January Project

The rules of the Lovely Year of Finishes are to only  pick ONE PROJECT to finish in the designated month. While I want to simply pick the quickest to finish, I am not going to do that. Instead, I am going to pick a different one and push myself a bit.

One of the four Hero Quilts simply needs to finished quilted and then bound (no time at all) but any one of the other 3 requires an expansion in size (more on that later) and then layering, quilting, and binding.

I am going to choose one of those from my 2015 First Quarter Projects. Because the recipient of the four of these quilts (well, the mom of the four boys receiving these quilts) reads my blog – occasionally anyway – I can’t post a pic of the full quilt. For that reason, this is all I can share:


That note is from when I set about layering all four of the quilts to discover my math had been off and 3 of the 4 were the wrong size and I needed to be creative about making them bigger…..Oh yeah, that happened!!

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Better get started….


August’s List

I love starting a new list….it feel full of possibility. Since I missed last my last WhiteBoard Wednesday you have no idea whether or not I actually finished off July’s List – but I promise you I did. I actually finished Clara (Cindy’s Project) on the last day of the month. I will blog about it proper like tomorrow.

BUT today I have a new list to share with you….

  1. A top for Kaylah
  2. Toes in the Sand block
  3. Batik Nature – finish piecing back
  4. #swoon2013 – 10 more blocks
  5. Sugar Block Club block
  6. Spring Time – baste & start quilting
  7. Washi Dress – finish
  8. Christmas Quilt – piece 1/2 quilt
  9. D9P – start piecing – 4 twins (9/30)
  10. Row by Row – add borders & piece back
  11. Mystery Quilt – finish
  12. Birdie Blocks – finish

I was truly hoping to have a few of these off my list by today but I have been so incredibly busy it didn’t happen. Today is the first time I have had a chance to sit & blog since last Tuesday….and I don’t like it!

I did get a decent start on my Birdie Blocks:

birdie blocks

I did get quite a bit done yesterday because I refused to do anything except laundry (which was way behind) and sewing. I needed to regroup!!

I will tell you all about #9 soon enough….insane right?!

Well, I am off to edit some pics of Clara!


Amazing Grace

This is a finish that was exciting to finish for a couple of reasons. Obviously, one of those reasons is that it is OFF the UFO list – exciting!!! Another reason is that I finally get to gift it to the recipient. Let me give you a little background….

When I was a wee one (less than a year old – almost 43 years ago), a extended cousin of my moms started watching me so my mom could work. Her name was Skippy. If Skippy had to work one of her daughters, just teenagers at the time, would watch me. This went on long enough that I became part of the family. I thought of Skippy and Pappy (her husband) as grandparents. I just loved them. Pappy passed away when I was about 13 and to say it was devastating would be the understatement of the year. It rocked my world to the core – but I am rushing things.

Over the years, our family moved about, had more children (there were 3 after me), BUT anytime I came back to the Cumberland Gap area to visit, the first thing I did was go to Skippy & Pappy’s house!! I couldn’t wait to climb in their lap so I would know all was right with the world.

This continued even as I was adult and started having children of my own. Whenever we would visit the Cumberland Gap area, one of the first stops was Skippy’s house. Of course by this time, I had to fight my children for a spot on her lap but when she hugs me I just knew all was right!

Another VERY IMPORTANT aspect of Skippy & Pappy was that when I lived down here, they always made sure I went to church every Sunday. I remember being a wee one and sleeping on Pappys lap in those old wooden pews. When I was 8 I came to know my Lord & Savior in a very personal way – as introduced to me through these two wonderful people. Then over the years I stepped away from the Lord and lived a less than holy life (and that my friends is putting it mildly). But this never changed the way Skippy treated me, she would love on me, pray for me and tell me she was proud of me even if not proud of my behavior. She always made me feel special. Eventually I came back to live my life with the Lord and I can thank Skippy for this ….

Do you now understand why I made a quilt for a special lady with the words of Amazing Grace on it? Here is a picture of the front…

amazing grace

I got so excited to give Skip the quilt, I completely forgot to take any pictures first. So, I had to go back yesterday and snap a few. Oh yes, we now live in Cumberland Gap, just a few doors down from Skippy and I get to see her all the time. She is the most amazing woman! I know no one else who is the epitome of grace!!

This fabric is some my daughter bought me ages ago, and when she bought it, she bought the panel. I figured I might as well use the panel for the back and guess what….Skippy likes the back better than the front…hehehe…

amazing grace back

I decided to keep the quilting on this very simple, straight lines following different parts of the quilt. I love how it ended up forming little stars in the sashing squares. Also, to add a little something, I did some dense lines in each of the four short borders. I love the lines this created on the back. You can see those if you look closely in the above picture. Here is an upclose of the quilting:

amazing grace quilting

Well that is all the pictures I was able to get. When I went to her house yesterday to get the pictures, she was without power so she put me to work on that problem. She can be quite bossy when she is stressed LOL

Quilt Stats

Name: Amazing Grace
Made for: Bobbie Burchette aka Skippy
Fabric: All unknown as it was a gift many years ago
Thread: Pieced with CT Essential Thread Taupe, quilted with a bright blue ??
Batting: Warm & Natural 100 % Cotton
Size: 54 x 76
Quilting: Diagonal lines to form a grid and then straight lines in the sashing and the borders
Pattern: Quilt Stats

Name: Large Dresden (ever so creative ;-)
Made for: Me
Fabric: Hugs & Kisses by Linda Lum DeBono and Unknown white on white on front, backing is Cheap Talk by Connecting Threads
Thread: Pieced with CT Essential Thread Taupe, quilted with a Star Variegated Orange in bobbin and CT Essentials Thread White on top
Batting: Warm & Natural 100 % Cotton
Size: 30″ square
Quilting: Followed the dresdens to form a star then followed circles and tiny border
Pattern: Copied something I seen in a catalog but made it up as I went along. 
Well there you have yet another finish for Q3 FAL and off July’s list!!!
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My #sheldoncooper Shirts

A while ago I shared my first #sheldoncooper inspired shirt. BUT before I get into my shirts I have to share something I found the other day…I can’t put a picture of it here because I didn’t have time to get the blog owners permission so instead I am going to trust y’all to go and look and then come back….Here, look here! Wasn’t it worth it? #sheldoncooper pixelated!! A.MA.ZING!!!! Ok…back to the subject at hand, my shirts…

This was my first…

I hate selfies!
Lightning Bolts

Last week I made myself a Green Lantern shirt. Here is the shirt that inspired mine…


Here is my shirt…

green lantern shirt

Here are two more images of #sheldoncooper that inspired me…


Here are my versions…

flash shirt

batman shirt

I have only one more I want to make but only because it will show off so much of my fabric…this will probably wait until I can figure out how to make it without the t-shirt fabric showing between the bars.


Oh and I think I need to order one of these…


This is one more item off my July list!

Tomorrow I will share a couple more!signature_3

Large Dresden Wall Hanging

It has been a few years….you think I am exaggerating but I am not! Here is proof! Oh yeah….I chose the fabric for this finish 2 1/2 years ago!

Well regardless….it is done!!!

Large dresden

Before I could finish it I had to rip out a ton of quilting I had done it quite some time ago. I am so glad I took the time to do that! I took a different approach this time and it looks MUCH better! You can see the quilting much better from the back…

large dresden back

My first thought was to use it as a table topper.

large dresden dresses the table

But then I remembered my sewing room was curtain-less! I moved the curtains I made for my sewing room to my kitchen. So….

large dresden as a curtain

Love it!!

**Edited to add**

Quilt Stats

Name: Large Dresden (ever so creative 😉
Made for: Me
Fabric: Hugs & Kisses by Linda Lum DeBono and Unknown white on white on front, backing is Cheap Talk by Connecting Threads
Thread: Pieced with CT Essential Thread Taupe, quilted with a Star Variegated Orange in bobbin and CT Essentials Thread White on top
Batting: Warm & Natural 100 % Cotton
Size: 30″ square
Quilting: Followed the dresdens to form a star then followed circles and tiny border

I have another finish (or two) for you tomorrow! Oh and Amazing Grace is almost done…I am stitching the binding down **my favorite part – NOT**!!

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July’s List

I am actually really nervous to create July’s list. It makes me nervous because there are some big projects on this list. I usually try to keep a mix of more & less time consuming projects. It seems to be more difficult this month:

  1. 3 new t-shirts (flash gordon, star trek, and batman)
  2. MSB blocks
  3. Cindy’s project
  4. Toes in the Sand BOM
  5. Finish Duckie Quilt
  6. Sugar Block Club Block
  7. Quilt 5 Christmas blocks
  8. Finish Large Dresden
  9. #swoon2013 – at least 8 blocks
  10. Finish Amazing Grace

I need to allot time for Cindy’s project but I haven’t gotten it yet. If I don’t get it I will throw another project in that slot. If I complete everything on this list I will have 3 items off my UFO list. I sure hope the back of Amazing Grace is done – I can’t recall!!

There you have my list of things to do in July….better go get started!!


ReVamp is DONE!!!

I have squeezed ReVamp into this quarter’s FinishAlong! I am so very excited about that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am excited it is done but I am more excited to have another item off my UFO list. AND today I will make my Green Lantern T-Shirt and then ALL the items on June’s WhiteBoard will be COMPLETE!!! Now, back to ReVamp!

The materials for ReVamp started out to be part of Leanne’s ModPop QAL. I tried stitching one curve and knew there was NO way I was going to be able to do an entire quilt (of course this was AFTER I had already cut all the squares!). Then months later, while lazily browsing some blogs I came across the most amazing tutorial I just knew I had to make. The blog was You Had Me at BonJour and the name of her quilt was Chevron Baby. BONUS: there was a tutorial!! Here is my version…


When I decided to change this quilt up, I had to cut all those blocks down from 4″ to 3″ – that was great fun…NOT! I drew out some blanks of the design and colored it with markers until I got a design I was pleased with. Sarah was of great assistance in this area as I am daft at making decisions. Here are just a couple of my coloring pages:

Photo Jan 19, 1 19 07 PM
This is the one that ultimately won out!

Photo Jan 19, 1 19 16 PM

Over time I worked on it here and there, snapping pictures as I went along! Here are just a couple…


May start quilting it this month at the rate I am going....not sure?!

When it came time for the quilting, I decided the best thing I could do was to simply follow the lines of the design. I found a great variegated thread that went from yellow to orange to red – perfect, right?! I used that thread on the colored bits and plain white thread on the white. I only did enough lines on the white bits to keep the batting from bunching – this created a dramatic design on the back, see….

revamp back

I love this quilt and I have big plans for it. I can’t disclose those plans just yet and I might change my mind but for now it will go on a shelf until I am certain what will happen to it. I used a sheet for the back and it was a perfect complement to this quilt. It is brushed cotton and super soft.

Here are a couple more pics before I give you all the Stats!

The traditional "roll"
The traditional “roll”



Quilt Stats
Name: ReVamp
Made for: UnDisclosed at this Time
Fabric: Kona Tomato, Kona Red, Kona Tangerine, Kona Orange, Kona School Bus, Kona Papaya, Kona Corn Yellow Kona Cardinal Red, Kona Canary (all colored fabrics from Fluffy Sheep Quilting), Bella Snow, Bella White, Bella Off-White, Riley Blake Clean White, Riley Blake Whisper White, Riley Blake Vintage White, Kona Ultra White, Kona White, Pure Elements Linen White, Pure Organics White, Free Spirit Arctic White, Free Spirit Winter White, Michael Miller Bright White, Michael Miller Soft White, Soho Solids White, Stella White (all white fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop), and one sheet for the backing.
Thread: Pieced with CT Essential Thread Taupe, quilted with a Star Variegated Orange, Coats & Clark Poly/Cotton Blend
Batting: Warm & Natural 100 % Cotton
Size: 53″ x 70 1/2″
Quilting: Straight lines following the design
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WhiteBoard Wednesday

I hope to start this new thing called Whiteboard Wednesday. As you may recall from my last podcast, I keep a WhiteBoard in my sewing room with my monthly to do list. As a form of accountability I plan on blogging about the status of that list every Wednesday….thus, WhiteBoard Wednesday. Some Wednesdays will even be Wordless WhiteBoard Wednesday!

So, this week you will see I have quite a few done! All my monthly’s (the ones in green) are done. BUT there are still 3 important things to do! I can say the FAL tutorial is almost done – the projects are complete and the tutorial is about half written. Oh and what you don’t see is I have added #swoon2013 yep! you guessed it! a new project!


Back in 2012 there was a Swoon Along started by Katy of i’m a ginger monkey (if I’m wrong about this please don’t tell me). It was a huge success but some of us missed it. So Sarah of Fairy Face Designs has decided to host Swoon 2013 because she rocks!!! I know there are about 5/6 of us swoon-ing at the moment and maybe more after Sarah blogs about it. If you want to #swoon2013 with us please let me know and I will forward you to the right place once it is all up and running.

Here is my fabric of choice (I hope to add some of Lori’s newest line too):

2013-06-16 18.27.53
Time to recover ironing board?! YES!!!!

There are two lines from Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet here – Millie’s Closet & Polka Dot Stitches. I hope to add Bake Sale and potentially Gracie Girl. I have also been looking on Etsy and found some of her older lines that will fit in this quilt – Sew Cherry and Daisy Cottage. Obsess much?

I am taking my time with this one because I want a LARGE king size quilt. I actually want more of a bedspread size. What I mean is that when I don’t want to have to use a bed skirt. I want it to go all the way to the floor and over the pillows. Like this….

So…one large block at a time….that’s the plan!

There you have June 19th WhiteBoard Wednesday….accountability is important (that’s what they tell addicts too)!!!


June’s List

I have decided to be quite ambitious for June just because it is the last month of the quarter for the Finish A Long. I have already finished a few things on my list but I would still like to get a couple more things done. I really want to wipe out my UFO list in 2013. I have so many things I want to make and I have been very good about not starting anything new….boy that has been difficult!!!!

Here is my list for June:

  1. last block for Christmas BOM
  2. start quilting Christmas BOM – QAYG style
  3. Finish tying & bind duckie quilt
  4. Toes in the Sand BOM
  5. MSBee blocks
  6. Sugar Block Club block
  7. Finish quilting Revamp
  8. Tute for FAL – write tutorial & stitch another
  9. Mystery quilt blocks – decide layout & stitch together
  10. Season By Hand – something???

This is doable if I stay focused!! It is summer which makes it difficult since I like to float in the pool and I have to maintain the yard. BUT we will see. I do enjoy being in my sewing room. I wish I enjoyed hand work more because I could sit by the pool with my feet in it and stitch. It is difficult to stitch binding while sitting in the sun…LOL it gets a little hot!

Oh ….. I forgot….When I posted my finishes for May, there was one that wasn’t on the list. If you follow me on Instagram (@gapquilter) then you have already seen it. But for those of you that don’t, I thought I would share it. I made myself a Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), Flash shirt…please don’t play that horrible song, Hadley!

I hate selfies!
I hate selfies!
a better view of the shirt
a better view of the shirt

Here is Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) wearing his – the one I copied from:


You can buy the shirt but I thought they were a  bit pricey and mine only cost me $3.50 since I am a fabric hoarder lover. I want to make this one next:


Well, here we are at the end of the post which means it is time for another picture from the chronicles of my life….hehehe. I have already shared one awful picture of me today, so we won’t go there. How about a picture of my adopted daughter and her family. She has four boys and is a spectacular mother. They live in Atlanta and recently got remarried (long story there). You may remember we went to the wedding. N.E.Way….here they are:

Krissty, Jamie & Boys
Krissty, Jamie & Boys

Well, in the words of Porky Pig….That’s all Folks! Once again, linking up with