I have made for this Bee.

Just for kicks and giggles, let’s start with the most dreaded block. I know I’m not the only one because of some of the comments on IG after the Queen for September sent us direction for the month. I was certainly not looking forward to the curves but I am always willing to learn, so I pushed forward and was quite pleased with my block:

Sept uncropped
A scrappy gray everywhere except the arcs which were to be a scrappy teal/aqua. I can’t wait to see this quilt put together.

Another block which took some forethought but will absolutely lovely was the month of May:

may uncropped
Red, White & Black – what a gorgeous combination

The hashtag – We are Hive 7 (not sure how many total hives there ended up being but I know there were MANY) and we lost a member or two so we grabbed that hashtag #hive7eleven

The most popular block was this one:

November (I was the angel block maker since we are short a member)
November (I was the angel block maker since we are short a member)

The month that required the most fabric shopping was October because she wanted a Halloween block and I just didn’t have any Halloween fabric (boy that fabric shopping was terrible! hehehe):

Possibly the worst block picture EVER!!
Possibly the worst block picture EVER!!

And then there are my two favorite blocks we made – February & August. I love the depth of February and the simplicity of August:

February - there are two blocks pictured here too (another angel month)

I haven’t shown any blocks for July because that was the month I was Queen Bee and that will bee a UFO for me so I will be posting a whole write-up on that very soon.  Here you have my #moderninstabee2014 #hive7eleven sewing in a nutshell. We have 2 more months to go.

I have decided NO MORE bees or swaps in 2015 – UFOs or #selfishsewing only. I have to clear my sewing room….it is completely out of hand. So….I will be playing hard at the Finish-A-Long next year. Lots of links and finishing for me.

Well there you have a small part of my 2014 sewing…

More to show later


Fun Stuff

Today I am going to rattle on about all kinds of “stuff”. The online Urban Dictionary defines stuff as “everything you can think of”. Well, I’m not going that far but I do plan on covering quite a plethora of things.

Let’s start with a party announcement! I have bragged on my online friend, Sarah of Narcoleptic in a Cupboard, before. And for just a minute I am only speaking to those of you that know and/or follow her/her blog. I am planning a baby shower for her. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention she is preggers? YEP!! She is with bean (click and read all about bean). N.E.Way….

In case you missed the announcement on Sarah’s blog, Susan and I planning an Online Baby Shower for her. There is much more detail on Sarah’s blog if you need it. BUT the jest of it is this….until the day of the event (sometime in November) – we will meet & chat in Flickr. The day of the event we will hold a TweetChat!

The FlickrGroup is private but you can request access via Flickr or by emailing me. I hope to see you there!!!

Let’s see, where to now? How about a picture of Callee wearing a shirt I made her? I love this shirt! I blogged about it at the end of July but this is the first I have seen of her in it…..

callee in circus shirt

Her mom likes the shirt and the way it fits so much she has requested more. So I am in search of some fabric for that. Which leads me to some recent fabric shopping. I simply need to brag about a couple shops!

Let me prerequisite this next section by saying all opinions are mine! I have no sponsors – not because I don’t want any but more because I am not sure I understand them. I mean I understand how they work for a blogger who designs quilt patterns or clothing patterns but for someone like me? How would that work? I have my ideas but never known a shop owner (in the US anyway) well enough to make that happen. N.E.Way….

Back to my fabric shopping….let ‘s recall my #swoon2013 quilt I have been working on. It contains all of Lori Holt‘s lines. Since she recently came out with a new line, Gracie Girl, I needed to obtain some of it so that I could ensure all lines are included. Normally I would simply go to Fat Quarter Shop since that is my “go to” shop. BUT lately I have been on a “save money” kick (I’ll explain this in a minute) so instead I went on a search to see what I could come up with.

Low and behold a quick search lead me to Fanciful Fabrics! Let me just say, she has some amazing prices. Seriously, I saved almost $20 on this FQ bundle. While that is substantial I was still hesitant. Hesitant because sometimes when things are cheaper they are (a) not what they appear or (b) slow to arrive. But I decided it was significant enough to take my chances.

Let me just say, I was NOT disappointed!!! I got my package SUPER FAST!! I immediately sent the owner an email praising her prices and her super fast shipping. She was ever so nice!! While not my story to tell, she has a very interesting and honorable day job! When referencing the prices here is what she said:

” I think that fabric is too expensive, so I try to keep prices lower so that people can enjoy this wonderful hobby but not break the bank, like I usually do. I cannot afford every print of every line, but maybe some day. 🙂 I do it because I enjoy it, not to get rich. LOL…..”

I did a quick comparison of some other bundles. I found some that were almost 1/2 the price of other shops online, jelly rolls and fabric by the yard at 25% less than other online shops. And if that’s not enough, she also has vintage items, notions, trims, buttons, handmade items and more. I think I’m in love!!!

I placed another order this past weekend. The wonderful Leanne is queen in our Modern Stitching Bee this month. She has asked for this block:

Leanne’s example block!

See those low volume QST? Well, she has requested directional fabric of some sort. I didn’t have any – what better reason to shop? So I set out for a coupon code (it was a holiday weekend after all) and a shop with a smallish bundle of text prints (a void in my stash). I found this bundle:

and I found it at WestWood Acres who also had a free shipping coupon code for the weekend. The part I am here to brag about….My bundle arrived today! I placed this order on Saturday (maybe Friday) regardless, she had to ship my order the same day! I love that!! And it was a decent price. Again, into saving money!

My favorite thing about this shop is the created bundles. I love it when shop owners make their own custom bundles. For example Amanda has the following listed: In The Navy, Tarnished Silver, Text the Rainbow, and Solid Bundles to match other lines. I am not linking to each bundle but you can find them all in her shop!! Again, there might be some love involved!!

In summary, this weekend I found 2 new shops I would highly recommend!


Now, about that saving money! I desperately want to FQRetreat….DESPERATELY!!!!! I have a plan to make that happen in 2014. Of the many things on that list to make it happen is selective fabric shopping. I also recently started making my own laundry soap, fabric softener, and many other household “chemicals”. When I calculate the amount saved it goes in a special account along with a designated amount each month. I am mixing all this with a bunch of prayer….serious prayer!!!

I will end today with another picture of Callee in the same shirt. I like this picture more because it shows her attitude. One that, dare I say, she comes by honestly:


This picture is ME in a nutshell!!! And with that I end today’s post! Have a great day!


A Couple Monthly’s – July

I have completed a couple of July’s monthlys – Modern Stitching Bee & Sugar Block Club. My other monthly doesn’t come in until later in the month.

Here is the July Sugar Block Club block…


It is a lovely block but I have to say it didn’t come out to size it was supposed to but I gave that battle up a long time ago with these blocks. I will sash them creatively when all is said and done. I am not sure what happened with this one because my PP bits weren’t even close to the size of the inside block…oh well!

This month’s queen for Modern Stitching Bee is none other than the lovely Mrs. Sew and Sow aka Nicky! Her quilt is going to be A.MA.ZING!! She has requested we all send her half a hexie mixed with pieced and solid triangles. The pieced triangles had y-seams so I was a bit concerned…much easier than I thought!


The pieced triangles are from the book, Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers.

This is two more ticks off my July….wait till you see my WhiteBoard this week!!!


Maybe not Mayhem…

I just realized I spelled the title of my last post incorrectly….to fix it or not…prolly not!

Well, I am progressing quite well so far this month. Here are the goals for March (and consequently the progress of each item):

1. 2 rows of Bee in My Bonnet Row by Row – 1 row is done which is the last row but now I will need to put it together and create the borders, back, bindings and so on and so forth – parts of which will get done this month

Tulips - appropriate for Spring!
Tulips – appropriate for Spring!

2. Sugar Block Club block – DONE!


3. Modern Stitches blocks – Di of Random Thoughts… Do or “Di” is queenie this month – 1 of 2 blocks complete – PHEW! This one was a doozie!

To quote someone else (can't remember who) - Many points were lost in the making of this block!
To quote someone else (can’t remember who) – Many points were lost in the making of this block!  I still need to give it a good trim and press!

4. Christmas BOM – DONE!


5.  Charm Madness Blog Hop Project – Project done just need to write tutorial – pictures must wait!

6. Revamp top – Done

May start quilting it this month at the rate I am going....not sure?!
May start quilting it this month at the rate I am going….not sure?!

7. Make a new skirt using Debbie Moebes’ video on Craftsy

8. Cut the pieces for the Batik BOM top – Done

Stack & stacks of squares (3 1/2", 6 1/2", 12 1/2") all cut from the scraps of the front.
Stack & stacks of squares (3 1/2″, 6 1/2″, 12 1/2″) all cut from the scraps of the front.

9. Callee Quilt red0

10. A Kindle Fire cover for my nephew’s birthday – DONE – used the tutorial at Whipstitch.

Obviously his name is Owen.
Obviously his name is Owen.

Since I only have a couple more things to do this month I might start quilting one of my tops – Foo is coming in a week or so which will initiate #7 on my list but that leaves quite a few evenings until then.

I know I haven’t posted any pictures from my trip but I am working on a entire post dedicated to only that because I have so many. Probably tomorrow! Until then I am thinking y’all will enjoy a picture of Callee enjoying the Sock Monkey I recently finished. My daughter-in-law sent me this last night….

callee sock monkey

I hope y’all are having a blessed day….pictures like the one above make my day super special! Until tomorrow….have a super stitchy day!


Pre-Post finishes

On Super Bowl Sunday I did a little bit of sewing in between naps. I haven’t been feeling well so napping is something I have been doing more than my share of lately. I am not real comfortable with it but such is life. I keep joking that I felt better when I smoked and ate fattening foods but it is true…..I really did. Since that is obviously not the answer (it isn’t, is it?), I have made a doctor’s appointment.  I am starting to think it has something to do with Barometric Pressure but I am no doctor.  Headaches, nausea, and fatigue are my symptoms. They have been progressing for about a month or longer – and before you ask, nope I am NOT pregnant. We have both been fixed!!!!

About that sewing…..how’s that for a diversion….

I did my Sugar Block Club sewing on Sunday (that is kinda a mouthful!). Here is February’s block:

feb sugar block

Additionally, I completed my Bee blocks for February. This month the Bee Queen is the lovely Susan of Canadian Abroad. I wonder if I am the only one who reads her blog like this Canadian [pause] A [pause] Broad! hehehe Love ya Susan….But I digress….

Susan asked for Churn Dash blocks (seems to be the “going thing” these days) in turquoise, blue or purple. I pulled out one of my favorite turquoise fabrics and a pretty blue. The blue is by Mark Cesarik but for the life of me I can’t recall who the turquoise is from…can anyone help?  N.E.Way…

This is the one by Mark Cesarik...
This is the one by Mark Cesarik…Morning Tides
What is this fabric?
What is this fabric?

Well that is enough for today…I think I need a nap…later y’all!


January Monthlys

I am not sure if I have shared this yet or not but back in November of 2012 I signed up for the Sugar Block Club ran by Amy of Stitchery Dickory Dock. It is a BOM that offers not only a block each month but also a recipe. You can read all about it here.

I decided to use a bundle of Hometown by Sweetwater I have had stashed for quite a while, with black as my background. Here are my fabrics chosen:


The block for January was called “Snow Blossom”. It was great fun to make!


While the block was great fun to make, the dessert was more fun to eat. It was supposed to be Banana Cream Whoopie Pies. I thought they were a bit much when layered up so I just ate them as cookies. YUMMO!!! The next time I bake them I will reduce the recipe in half (it makes a ton) and I will sprinkle them with a bit of large crystal sugar and bake a bit longer – like a scone! So yummy! Here they are at work:

January dessert

There is still time to sign up for Sugar Block Club – the Flickr group is great fun!

My next Monthly was my Christmas BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. I am loving this quilt! Here is January’s block:

Sugar Plum Block

Here’s where I was at before January’s block:

Christmas BOM - 4 blocks in


Of course this is before any embellishments and such. I am thinking this quilt is a perfect candidate for QAYG. We shall see!

I have been participating in Lori Holt’s Row Along. I decided to do this one without buying any fabric….completely from scraps. I also committed to make it a stress free project. If it works great, if not “oh well”. I was hoping to learn from some mistakes along the way (and boy have I ever). My biggest lesson – I don’t read things through very well!!!

The January 9th row is a prime example! It is supposed to be a row of stars. Look here and here to see a good example of stars! Well, mine are more like lightning bolts….see………

star row

You know what? I am okay with lightning bolts! I don’t think anyone else will have them! LOL It took me a bit to figure out what I did! Now that I know, I don’t really want to mess with it! hehehehe

There is one more row for January, I will share that when I get it done….I wonder if it will baskets that I make look like hats? **snicker**

Finally, for January is the Modern Stitching Bee. I love this bee! Such a great group of women. This month our queen is Jen of Clover & Violet – such a sweetie! She asked for the Quatrefoil block from the Modern Blocks book. Here are the two I made :

january block January blocks


I am not sure if you have noticed or not, but I did update my UFO list over there —————————————————————> at the bottom!

I am off to get more done! So excited! BTW, pray for granny – the Lord have His way in her life!

Later y’all!




I’ve Been Robbed…..

Yep, you heard me right….robbed, I tell ya! Someone stole an entire week when I wasn’t looking. I have no idea what I did that last 7 days, I only know what I haven’t done…..anything fun!!! As is true with anything, there is an exception or two….

I did sew these:

Bee Blocks

These are the blocks chosen by the wonderfully talented Emily. I can’t wait to see her quilt!!! I did change out the striped tonal black block on the small star block. It made it way too dark – but of course I forgot to retake the picture before I mailed it off. I was only required to mail Miss October one of the two large star blocks. The other is for my Bee Sampler, which has collected these since we started in August:

Bee Sampler


I did make a commission bag for the lady across the street – didn’t photograph it. I have also done a small amount of tailoring cheer uniforms – no need for photographs of that.

Oh and guess who decided to show his face? Before I tell you who it was let me give you a little background. First, he flies off across the world then goes missing for weeks. Finally, “he” shows up on my doorstep claiming to have gotten a makeover but oh there is so much more to that story. What really happened is he fell in love (thus not wanting to return home) and sent a replacement. Rude, right? Well, regardless he has learned that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the ocean and returned to The Gap. In the meantime his not-quite-as-ugly friend is having all the fun. He has requested I round him up so he can join his friend but I think there is a certain amount of punishment due him. What do y’all think?

Speaking of his friend, he has left Miss Rachel and moved on to visit Anneliese. I hope he lives the high-life while O (my nickname for Original – ever seen Gossip Girl) is suffering through the yucky weather here in The Gap. Have fun R (aka Replacement).

Well, I there is my pathetic attempt at a blog post. Hard to report on something that has been taken away aka the last week.

I will, however, leave you with one of my daughter’s senior pictures (my favorite):

Kaylah 2012

I am trying to figure out how to do a photo slideshow in the side bar but can’t seem to get there. Suggestions?

So much…

There has been so much going on I am not sure where to start!

This week’s podcast will be a little late because I was playing with Callee on Sunday. She will be here all week. We had to take her to the doctor yesterday because she was CRANKY. Come to find out she has an ear infection in both ears…poor thing. I will have the podcast up on Sunday with a giveaway from Fluffy Sheep Quilting…you don’t want to miss this one!!

On Friday of this week my son with be here (just his wife and daughter are here are now). My adopted daughter and her three boys will be here as well. She is a photographer and she will be taking my daughter’s senior pictures and some family pictures as well. It will be so fun!!!

I have been working on my tutorial for Cindy’s newsletter and my blocks for my Bee: Modern Stitching Bee. Chrissy is the Queen this month. She picked a super fun block. Here is my creation:

Every month I make an extra block of the queen’s desires for me. By the end of the year, I will have a sampler for myself….and seriously it’s just one more block each month. After Leanne’s and Chrissy’s this is what I have so far:

I think it will be a nice scrappy quilt!!!

I am thinking about embroidering each person’s blog name on the block…but I am not sure!

Additionally, I have also been working on a tutorial for the Finish A Long (REMINDER: this quarter will be closing end of September….are you ready??). I am not quite ready to share pictures of that but it is a sewing machine needle case. So handy that I forgot to take pictures once it was done. LOL

I think that about sums it all up! Here are a couple of closing pictures of Callee on the swings that are just down from the house. She is currently suffering from multiple personality problems so this is during one of those good mood moments…hehehe…poor sick baby!

Then we went for sherbert (she is lactoce intolerant) and she stole my cone and her mother’s but we didn’t care because (a) she was eating and (b) she was happy!


Well that just about does it for now. I probably won’t be back again until Sunday with a podcast and giveaway. Unless of course I decide I miss y’all too much!!! Boy will I have a bundle to share on Sunday…not to mention I am going to be interview Michelle from The Quilted Tortoise…what a great lady! See ya then!

How about a Quick Update?!….

I am sure you have all been sitting around thinking about nothing more but what I have been up to…LOL Yeah…OK!!! NOT!!! or in the words of me in the 80s…SIKE!! hehehe

Well here is a quick, pictorial show of what I have been up to. Of course, if you follow me(@gapquilter) on Instagram than some of this is old news.

Let’s start with a project that “showed up” during the move from one sewing room to the other. I have had this packed away for some time. My neighbor (who is in her 60s) had a robe she had made into a smaller robe for her granddaughter. Her granddaughter outgrew it so she asked me to make it into “something else”. Here is what I started with:

The robe

I asked if she had anything else I could play with. She gave me a few doilies her mother and her mother-in-law had made. PERFECT! I made the young girl (she is 9) a pillow with detachable flowers. Here is the finished pillow:

The pillow

The flowers are backed with the doilies and have pin backs and hair clips (well the smaller ones do anyway) so that she can wear them if she would like. Here is a close up of the flowers:

The flowers


I also decided it was high time I did a little of this….Oh and please check out my new slippers:

I had coffee in my hand I am sure!!!

Feet up!! Let’s see what else has been going on? Oh! I have been working on my granny square for Miss Leanne, which of course are done and I forgot to photograph. But, of course, there is a story!!!….Leanne requested signature blocks. No big deal…right? Well, I decided I couldn’t do the simple one. That would be way too easy for me, just not my style. So I started doing a tiny paper piecing one (I love paper piecing). Got it all done…was admiring it, pressing it and realized it SUCKED!!! So, this is where it landed:

The garbage!!!

Here is why:


Oh and did I mention I had written my name with thread? Yep!!

I have since started over, I will post pictures of that soon with her granny squares as well. Ok, now, you may and may not know I went out on the boat the other day (again, it depends on Instagram). I had a great captain and some great scenery. My neighbor (yep, same one – well her and her husband) was the captain and we had a great day and a great cheeseburger (sorry Susan)! Here are just a couple of pictures of the scenery:

Norris Lake, Tennessee

Norris Lake

I guess that about sums things up for me…well not really because I have seriously been clicking things off my “to do” list in my sewing room. BUT they are not things you care to see. Things like: cut up t-shirts for eventual T-Shirt quilt, finish Susan’s apron (well on its way anyhow), pillow for neighbor – showed you that, mending, etc…see nothing fun!!

I think it is podcast weekend….tonight it is the first football game of the year. It my daughter’s last first game of the season. hehehe This is her year of lasts so here we go!