Horse Dress

As you could tell by the WhiteBoard Wednesday this week I had two projects completed – both of Callee’s dresses. Monday, I blogged about her Feather Dress and today I will share her Horse Dress. This is the one I think she’s most excited about but in the end I think she will enjoy wearing the other more (I’m not sure why though).

Here is the finished project:

horse dress

Oddly, this is a dress I would love to have in my size. It looks incredibly comfortable for an adult. I’m not sure how flattering it would be on my figure but -eh…enough about me.

I put great thought into making sure all the horse were upright but in the end it is virtually impossible to cut a complete circle (the peplum) and keep them all straight up. Which is the one place my eye goes – where those two horse come together and make a blob. Reminds me of one of those ink blots – what do you see? I see, a huge, glaring mistake #UGH (are we back here again – see this post?)

N.E.Way….Oh, speaking of mistakes…

horse sleeve detail

The sleeves ended up with two stitch lines because one was longer than the other so one needed a narrower hem but they looked silly with one big seam and one narrow seam so I made them match with two stitch lines. Innovative? Maybe not, but it works.

I was just wondering …. why am I putting my mistakes on here?  You know why…so we can all learn from them. Maybe one day, you will have sleeves that one longer than the other and think now what? Oh I remember that time Rhonda had two stitch lines….I’m here to serve, and share my DOH moments.

I will be seeing Callee (and her parents) tonight so I will get some pics of her in her new dresses!

I’m off to my Angel!!!


I will eventually link to

Callee’s Feather Dress

A few days ago I told you I needed to finish a couple of dresses for Miss Callee before I head out of town to meet her next weekend. Remember the fabric from Girl Charlee

Specifically the feather one for this dress!


Today I finished one of the two – the Feather Dress.For this dress I chose a pattern by EYMM {Everything Your Momma Made & More} and it was very well written, simple and easy to follow. I would certainly purchase another of her patterns. The pattern I chose was called Girl’s California Dresses & Peplum Top. There was a great deal of variety packed into this pattern for the price.

Here is my finished dress:

feather dress

There are a lot of things I like about this pattern. In addition to the variety I mentioned above (see link), the way she has you face the arm and neck holes with contrasting knit fabric makes it look like it is piped from the front (see pic below). Honesty Hour: It may not supposed to be that way, and maybe I was supposed to turn it all the way to the back but I really like the way it turned out. **cheesy grin**


feather top detail

While the Honesty Hour is still in effect let’s take a look at our ABC’s…

feather a b c

A) I’ve had this machine, and several others and this is the first time I have used a stretch stitch. Maybe if I had not been so lazy before and read a manual (prior to this week) I wouldn’t have been so blasted afraid of knits. #UGH

B) I’m pretty darn impressed with my new serger (even if all my kids didn’t pay me back for my Christmas present and I ended up buying myself a present AGAIN) BUT I am embarrassed to say I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to hem with it before my blonde brain kicked in and realized that is what a double needle is for. I had to go another route because I didn’t have a double knit needle – OH the horror. #UGH

C) You’ll love this one….When sewing with my regular sewing machine I sew right over my pins ALL THE TIME. I didn’t realize it until I was taking this picture but apparently I do it with my serger too! #DOUBLE UGH (Oh and in case you are wondering….yep, the knife just cut right through it)

I’m gonna close with that because you are either giggling or horrified…either way you are high on some sort of emotion and I am grinning.



Orphan Needle Case (3/26)

I have officially used 3 of the 26 orphan blocks I have hanging around.

This time I made a needle case for hand sewing. I have a great one that was a gift from someone so this will eventually be part of a giveaway.

Here is the block I started with:

orphan blocks3

You know what’s funny about these orphan blocks….I have no idea where some of them came from. I don’t remember making them – most of them.


I used a quick tutorial that Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet posted on IG. Oh, btw, I recently pre-ordered her new book from Fat Quarter Shop. I am super ‘cited about it!!! But I digress…

Here are a couple pics of the Finish #3 for 2015 Finish-A-Long

orphan needle case

Eventually I will link to:


Off to stitch some more. Hope you all aka y’all have a stitchy kinda day!



Zippy Bag & FMQ Practice

Part of my Finish A Long list were some orphan blocks I’ve had laying around for quite some time. I knew they would make for good FMQ practice but I couldn’t just practice and then discard them.

I had these two coordinating blocks that I knew would make a cute (if not slightly large) zippy bag:

orphan blocks1


I did quite a bit of FMQ – actually I think I did too much in some places – and then turned them into a zippy bag. I think i will use this bag when I travel for my toiletries. You know those small bottles that seem to get lost in the large toiletry bag – or something like that.

orphan zippy

orphan zippy 3

Regardless of what I use it for (or maybe it will be gifted), here is finish #2 for 2015 Finish A Long (I haven’t blogged about Finish #1 yet).



A New Skirt for KayKay

I swayed a bit from the WhiteBoard this past weekend. My beautiful daughter asked me to make her a new skirt. Since she is starting a new job this year during her sophomore year at ETSU as a tutor for America Reads, she will need some work clothes, I felt compelled to comply! I mean just look at my girl (this pic gives you a glimpse into who she is as a human):


This is my a nutshell!!!
This is my girl….in a nutshell!!!

Kaylah is going to school to be a Special Education Teacher (not sure where she gets that from – certainly NOT me). But I digress….we are here to talk about her skirt.

She asked me to make her a skirt based off this Pinterest Pin (clicking photo will take you to the tutorial):


This Big Oak Tree: High Waisted Sash Skirt Tutorial
Click photo to go to tutorial

It seemed simple enough at first glance….am I the only one who glances at a tutorial and/or pattern and agrees to things?!

Regardless…I agreed! I had some Robert Kaufman Metro Living Circles in Navy (about 3 yards) that I had bought for another skirt project and never made – I know, imagine that !! So….I started pressing and cutting and forging ahead!

And then…it hit me! I am a quilter, not a seamstress. I did finish this skirt and will probably make more skirts in the future but I am NOT a seamstress!!!! There were many times when I thought “what did that say?” so I re-read it, and read it again, and then read it one more time….and then did it the way I thought it should be done because I know how to wear a skirt or how to zip a zipper….LOL!

Well here you have the end results:


Originally there was a bow that matched the skirt (like in the tutorial) but we decided there needed to be a white bow in addition to the patterned one so that she could switch them out as she seen fit. Here is an upclose of the bow:


Did you notice I used navy thread to outline the bow? Oh….

While we were photographing the skirt, we noticed her nails matched it – polka dots and all….


Oh, and just in case you are wondering why you can’t see her face….well, of course because her make up wasn’t done….LOL

Thanks for being here today…and happy stitching!!!


Callee’s Pressies (and maybe one for me)

I have been working diligently at getting a few things ready for Miss Callee’s arrival….mainly her pressies!!!

The first thing I made (and if you follow me on Instagram then sorry for repeat photos) is her Faux Fur Vest. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this turned out. I bought the fur fabric on eBay at a reasonable rate (why is Faux Fur so expensive). I ordered a yard but for her size a 1/2 yard is plenty….now I need to find another someone to make a vest for! I used the Lux Vest pattern from Figgy Patterns.

fur vest
My favorite!!!

I also made her a new pillowcase. She used to use a smaller pillow on her bed but recently her mom was telling me they are about to upgrade her pillow size. So……a new pillow case was in order. I got this fabric from Super Buzzy quite a while ago and adore it!!! I used this pillowcase tutorial:

japanese pillow case
The print on this has the cutest sayings “room to grow” “bead board” “tooth fairy” so funny!!

Another thing my daughter-in-law informed me of is Callee’s new love for Superheroes. This sparked a couple of projects the first of which was a cape. Don’t all Superheroes need one? Who else will save the day if not Super Princess Callee? I used the free tutorial and pattern created by Thread Riding Hood (well written):

Zebra print – every superhero’s dream

Finally, I decided Miss Callee needed a new dress but not just any ordinary dress more of a Super Man inspired dress. One that would allow her to be proper when Mommy requested it but Super Princess Callee by simply stepping into a phone booth requesting a bit of help from said Mommy.

When I started out with the Tumble Tee pattern (created by the amazing Imagine Gnats) I was just going to make the one dress but due to a cutting mistake I ended up with 2 fronts and 1 back – so what was I to do but cut another back…

The first is the Minnie Cupcake Tumble Tee:

Cupcake minnie tumble tee collage
Notice this dress is a reverse of the one below – a direct result in my cutting error

The second is her SuperMan Tumble Tee (the front is the same as above minus the applique):

Superhero Tumble Tee
Notice once you unbutton the cape its just a plain dress

This pattern was incredibly written as well as the other patterns I used. I might have made a few mistakes but the patterns were great!!

Then I decided I needed a new bag/purse. I wanted something I could use for my extra camera lense as well as everyday purse items and maybe a few other vacation-y things. When I seen the Pocket Tote tutorial by Flamingo Toes I knew this was the one I needed. The pockets on the sides will hold a lense and the other big pockets will hold miscellaneous Callee things. And the inside is big enough for my regular & extra bits.

 There is a problem with the fabric cutting pieces so if you use this tutorial (which I recommend) email me first (unless of course she updates the tutorial). UPDATE: Bev (flamingotoes) has updated the tutorial.

When I made mine I didn’t have any leather bits so I just used a contrasting fabric. I am certainly going to be on the look out for some thrifty leather purses/bags to cut up. I want to make a couple more of these especially now that I know the ins & outs of making one. I love it but want more:

pocket tote

Well there you have my last several days in a nutshell! I gotta run, I have quilts to finish…my list is calling out for help!!


BessTop Pattern Release

Last month I did some pattern testing for the amazing Rachael of Imagine Gnats. Over the short period of time I have gotten to know Rachael, I am more and more in awe of her humor, devotion to her family, generosity, and talent!

The first bit of introduction to her talent was when I bought this dress for Callee:

sweet Callee

I have purchased a couple patterns from her before I tested this one – an embroidery pattern:

and a dress pattern for Callee (I am sewing one today for her with a Super Hero twist):

BUT the BessTop!  Oh I love my BessTop Dress!! Here are a few shots of that one during the testing:

besstop 2
sorry about the undergarment problem and the blurry picture – I hate taking selfies!!!!


Maybe I should leave the picture taking up to the pros:

If you are looking for a comfortable dress/top then this is the one for you! I love my dress and plan on making myself a couple more tops and dresses using this pattern!! I love it!  Watch Rachael’s blog because I am sure there will be much hoopla coming with great ideas! BUT believe you/me……..YOU WANT THIS PATTERN!!!  I am ever so happy I tested it!!!! Thanks Rachael for letting me play with you – Great Job!

I have a ton of sewing to do before Miss Callee gets here FRIDAY!!!  Gotta run!


Things Not on The List

I have been working on a few things that were not only July’s List. But I figured I have been such a good girl, it was OK.

First, my nephew (the one I took to the zoo) asked for a new lanyard. He said he needed to keep the key to his bike lock on. I found a great tutorial here, let him pick through my scraps, and away we went. This is what we ended up with….


He was quite proud….

rj new lanyard

I also decided it had been way too long since I had made Callee anything. I mean just look….

miss priss

The poor thing is about naked…So, I made her a dress and a top….

Remember her love of Minnie Mouse? Well, I started there…

minnie Dress

I love how the polka dots on the ruffle are the same as the polka dots on Minnie’s bows. Here’s a close up of the ruffle…

minnie dress close up

I have been saving this combo for just the right tutorial. I used this tutorial which was well written. It can be quite difficult to sew for Callee when she isn’t here especially when they say “measure your little one” or put the straps where you want them. I am generally guessing at that point. A good example is the elastic on this dress (around the ruffle part) is only pinned right now. When I send it or see her it will have to be cut to fit and sewn. OH and the tie straps….I sure hope those are in the right place…hehehe.

After the dress was done I remember some lovely fabric I wanted to use. You see…not too long ago the lovely Samantha of PatternCrush posted a shirt for her little one made of the same fabric on Instagram. I knew Callee needed one too. The name of the fabric is Vintage Circus and from knowledge is made for Hobby Lobby BUT you can buy it on Etsy. N.E.WAY I digress….

Here is the top I made for Miss Callee using this tutorial….

Circus shirt

And a couple close ups of the front & back bits….

circus shirt back


circus shirt up close

I have many more things I want to make for her but one must stick to the schedule. LOL

BUT before getting back on schedule my daughter needed a new ID pouch and lanyard. So….

lanyard wallet

UPDATED EDIT: I used this tutorial for daughter’s pouch & adapted this tutorial for the lanyard. The lanyard I made is narrower and one solid piece of fabric.

So there you have my unscheduled sewing. I have finished the Duckie Quilt but I will show you that on Thursday since tomorrow is WhiteBoard Wednesday. I really need to get busy now so I am off to start my day….back soon!


Charity Churn Dash Blocks

The lovely Sarah of Sew Me blog is collecting Churn Dash blocks for a Siblings Together Quilt. Being here in the states it is difficult to make a quilt because it is so pricey to ship a quilt overseas. Since Sarah is collecting blocks, this allows me to make a block (or 4) and ship them to her, therefore, be a part of Siblings Together. Such a lovely thing for Sarah to do!

Sarah made up a very nice tutorial and here are the blocks I put together using her tutorial:

charity blocks

Sarah asked for blue, gray, red, orange, or green. She didn’t want any florals so that she could focus this quilt for a boy. I didn’t realize how much my stash was focused on a girl until I tried pulling fabrics for these blocks…I need to work on this!!!

Originally I forgot to add these to my July List – I am glad I remembered!!