May’s Goals & Episode 23 (The Chatter’s Back)

May is going to be another crazy month. This month my daughter graduates high school! At the end of the month I have a BUTT LOAD of people coming to stay at my house (and various other houses in the vicinity) so they can witness my daughter’s graduation and celebrate with us. All of this on an unemployment income….hehehe! I am very much looking forward to having everyone here but it will cut into my sewing time….grrr!

Additionally, I need to start planning the trip to Florida, to take my daughter to college. We don’t have the exact date yet, but in the meantime, we have supplies to gather, classes to pick and her room to pack.

We also need to find a house (we have decided what general location we are moving to but I will save that for the Podcast) and start packing, selling and pitching!

AND I am going to start podcasting again! If all goes as planned there will be a podcast attached to this very post. It should be a short episode as I am just getting back into the swing of things but here is what I talk about:

  • what to expect
  • the unemployed life
  • the most recent wedding (and what a doozy that was)
  • my monthly’s
  • Kaylah’s quilt – the quilting (I need some feedback)
  • May’s goals

Here are the promised pictures of Kaylah’s quilts so that you get a better understanding of what I mean in the podcast:

T-Shirt Side
T-Shirt Side
Chevron Side
Chevron Side


So as to ensure I qualify with a “written” list for May here are my goals:

  1. Quilt Kaylah’s T-Shirt Quilt
  2. Make my mom an apron for Mother’s Day
  3. Make myself another skirt
  4. Quilt The Revamp Top
  5. Complete all my monthlys

Probably won’t get but a couple of those things done but ya know! I should probably put “maintain lawn” on that list since it has become one of my new jobs since The Hubs is now disabled and I am unemployed! Pro: Good Exercise  Con: Good Exercise

Ok, if we are going to talk about exercise I am outa here! BYE!


PS: If you are one to listen to the podcast from the website, the player is just below here. And please let me know if you have any problems with that or with iTunes (fingers crossed for a seamless restart)!!

April Finishes

Woo Hoo…..April is officially behind me! I can’t tell you how very excited I am about that!

So many life changes in April! You can read about the majority of them here. And I will talk about many of them in my upcoming podcast (the plan is still to post it tomorrow)!

BUT for today I am here to discuss my finishes well ticks off the list for the month of April. I don’t have any official finishes as far as something I can call done but I had set myself some goals for the month of April and I finished some of them. That always makes me feel good. WAIT….I did get one finish – one that even qualifies for the FAL!

I finally finished the binding on the Reunion Quilt. Let me tell you, that was one big quilt. It is already in the home of the owner (we auctioned it off 2 years ago at the reunion and I am just getting around to finishing it up – Shhh don’t tell anyone). Here are a few shots of that quilt:

The majority of the masive quilt! Wish I had thought to get measurements.
The majority of the masive quilt! Wish I had thought to get measurements. Surnames are embroidered in the border (notice the misplaced apostrophe in my last name?).
The binding
The binding
My granny's handprint. There are handprints of all surviving matriarchs and children under 18.
My granny’s handprint. There are handprints of all surviving matriarchs and children under 18.
It is the Sullivan Reunion from 2010
It is the Sullivan Reunion from 2010


Here are the goals I set myself for April:

  1. Finish the top and back for Kaylah’s T-Shirt Quilt DONE
  2. Make myself 2 skirts I made 1 of the 2
  3. Quilt The Revamp Top did nothing
  4. Bind the Reunion Quilt DONE
  5. Complete all my monthlys ALL DONE
    • Sugar Block Club
    • MSB
    • Toes in the Sand
    • Christmas BOM
  6. Start the Texas Teardrop Quilt (a new one) DECIDED THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!!

Not too bad?! I have to get Kaylah’s quilt done by May 23rd and considering I had to cut and piece both the front and back (which was haphazardly placed together), I think I did ok. Speaking of which, I don’t think I have showed any pictures of this yet! Tomorrow – because I need some input on the quilting!

Well, I am off! I am going to link up with Melissa at A Lovely Year of Finishes and then I am going to bed! Have a great day (I sure hope you all have had weather as great as mine – I am currently nursing a sunburn)!



2013 Q2 FAL Plan of Attack

DSC_0273 4

Keeping with the same spirit of Q1 Plan of Attack, I am simply going to list what all is on the table and work diligently to get some finishes. Then, each month list what is important. This seems to work best because some things seem to come up that are not on the UFO list but are still a priority. There are a couple of UFO projects that I know are top priority – for example, my daughter’s T-Shirt quilt because it is a graduation gift and graduation is May 23rd. I have all the fabric I need (I think!) so I just need to decide on a lay out and start stitching!

I also want to make some skirts for Spring and Summer for both her and I – those are good “seriously, need a break from this project” projects.

And, if all goes as planned, I should be having a great deal more sewing time in the next 7-10 days. I also plan on getting back to my podcast at that time. I know it seems obscure right now but that is all I am going to say about this right now!

Oh, and I have another really quick announcement before I post my Q2 list… winner for the Charm-ing Apron never replied so I am drawing another one. It is (drumroll…….):



If this is you, please email me at gap(dot)rhonda(at)gmail(dot)com with your address so I can mail you the apron. Neither of the winners I have drawn have been clickable names so I hope this one emails me!

Ok…now, on to my list:

  1. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back squares cut
  2. Birdie Embroidery – A few blocks done
  3. Amazing Grace  – Top Done
  4. Spring Time  – Top Done
  5. Red & White – Top & Back Done
  6. Mystery Quilt – A few blocks Done
  7. T-Shirt Quilt for Kaylah – DEADLINE: May 23rd
  8. Black Monkey – Need to quilt borders, re-stitch back, and bind
  9. Mod Pop Quilt Revamp – Top Done
  10. Large Dresden  – Quilting started (I think I need to rip out all quilting)
  11. Tute for FAL – 1 done – want to stitch another (gift) & write tutorial
  12. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut
  13. Duckie Quilt – Need to finish tying & bind
  14. Reunion quilt – Needs bound
  15. Hexie project – started stitching
  16. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders

Here is what I want to do in April:

  1. Finish the top and back for Kaylah’s T-Shirt Quilt (#7 above)
  2. Make myself 2 skirts
  3. Quilt The Revamp Top (#9 above)
  4. Bind the Reunion Quilt (#14 above)
  5. Complete all my monthlys
    • Sugar Block Club
    • MSB
    • Toes in the Sand
    • Christmas BOM
  6. Start the Texas Teardrop Quilt (a new one)

Well, I think that should be more than a challenge for the month of April! Hopefully, my plan will go well and I will have all the time I need to get this all done.

Well, for now I need to get back to work….I hope y’all had a great Easter (I think I forgot to say that yesterday!)

I am also linking up with Sew BitterSweet Designs.



Maybe not Mayhem…

I just realized I spelled the title of my last post incorrectly….to fix it or not…prolly not!

Well, I am progressing quite well so far this month. Here are the goals for March (and consequently the progress of each item):

1. 2 rows of Bee in My Bonnet Row by Row – 1 row is done which is the last row but now I will need to put it together and create the borders, back, bindings and so on and so forth – parts of which will get done this month

Tulips - appropriate for Spring!
Tulips – appropriate for Spring!

2. Sugar Block Club block – DONE!


3. Modern Stitches blocks – Di of Random Thoughts… Do or “Di” is queenie this month – 1 of 2 blocks complete – PHEW! This one was a doozie!

To quote someone else (can't remember who) - Many points were lost in the making of this block!
To quote someone else (can’t remember who) – Many points were lost in the making of this block!  I still need to give it a good trim and press!

4. Christmas BOM – DONE!


5.  Charm Madness Blog Hop Project – Project done just need to write tutorial – pictures must wait!

6. Revamp top – Done

May start quilting it this month at the rate I am going....not sure?!
May start quilting it this month at the rate I am going….not sure?!

7. Make a new skirt using Debbie Moebes’ video on Craftsy

8. Cut the pieces for the Batik BOM top – Done

Stack & stacks of squares (3 1/2", 6 1/2", 12 1/2") all cut from the scraps of the front.
Stack & stacks of squares (3 1/2″, 6 1/2″, 12 1/2″) all cut from the scraps of the front.

9. Callee Quilt red0

10. A Kindle Fire cover for my nephew’s birthday – DONE – used the tutorial at Whipstitch.

Obviously his name is Owen.
Obviously his name is Owen.

Since I only have a couple more things to do this month I might start quilting one of my tops – Foo is coming in a week or so which will initiate #7 on my list but that leaves quite a few evenings until then.

I know I haven’t posted any pictures from my trip but I am working on a entire post dedicated to only that because I have so many. Probably tomorrow! Until then I am thinking y’all will enjoy a picture of Callee enjoying the Sock Monkey I recently finished. My daughter-in-law sent me this last night….

callee sock monkey

I hope y’all are having a blessed day….pictures like the one above make my day super special! Until tomorrow….have a super stitchy day!


March Mayheim

I think March will prove to be a crazy month. I have big things happening at work. I have volunteered to be a part of a Blog Hop with Chrissy at Sew Lux Fabric. BUT I am excited about the changes that are on the horizon. I am one of those odd ducks that enjoys change.

Spring is coming and that always means good things are coming – like floating in the pool!

OK…onto what I plan on doing in March:

1. 2 rows of Bee in My Bonnet Row by Row

2. Sugar Block Club block

3. Modern Stitches blocks – Di of Random Thoughts… Do or “Di” is queenie this month

4. Christmas BOM

5.  Charm Madness Blog Hop Project

6. Revamp top

7. Make a new skirt using Debbie Moebes’ video on Craftsy

8. Cut the pieces for the Batik BOM top

9. Callee Quilt red0

Well there you have my 10 things as #1 is really 2 things. This list might be a bit ambitious as I will be out of town the first weekend of March and my bestie will be here for another weekend, leaving only three free weekends. Phew!

I am linking up with Melissa at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs

Onward good stitchers!!!




February Finishes

I was quite ambitious when I created my list of “things to do” for February. BUT…..I did quite well!

Before we get into that let me just say… I know I have been MIA lately but – well – y’all really don’t care about the gory details! They are boring and icky! BUT I have been doing a bit of sewing between the gory, boring and icky!

Here is what the original February list looked like – and its current status:

1.  Sock Monkey – DONE!

Sock Monkey on its way to Callee for a B-Day present!
Sock Monkey on its way to Callee for a B-Day present! BTW its the big one!

2. Finish Re-Vamp Top (only 2 more rows to go) – ALMOST there…I got one more row done!

3. Vanity Scarf – DONE!

The other side is pieced but since her color scheme changed this is side that will show now. Go figure!!
The other side is pieced but since her color scheme changed this is side that will show now. Go figure!!

4.  February Bee Blocks  – Already wrote about it – just click

5. Christmas BOM Block – DONE!


6. Cut the pieces for the Batik BOM top – FAILED!

7. Foo’s Banner – DONE

It's difficult to read but it says Foo
It’s difficult to read but it says Foo

8. February Sugar Block block  – Already wrote about it – just click

9. Callee’s dress – Actually made her two  – DONE!




10. 2 rows for Row by Row – DONE!



So there you have it! A decent month for me – and I did an extra dress for Callee….. I couldn’t resist since she is turning 2 tomorrow! I am heading to Michigan for her birthday party. I will post pictures of her in her dresses when I get back…

Tomorrow I will post my list for March….off to type that now since I will be busy have tea with Minnie and Callee!

Oh and I am linking up with Melissa at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs

Later y’all!!!


Very Little Progress….

Progress is defined as “movement toward a goal”. If that is the case then I can honestly say I have had VERY LITTLE PROGRESS in a couple different areas – weight loss, UFOs, and even medically.

Let’s start with weight loss. Not wanting to bore y’all to death I have waited 3 weeks to report. Here is the report of VERY LITTLE PROGRESS:

weight tracking 2-7


As you can see, 1 pound lost – Week 1, 1 pound lost – Week 2, then a gain of .5 pound in Week 3. UGH!!!! And that is all I have to say about that.

Ok. UFOs. If you will recall I said early on that I was going to get wipe UFOs off my list and not all of them would be removed by the conventional way – completion. Well, I didn’t lie! There was one project on that list that I knew I would never complete – I just don’t like it anymore. So, I spoke with my girlfriend, Foo, and it is now officially her UFO! So the Christmas Lights Quilt Top is GONE!

Another UFO that is off the list is the Pink Plaid Tied Quilt. I didn’t like the way it was looking so I cut the tied bits off and refolded the pieces for the stash. Off the list!!

From this:

tyed quilt

To this:

folded for shelf

And yet another UFO is the Bright Daisy Quilt Top. I am sending that to Katy of The Littlest Thistle tomorrow so that she can quilt it for Lynne’s Siblings Together project. I am glad to be able to donate to a great cause. Susan told me Katy was looking for something to quilt and I had this “special needs” quilt (something only Katy would understand and be willing to undertake). So another one off the UFO list.  Here is a snap shot of the Daisy quilt:

bright daisy

I did finish another project. Callee’s little dress that needed mending/completed is all done.

So, there you have four items off my list. Now, mind you, only 1 of them qualify for the FAL but I am okay with that. The point is to get these babies out of my UFO closet and I am getting there. Woo Hoo! BTW, not that it really matters but this is NOT the dress I was referring to in the February To-Do List. There are all bonus items.

Oh I almost forgot…..VERY LITTLE PROGRESS medically. Remember, me telling y’all I made a doctor’s appointment? Well, when I called guess what I was told!?! ………she is no longer seeing patients. WHAT!!!??? No warning, no courtesy letter, nothing!!! So, now I have to find a new doctor. And in this small – VERY SMALL – town that is very difficult!!!

So maybe NO PROGRESS in the medical area might be a better description. Oh well! Pepto & Exedrin for now! I have a hair appointment tonight and I am going to ask her for a reference to a doctor….we will see!!! I just don’t know who else to ask. I have only been in the are for 3 years. UGH!!!

I have been an absolute ball of joy lately right?!? My next post I will share a fabric purchase and that is always fun! So, until then…..later y’all!


Pre-Post finishes

On Super Bowl Sunday I did a little bit of sewing in between naps. I haven’t been feeling well so napping is something I have been doing more than my share of lately. I am not real comfortable with it but such is life. I keep joking that I felt better when I smoked and ate fattening foods but it is true…..I really did. Since that is obviously not the answer (it isn’t, is it?), I have made a doctor’s appointment.  I am starting to think it has something to do with Barometric Pressure but I am no doctor.  Headaches, nausea, and fatigue are my symptoms. They have been progressing for about a month or longer – and before you ask, nope I am NOT pregnant. We have both been fixed!!!!

About that sewing…’s that for a diversion….

I did my Sugar Block Club sewing on Sunday (that is kinda a mouthful!). Here is February’s block:

feb sugar block

Additionally, I completed my Bee blocks for February. This month the Bee Queen is the lovely Susan of Canadian Abroad. I wonder if I am the only one who reads her blog like this Canadian [pause] A [pause] Broad! hehehe Love ya Susan….But I digress….

Susan asked for Churn Dash blocks (seems to be the “going thing” these days) in turquoise, blue or purple. I pulled out one of my favorite turquoise fabrics and a pretty blue. The blue is by Mark Cesarik but for the life of me I can’t recall who the turquoise is from…can anyone help?  N.E.Way…

This is the one by Mark Cesarik...
This is the one by Mark Cesarik…Morning Tides
What is this fabric?
What is this fabric?

Well that is enough for today…I think I need a nap…later y’all!


Things To Do….in February

I did very well in the month of January and I would really like to keep that momentum going in February. I think part of my success is from having clear goals and knowing what needed to be done. Every thing on my January list was completed with a couple of extras. One such extra was done just the other day, and it changed the landscape of my sewing table:

Abbey Bag plus Machine 2


That’s right…the Abbey Bag is done. It has been on my list for a couple years maybe! The pattern is from Abbey Lane and is pretty straight forward. Of course I was Skyping (is that a verb?) and now she wants it! I have gotten used to having it next to my machine so I think I will have to make myself a new one. Which is fine because I would prefer different fabrics. These are much more her speed (Geez….I wonder if I cut these with her in mind?!?!).

Here are a few more pictures:

abbey bag collage

Ok…I have digressed again….ugh!!!

Here are the things I want to complete for February:

1.  Sock Monkey

2. Finish Re-Vamp Top (only 2 more rows to go)

3. Vanity Scarf

4.  February Bee Blocks (did yesterday – will share later)

5. Christmas BOM Block

6. Cut the pieces for the Batik BOM top

7. Foo’s Banner

8. February Sugar Block block (actually did yesterday – will share later)

9. Callee’s dress

10. 2 rows for Row by Row

Ten things a month seem to work well for me if they are not super large things!!!! I will share more tomorrow.

I have to link up now with Melissa at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs….