Help Needed

I need some suggestions from y’all. I am wanting to make some serious changes to the website here at Quilter in The Gap. I don’t want to say too much now but let me say I want to ….

  • change the way it looks
  • change the icons associated with it
  • change many other things about it I don’t want to mention just yet.

I am not capable of doing it on my own. There are many things I can do. BUT I need someone who can help. I am willing to pay (reasonably) so please don’t think I am looking for favors. Instead I am looking for referrals.

If you have worked with someone or maybe you know someone who does this type of thing, would you please share their contact information with me. I have added a contact form at the bottom of this post so the person’s information won’t be exposed if you don’t want it to be.

I would appreciate any help you can give.

Thanks y’all.

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Technical Assistance Needed


I am seriously hoping one of my readers (or even someone they know) is will feel like this after they fix my problem. Ok…here’s my problem…..

I have finally updated my list of blogs as I said needed to be done here. N.E.Way….I am not able to leave comments on blogger….nowheres (that is some serious hillbilly speaks). I type it out, click “Publish” and absolutely nothing happens. It just goes right back to the screen as if I did nothing.

It doesn’t matter what Blogger Blog I try to comment on but it will not allow me to leave a comment. I can comment on WordPress blogs just fine but NOT on Blogger blogs.

I have tried looking for answers on Blogger but haven’t found anything….but then again, I don’t think I am really good at navigating Blogger!

UPDATED TO ADD: I am sure you have figured this out by now but THIS is why I haven’t commented on your blogs and this is also why I CANNOT WIN ANY GIVEAWAYS!!!!!

Can anyone help?


I’m back….

It has been FOREVER since I posted….5 months to be exact! Life has thrown me a great deal of curve balls in the last five months. I am going to cover them in a very general way….

As you may remember I moved back in October. We moved about 2 blocks….the new house needed some remodeling but was quite cute. I posted about it just before we moved in. We worked really hard on it through the winter months and then in February (around the time I fell off the blogisphere) we were asked to move (we were renting). I won’t go into detail but let’s just say it was unexpected.

So… we started looking and found another place closer to work. Oh and let me add there was no deal about doing work …the work has been done….all I had to do was move in…

New House - Finally Settled
New House – Finally Settled

I have been on vacation this week. My son, daughter in law, daughter and granddaughter have all been here. I have loved it!! I will post pics and share our adventures soon.

I promised myself I would get back to the blog directly after vacation. I have truly missed communicating with you guys and I hate it when life gets in my way!!!

Well, I am not sure how often I will be posting but I know I will be posting my list for the 3rd Quarter Finish A Long very soon.

I am so glad to be back!!!!


2013 UFO List Progession

I know things have been extremely quiet around here lately. Life got a bit overwhelming for a while and I couldn’t seem to get a grip on everything at once. The only thing I knew to cure this was to focus on one thing at a time. Through the course of this progression, I decided the blogs date would be Jan.1 – so here I am! I have to be honest and tell you, I have missed y’all!!

Oddly, it seems sewing just isn’t as much fun without showing it off here at some point. Don’t get me wrong there hasn’t much to show off. A couple projects but not too much! If I got pictures (I can’t even remember the last 3 months are such a blur), I might go back and blog about a couple of them.

BUT, I decided today was a good day to look at my 2013 UFO list – from January to December. This is what my list looked like January 1:


Name FAL Qualify? Deadline Status
Duo QAL Table Runner Yes n/a Ready for Binding
Callee’s Quilt Yes n/a Needs re-thunk
Batik Nature BOM Yes n/a Top complete/back started
Sugar Block Club No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Birdie Embroidery Yes n/a A few blocks done
Amazing Grace Yes n/a Top Done
Spring Time Yes n/a Top Done
Red & White Yes 11/30/13 Top & Back Done
Foo’s Quilt Yes n/a Binding needs re-stitched
Christmas Lights Quilt Yes 11/30/13 Top Almost Done
Placemats & Tute Yes 1/31/13 2 need binding & 2 need completed
Coin Purses No 1/31/13 Commission work – haven’t started
Sock Monkey Yes n/a A few stitches from complete
Bright Daisy Quilt Yes n/a Top Done
Mystery Quilt Yes n/a A few blocks Done
Row by Row No Monthly 1/9 o 1/23 o 2/6 o 2/20 o 3/6 o 3/20 o
T-Shirt Quilt – Kaylah Yes 4/15/13 Blocks cut out of T-Shirts
Black Monkey Yes 6/1/13 Need to re-stitch back and bind
AAQI Donation No n/a Needs official label
MSBee Blocks No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Mod Pop Quilt Yes n/a Cut-ish –
Large Dresden Yes n/a Quilting started
Tute for FAL No 6/1/13 1 done – want to stitch another (gift)
Christmas BOM No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Toes in the Sand BOM No Monthly Apr o May o Jun o Jul o Aug o Sept
Penquin Quilt Yes n/a Pieces cut
Vanity Scarf Yes n/a Needs bound
Abbey Bag Yes n/a Pieces cut
Bunting Yes n/a Pieces cut
Pink plaid tied quilt Yes n/a Need to finish tying
Pillowcase Dress Yes 6/1/13 Need to finish top
Duckie Quilt Yes n/a Need to finish tying & bind
Reunion quilt Yes 7/1/13 Needs bound
Walker/Wheel Chair Bag Yes n/a Pieces cut – started sewing
Hexie project Yes n/a Started stitching
Now look at that…Here’s what I want to know…who decided on that layout? Terrible to read!!
The math of it is this – there are 32 UFOs listed on there! WOW
Here is today’s list:
  1. Duo QAL Table Runner – Ready for Binding  (Table Runner)
  2. Callee’s Quilt – Needs re-thunk (trash)
  3. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back done
  4. Birdie Embroidery – A few blocks done (Dorothy’s Duckies Must Die)
  5. Amazing Grace  – Top Done (Amazing Grace)
  6. Spring Time  – basted
  7. Red & White – Top & Back Done
  8. Foo’s Quilt – Binding needs re-stitched (Foo’s Quilt)
  9. Christmas Lights Quilt – Top Almost Done (gave away)
  10. Placemats & Tute – 2 need binding & 2 need completed (Placemats)
  11. Coin Purses – Commission work – haven’t started  (Coin purses)
  12. Sock Monkey – A few stitches from complete  (Sock Monkey)
  13. Bright Daisy Quilt – Top Done (donated)
  14. Mystery Quilt – Top Done (Myrtle)
  15. T-Shirt Quilt for Kaylah – DEADLINE: May 23rd (Kaylah’s Quilt)
  16. Black Monkey – Need to quilt borders, and bind (Black Monkey)
  17. AAQI Donation – Needs official label (Beautiful Bedlam)
  18. Mod Pop Quilt Revamp – Quilting started (ReVamp)
  19. Large Dresden  – Rip out begun (Large Dresden)
  20. Tute for FAL – 1 done – want to stitch another (gift) & write tutorial  (NeedleCase 2.0)
  21. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut
  22. Vanity Scarf – Needs bound (Vanity Scarf)
  23. Abbey Bag – Pieces cut (Abbey Bag)
  24. Bunting – Pieces cut (Foo’s Bunting)
  25. Pink plaid tied quilt – Need to finish tying  (turned into fabric)
  26. Pillowcase Dress – Need to finish top (Callee’s Dress)
  27. Duckie Quilt – Need to finish tying & bind (Duckie Quilt)
  28. Reunion quilt – Needs bound  (Reunion quilt)
  29. Walker/Wheel Chair Bag – Pieces cut – started sewing (Wheel Chair Bag)
  30. Hexie project – started stitching (Blogged at Clover & Violet)
  31. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders, back ready
  32. Christmas Quilt – half pieced together  (Robyn the Christmas Quilt)
  33. #swoon2013 – 5 blocks to go

First thing you probably notice is there are a couple projects added – this shouldn’t be a surprise. I will always start new projects!! The important thing is to look at all of the completed projects! Well, they may not all have been completed – one was donated, one was ditched, a couple given away as they were. Regardless they are not in my sewing room!!

Theoretically, I am moving into 2014 with this list:

  1. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back done
  2. Spring Time  – basted
  3. Red & White – Top & Back Done
  4. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut
  5. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders, back ready
  6. #swoon2013 – 5 blocks to go
  7. Sugar Block Club  (had to move it up from the monthlys – time to make a top)

And then there are the “Monthlys” that are ongoing:

  1. Toes in the Sand BOM- Nov x Dec x Jan 0 Feb 0 Mar 0
  2. MSBee Blocks – Jan x Feb o Mar 0 Apr 0 May 0 Jun 0

Of course we all know there is a hidden project somewhere! Its the time of year when I find them, log them, and share them….

So, I’ll be back tomorrow with a good 2014 UFO list – with pictures!!


**BIG** Finish A Long news

FAL button 2

2013 button

If you have been following the Finish A Long since the beginning then you are aware that every year the hostess changes. I hosted the first year, this year Leanne is hosting and today I get to share with you who will be hosting in 2014!!! It’s ……..



The Littlest Thistle!!!!!

Isn’t that exciting?? I think so! I am such a huge fan of Katy’s so this makes me very happy! Leanne left some big shoes to fill but I know Katy is more than capable!! I suggest you start following her now so that you don’t miss a moment of the 2014 Finish A Long! It will be here before you know it…

But we are still in 2013 so you better get busy and link up your 2013 Q4 List! You don’t want to miss out on all the great prizes (there are even some new sponsors)!!

I have my list made but it may be a bit before I get to sew!

Please take a moment and give Katy some love….


Takin’ Care of Business

If a stranger had been at my house the last two weeks they may call it the Insane Asylum……it has been pure craziness. First I went on vacation with Callee & her parents (more on that soon) then my mom and her boyfriend came for a visit. Those two events were back to back….barely time to change the guest bed sheets!!!!

While it has been crazy, it has also been GREAT FUN!!!!

But….all that fun left some unfinished business here on the blog. Can you believe I forgot to pick a winner for my latest giveaway….geez!! So, let’s get down to that!!!

Well…..this doesn’t happen very often….

daily tv giveaway winner

#1 is Amy of [Amy’s] Crafty Shenanigans.…yay!!! Amy was a bit undecided about her class selection – either String Piecing 7 ways or Learn to Crochet….I better email her!

Oh before I go, I wanted to remind you it is time to link up your 2013 Finish A Long Q3 finishes – I had 6 this quarter!!!!

2013 button

Probably won’t be quite that next quarter (I’ll tell you why very soon)!

Later, y’all I sure missed ya!!!!



Fun Stuff

Today I am going to rattle on about all kinds of “stuff”. The online Urban Dictionary defines stuff as “everything you can think of”. Well, I’m not going that far but I do plan on covering quite a plethora of things.

Let’s start with a party announcement! I have bragged on my online friend, Sarah of Narcoleptic in a Cupboard, before. And for just a minute I am only speaking to those of you that know and/or follow her/her blog. I am planning a baby shower for her. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention she is preggers? YEP!! She is with bean (click and read all about bean). N.E.Way….

In case you missed the announcement on Sarah’s blog, Susan and I planning an Online Baby Shower for her. There is much more detail on Sarah’s blog if you need it. BUT the jest of it is this….until the day of the event (sometime in November) – we will meet & chat in Flickr. The day of the event we will hold a TweetChat!

The FlickrGroup is private but you can request access via Flickr or by emailing me. I hope to see you there!!!

Let’s see, where to now? How about a picture of Callee wearing a shirt I made her? I love this shirt! I blogged about it at the end of July but this is the first I have seen of her in it…..

callee in circus shirt

Her mom likes the shirt and the way it fits so much she has requested more. So I am in search of some fabric for that. Which leads me to some recent fabric shopping. I simply need to brag about a couple shops!

Let me prerequisite this next section by saying all opinions are mine! I have no sponsors – not because I don’t want any but more because I am not sure I understand them. I mean I understand how they work for a blogger who designs quilt patterns or clothing patterns but for someone like me? How would that work? I have my ideas but never known a shop owner (in the US anyway) well enough to make that happen. N.E.Way….

Back to my fabric shopping….let ‘s recall my #swoon2013 quilt I have been working on. It contains all of Lori Holt‘s lines. Since she recently came out with a new line, Gracie Girl, I needed to obtain some of it so that I could ensure all lines are included. Normally I would simply go to Fat Quarter Shop since that is my “go to” shop. BUT lately I have been on a “save money” kick (I’ll explain this in a minute) so instead I went on a search to see what I could come up with.

Low and behold a quick search lead me to Fanciful Fabrics! Let me just say, she has some amazing prices. Seriously, I saved almost $20 on this FQ bundle. While that is substantial I was still hesitant. Hesitant because sometimes when things are cheaper they are (a) not what they appear or (b) slow to arrive. But I decided it was significant enough to take my chances.

Let me just say, I was NOT disappointed!!! I got my package SUPER FAST!! I immediately sent the owner an email praising her prices and her super fast shipping. She was ever so nice!! While not my story to tell, she has a very interesting and honorable day job! When referencing the prices here is what she said:

” I think that fabric is too expensive, so I try to keep prices lower so that people can enjoy this wonderful hobby but not break the bank, like I usually do. I cannot afford every print of every line, but maybe some day. 🙂 I do it because I enjoy it, not to get rich. LOL…..”

I did a quick comparison of some other bundles. I found some that were almost 1/2 the price of other shops online, jelly rolls and fabric by the yard at 25% less than other online shops. And if that’s not enough, she also has vintage items, notions, trims, buttons, handmade items and more. I think I’m in love!!!

I placed another order this past weekend. The wonderful Leanne is queen in our Modern Stitching Bee this month. She has asked for this block:

Leanne’s example block!

See those low volume QST? Well, she has requested directional fabric of some sort. I didn’t have any – what better reason to shop? So I set out for a coupon code (it was a holiday weekend after all) and a shop with a smallish bundle of text prints (a void in my stash). I found this bundle:

and I found it at WestWood Acres who also had a free shipping coupon code for the weekend. The part I am here to brag about….My bundle arrived today! I placed this order on Saturday (maybe Friday) regardless, she had to ship my order the same day! I love that!! And it was a decent price. Again, into saving money!

My favorite thing about this shop is the created bundles. I love it when shop owners make their own custom bundles. For example Amanda has the following listed: In The Navy, Tarnished Silver, Text the Rainbow, and Solid Bundles to match other lines. I am not linking to each bundle but you can find them all in her shop!! Again, there might be some love involved!!

In summary, this weekend I found 2 new shops I would highly recommend!


Now, about that saving money! I desperately want to FQRetreat….DESPERATELY!!!!! I have a plan to make that happen in 2014. Of the many things on that list to make it happen is selective fabric shopping. I also recently started making my own laundry soap, fabric softener, and many other household “chemicals”. When I calculate the amount saved it goes in a special account along with a designated amount each month. I am mixing all this with a bunch of prayer….serious prayer!!!

I will end today with another picture of Callee in the same shirt. I like this picture more because it shows her attitude. One that, dare I say, she comes by honestly:


This picture is ME in a nutshell!!! And with that I end today’s post! Have a great day!