2013 UFO List Progession

I know things have been extremely quiet around here lately. Life got a bit overwhelming for a while and I couldn’t seem to get a grip on everything at once. The only thing I knew to cure this was to focus on one thing at a time. Through the course of this progression, I decided the blogs date would be Jan.1 – so here I am! I have to be honest and tell you, I have missed y’all!!

Oddly, it seems sewing just isn’t as much fun without showing it off here at some point. Don’t get me wrong there hasn’t much to show off. A couple projects but not too much! If I got pictures (I can’t even remember the last 3 months are such a blur), I might go back and blog about a couple of them.

BUT, I decided today was a good day to look at my 2013 UFO list – from January to December. This is what my list looked like January 1:


Name FAL Qualify? Deadline Status
Duo QAL Table Runner Yes n/a Ready for Binding
Callee’s Quilt Yes n/a Needs re-thunk
Batik Nature BOM Yes n/a Top complete/back started
Sugar Block Club No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Birdie Embroidery Yes n/a A few blocks done
Amazing Grace Yes n/a Top Done
Spring Time Yes n/a Top Done
Red & White Yes 11/30/13 Top & Back Done
Foo’s Quilt Yes n/a Binding needs re-stitched
Christmas Lights Quilt Yes 11/30/13 Top Almost Done
Placemats & Tute Yes 1/31/13 2 need binding & 2 need completed
Coin Purses No 1/31/13 Commission work – haven’t started
Sock Monkey Yes n/a A few stitches from complete
Bright Daisy Quilt Yes n/a Top Done
Mystery Quilt Yes n/a A few blocks Done
Row by Row No Monthly 1/9 o 1/23 o 2/6 o 2/20 o 3/6 o 3/20 o
T-Shirt Quilt – Kaylah Yes 4/15/13 Blocks cut out of T-Shirts
Black Monkey Yes 6/1/13 Need to re-stitch back and bind
AAQI Donation No n/a Needs official label
MSBee Blocks No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Mod Pop Quilt Yes n/a Cut-ish –
Large Dresden Yes n/a Quilting started
Tute for FAL No 6/1/13 1 done – want to stitch another (gift)
Christmas BOM No Monthly Jan x Feb o Mar o Apr o May o Jun o
Toes in the Sand BOM No Monthly Apr o May o Jun o Jul o Aug o Sept
Penquin Quilt Yes n/a Pieces cut
Vanity Scarf Yes n/a Needs bound
Abbey Bag Yes n/a Pieces cut
Bunting Yes n/a Pieces cut
Pink plaid tied quilt Yes n/a Need to finish tying
Pillowcase Dress Yes 6/1/13 Need to finish top
Duckie Quilt Yes n/a Need to finish tying & bind
Reunion quilt Yes 7/1/13 Needs bound
Walker/Wheel Chair Bag Yes n/a Pieces cut – started sewing
Hexie project Yes n/a Started stitching
Now look at that…Here’s what I want to know…who decided on that layout? Terrible to read!!
The math of it is this – there are 32 UFOs listed on there! WOW
Here is today’s list:
  1. Duo QAL Table Runner – Ready for Binding  (Table Runner)
  2. Callee’s Quilt – Needs re-thunk (trash)
  3. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back done
  4. Birdie Embroidery – A few blocks done (Dorothy’s Duckies Must Die)
  5. Amazing Grace  – Top Done (Amazing Grace)
  6. Spring Time  – basted
  7. Red & White – Top & Back Done
  8. Foo’s Quilt – Binding needs re-stitched (Foo’s Quilt)
  9. Christmas Lights Quilt – Top Almost Done (gave away)
  10. Placemats & Tute – 2 need binding & 2 need completed (Placemats)
  11. Coin Purses – Commission work – haven’t started  (Coin purses)
  12. Sock Monkey – A few stitches from complete  (Sock Monkey)
  13. Bright Daisy Quilt – Top Done (donated)
  14. Mystery Quilt – Top Done (Myrtle)
  15. T-Shirt Quilt for Kaylah – DEADLINE: May 23rd (Kaylah’s Quilt)
  16. Black Monkey – Need to quilt borders, and bind (Black Monkey)
  17. AAQI Donation – Needs official label (Beautiful Bedlam)
  18. Mod Pop Quilt Revamp – Quilting started (ReVamp)
  19. Large Dresden  – Rip out begun (Large Dresden)
  20. Tute for FAL – 1 done – want to stitch another (gift) & write tutorial  (NeedleCase 2.0)
  21. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut
  22. Vanity Scarf – Needs bound (Vanity Scarf)
  23. Abbey Bag – Pieces cut (Abbey Bag)
  24. Bunting – Pieces cut (Foo’s Bunting)
  25. Pink plaid tied quilt – Need to finish tying  (turned into fabric)
  26. Pillowcase Dress – Need to finish top (Callee’s Dress)
  27. Duckie Quilt – Need to finish tying & bind (Duckie Quilt)
  28. Reunion quilt – Needs bound  (Reunion quilt)
  29. Walker/Wheel Chair Bag – Pieces cut – started sewing (Wheel Chair Bag)
  30. Hexie project – started stitching (Blogged at Clover & Violet)
  31. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders, back ready
  32. Christmas Quilt – half pieced together  (Robyn the Christmas Quilt)
  33. #swoon2013 – 5 blocks to go

First thing you probably notice is there are a couple projects added – this shouldn’t be a surprise. I will always start new projects!! The important thing is to look at all of the completed projects! Well, they may not all have been completed – one was donated, one was ditched, a couple given away as they were. Regardless they are not in my sewing room!!

Theoretically, I am moving into 2014 with this list:

  1. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back done
  2. Spring Time  – basted
  3. Red & White – Top & Back Done
  4. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut
  5. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders, back ready
  6. #swoon2013 – 5 blocks to go
  7. Sugar Block Club  (had to move it up from the monthlys – time to make a top)

And then there are the “Monthlys” that are ongoing:

  1. Toes in the Sand BOM- Nov x Dec x Jan 0 Feb 0 Mar 0
  2. MSBee Blocks – Jan x Feb o Mar 0 Apr 0 May 0 Jun 0

Of course we all know there is a hidden project somewhere! Its the time of year when I find them, log them, and share them….

So, I’ll be back tomorrow with a good 2014 UFO list – with pictures!!


Better Hurry….

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I have been crazy busy with the move and the new job. Oh I guess I haven’t blogged about that……I got a new job (hehehe).

Today was my first day but I am training to do a different job (other than my own job) to get started because I will cover this person when they are gone. So….it is hard to tell if I will like my position but hers is decent. Maybe I will announce where I work someday soon but I need to get a feel for things first.

The reason I popped in to post is to remind you to link up your 2013 Q4 Finish Along list. I linked mine early so I wouldn’t forget LOL. There are some sponsors for this quarter. Here is the awesome list:

£25 Gift Certificate from Tikki London

Seriously great prizes……go Link Up!

**BIG** Finish A Long news

FAL button 2

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If you have been following the Finish A Long since the beginning then you are aware that every year the hostess changes. I hosted the first year, this year Leanne is hosting and today I get to share with you who will be hosting in 2014!!! It’s ……..



The Littlest Thistle!!!!!

Isn’t that exciting?? I think so! I am such a huge fan of Katy’s so this makes me very happy! Leanne left some big shoes to fill but I know Katy is more than capable!! I suggest you start following her now so that you don’t miss a moment of the 2014 Finish A Long! It will be here before you know it…

But we are still in 2013 so you better get busy and link up your 2013 Q4 List! You don’t want to miss out on all the great prizes (there are even some new sponsors)!!

I have my list made but it may be a bit before I get to sew!

Please take a moment and give Katy some love….


2013 Q4 Plan of Attack

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I cannot believe we are facing the last quarter of 2013!! I have gotten so much done already this year (just look at my UFO list on the right hand side of the blog).

I really wanted to be UFO free going into 2014 but with the move I’m not sure how possible that is. However, I have decided to keep my Q4 list right on schedule just in case. I would hate to unexpectedly finish a project and it not be on my list. So, without further ado, here we go!


  1. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back squares cut (November/December)
  2. Sally Spring Time  – Top Done (October/November)
  3. Red & White – Top & Back Done (October/November)
  4. Black Monkey – Need to quilt borders, re-stitch back, and bind (October)
  5. D9P Quilts for Grands – 4 twins
  6. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut (November/December)
  7. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders (November/December)
  8. #swoon2013

And then there are the “Monthlys” that are ongoing:

  1. Toes in the Sand BOM- Aug x Sept x Oct o Nov o Dec o
  2. MSBee Blocks – Sept x Oct o Nov o Dec o Jan o Feb o
  3. Sugar Block Club – Aug x Sept x Oct o Nov o Dec o

To summarize,  I really want to try and get two quilts finished this month: Black Monkey & Sally Sprint Time. They are both fairly close so that may be doable with the move.

I am linking up with:

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Have you linked up?



2013 Q3 Finish A Long Sponsors

she can quilt
NOTE: The majority of this post was nicked from Leanne’s blog!!! I was going to type my own but she is so eloquent there is really no need – plus I have a house to paint!!
Today I want to thank the Q3 Finish-A-Long sponsors. One of the lovely parts of the on-line quilting community is the generosity of the on-line quilting retailers who are willing and able to support on-line events like the FAL with prizes.First I will remind you that each finish you link from your Q3 list becomes an entry into the randomly chosen draw for each of the following prizes, so get your finishes linked up before midnight October 7. If you are almost done one last finish for Q3, these prizes might give you just that extra incentive to finish it off.Here are our wonderful Q3 sponsors:

£25 Gift Certificate from Tikki London

Texty Fabric Bundle from Sew me a Song

There are some things I wanted to share about these sponsors:
  • I have shopped at most of these shops and/or used their patterns and each of them is lovely to deal with – they have excellent products and customer service.
  • All of them are happy to ship to Leanne in Canada and to you wherever you are.
  • Each of them would love you to take a few minutes to visit their on-line shops (just click the buttons above) and take a look around. While you are there, please consider taking a minute to send them an email thanking them for their support of the FAL – what a great idea, Leanne!!!

Get your Q4 lists ready, as I am so pleased to report that each and every one of these sponsors has generously agreed to be here supporting us for Q4 too – and I even have a couple more sponsors to add to our list for the beginning of Q4. (If you would also like to sponsor Q4 of the FAL, please email me at shecanquilt [at] gmail [dot]com.)

One more time, here is the upcoming FAL schedule:

  • October 1 – 7 –  Q3 tutorials will run on this blog.
  • October 7 –     The Q3 post quarter link up closes at midnight, MST.
  • October 8 –     The Q4 pre-quarter link up opens – please post your Q4 list.
  • October 15 –    The Q4 pre-quarter link closes at midnight, MST.
  • January 1 –      The Q4 post-quarter link opens.
  • January 8 –     The Q4 post quarter link closes.
  • January 9 –     The 2014 Finish-A-Long begins, with a great new host! (I’ll tell you who soon.)
Go here to link up your Q3 finishes, I will be checking them all (every single one – I love seeing all your finishes) out and commenting when I can. Do take a minute to visit some of the other finishes, and remember to leave a comment or two as well, we all love comments.
There are more tutorials for Friday, Saturday and Sunday – I sure love the tutorial week of the FAL, I hope you do too.
Leanne err Rhonda
PS… How ambitious should I be with Q4 considering the move ‘n all? Hmmm….thoughts?

Robyn the Christmas Quilt

I am so excited to introduce Robyn to you today. I love this quilt!! I had so much fun working on this quilt. Fun for multiple reasons: the un-traditional Christmas colors, the specialized quilting, the new-to-me QAYG technique, and the embellishments.


This quilt started as a BOM from Fat Quarter Shop. The BOM was based on a book called Christmas Favorites by Nancy Halvorsen. She also designed the fabric line that was used. Of course she already has a new Christmas line out which is equally as fabulous!

robyns bits

I decided to quilt each block uniquely or as the block called for. I’m not sure what professionals call that but I call it INTIMIDATING. I knew the only way that would work for me was to do each block before it is sewn to the others or QAYG. They’re not perfect  and please don’t look at the back but I am in love with this quilt!!! I will show you the back (from a distance so you can see how it sort of looks like patchwork quilt but since it will be hung on a wall it doesn’t really matter:

robyns back

When it came time to put the blocks together I turned to the extremely talented Mari of The Quilting Edge. She has some amazing tutorials for QAYG (and many other things). I chose the one with narrow strips (I think I will use the wide strip tutorial for my #2013swoon quilt). She made this quilt possible!!

robyns embellishments

Oh and then the embellishments sort of tip the scale on this quilt!! I love the buttons & the bows! So adorable! I feel like I am tooting my own horn but in reality I didn’t design – just followed the super-cute instructions and ended up with the beauty!!

robyn swinging

Quilt Stats

Name: Robyn
Made for: My wall during Christmas (can’t wait)
Fabric: Nancy’s Christmas Favorites by Nancy Halvorsen
Thread: Various 
Batting: Scraps
Size: 57″ x 72″
Quilting: FMQ 
Pattern: from book Christmas Favorites by Nancy Halvorsen

EDITED TO ADD: This is part of my Q3 2013 Finish A Long Plan of Attack and therefore I am linking up as a Q3 2013 finish.

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September’s List

September is going to be a tricky month! Can you guess why???? Here’s a hint…. She’s potty trained now!!!!!

just like dad
Her dad has taught her well!!!

That’s right……………

Callee’s Coming!!!!

I couldn’t be more excited about her coming!! She will be here on the 14th and she is bringing her mom & dad. They will all be here for a week!!!! During that week, the 5 of us are going on vacation for a couple days (a tourist-y town – Gatlinburg, TN – fairly close to us) then we are going to make the 2 hour track to Kaylah’s school and spend the day with her. So our week will be BUSY!!!

Then on September 26th my mom and her boyfriend will be here for the weekend. So, that weekend takes me out of commission (and part of the week before since I probably need to clean to prepare for her).

Now, having said all that….I probably SHOULD reduce my list a bit BUT I’m not going to. I would rather try my best and see what happens….who knows maybe it will happen. Of course 2 of the items, are for Callee **big cheesy grin**.

  1. Spring Time Quilt (jelly roll race) – finish
  2. Modern Stitching Bee block – Leanne is Queen
  3. Tumble Tee for Callee (9/12)
  4. Batik Nature – finish
  5. Sugar Block Club block
  6. D9P – work on blocks – 4 twins
  7. Faux Fur Vest for Callee (9/12)
  8. Christmas Quilt – finish
  9. #swoon2013 – make remaining blocks
  10. Toes in the Sand  block
  11. Black Monkey – finish restitching back
  12. Row by Row – finish

It seems doable as long as I stay on top of it! I guess only time will tell. I am linking up with:




Dorothy’s Duckies Must Die

I don’t know about you but every now and then I work on a project and no matter what I do it just seems, WRONG!! Welcome to the DUCKS!!

Dorothy's Duckies must die
A little later on you will understand why I am using such a HORRIBLE picture!!!

From the very first stitch to the last binding stitch this has been the case for this wall hanging! It seems no matter what I do all I see are mistakes!!! I just want to KILL THE DUCKS!!!!

I have to say I REALLY hope my daughter in law wants this thing for Callee’s room and removes it from my home!!! I feel like I owe someone (not sure who) an explanation.

When I first started stitching these ducks I was learning embroidery so I bought CHEAP fabric for the “outside” of the blocks because I figured if I jacked them up I could just toss them and not feel badly. Well cheap fabric doesn’t always play nicely (GRRRRR #1).

After a bit of embroidery experience (about 4 blocks) I switched from these blocks to Callee’s embroidered quilt. This one was placed in a box and became a UFO (GRRR #2).

Youngest child leaves, I stitch to make myself feel better the day I drop her off but mind isn’t really on stitching so EVERYTHING that could go wrong DOES go wrong. (GRRR #3). Things pucker that shouldn’t and so on and so forth!

Oh and then…..it is time to take pics of the quilt (GRRR #4)!! Due to the colors in the embroidery, there was no way to get a decent picture!! I posted pics on IG with iPhone and that ended up being the best one!! Seriously, look:

Dorothy's Duckies must Die collage

If it wasn’t the glare (in an attempt to get the colors right), then it was the colors or the terrible stitching! ICK!!! So, here is a close up of one of the pics so as to give you a general idea of the quilt:

Dorothy's Duckies must Die close up
Not that you can tell, but the duck is yellow in this one – but not in all!! (GRRRRR)

Well there you have it! It’s not a horrible throw it in the garbage quilt but I certainly don’t love it!!!

EDITED TO ADD: This is part of my Q3 2013 Finish A Long Plan of Attack and therefore I am linking up as a Q3 2013 finish.

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Quilt Stats

Name: Dorothy’s Duckies Must Die
Made for: The Sheer Frustration of it All
Fabric: Cheap Blue Box Store 
Thread: Various 
Batting: Scraps
Size: 26″ square
Quilting: straight-ish lines
Pattern: Birdie Stitches by Little Miss Shabby


I have been a bit amazed by how quickly some of these UFOs have come together….and here’s another one.

myrtle hanging

I started Myrtle, the Mystery Quilt, in early 2011. It was a mystery quilt by Sheila of Bluepatch Quilting.  I did not finish all the blocks but the parts I did complete were so much fun. Sheila is a talented quilter and very good at writing tutorials. Seems I recall rumor of Sheila turning the mystery quilt into a pattern but I can’t find it anywhere (if anyone knows where it is, please tell me so I can link to it). UPDATE: Sheila indeed is selling her pattern in her Etsy Shop!

myrtle side

The quilting on this is something I have been wanting to try for quite some time. This quilt has some serious saggy bits so it was quite the struggle to quilt. My larger circle arcs are a bit scary up close but babies don’t look at that sort of thing!!

myrtle front up close

I did machine binding again but I think I was (a) too tired – it was late and I wanted to get her in the wash and (b) I rushed a bit because I was tired and wanted to finish. BUT I am still pleased with the binding.

myrtle front

myrtle back

Oh and I actually got a decent roll picture so I will include one this time:

myrtle roll

Here’s her deets:

Quilt Stats

Name: Myrtle the Mystery Quilt
Made for: Some unsuspecting baby somewhere
Fabric: Who even knows?!
Thread: Quilting – Star Machine Quilting Thread Variegated in Black Pinstripes
Batting: Warm & Natural 100% Cotton
Size: 45″ x 55″
Quilting: bulleye(ish)
Pattern: Mystery Stars by BluePatch Quilter
EDITED TO ADD: This is part of my Q3 2013 Finish A Long Plan of Attack and therefore I am linking up as a Q3 2013 finish.

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Duckie Quilt

This is one of the softest quilt I have ever made….correction….I have ever finished. Let me explain….

This quilt was a collaborative project between my daughter and I – and not by choice on my part!!!

Approximately 7/8 years ago I taught a beginners quilting class at my church (in Michigan). There were several mother/daughter pairs in attendance. My daughter and I were one of them. This quilt was the top my daughter made during that class. Because she wanted it super thick, and she wanted to “do it herself” tying was the best option at the time. Well, eventually it went into a tote and ultimately on my UFO list!

Well, not anymore! Here it is pre-wash…

duckie pre wash

Then it got a bath to make it all squishy or squishier as it was already super soft because it is all flannel and super soft already…

duckie quilt
Those are daughter’s toes poking out the bottom….the least she could do at this point!!

While it is tied you can’t see the threads on the front, we put those on the back. We alternated thread colors on the blocks too because the back is a solid off white the two colors and tails give it a bit of interest….

duckie back

I asked daughter what she was going to do with it now that it is done – she said I don’t know….you finished it, you decide! So, it is awaiting just the right baby!

For now, it is just nice to have all our “ducks in a roll”….

duckie roll


Quilt Stats

Name: Duckie
Made for: a baby
Fabric: assorted flannels from JoAnn Fabrics
Thread: Can’t remember
Batting: High Loft Polyester
Size: 58″ square
Quilting: typed with blue & yellow pearl cotton
Pattern: From a magazine (don’t recall which one)
So hard to fill those bits out when it is an older quilt….phew!!