My #sheldoncooper Shirts

A while ago I shared my first #sheldoncooper inspired shirt. BUT before I get into my shirts I have to share something I found the other day…I can’t put a picture of it here because I didn’t have time to get the blog owners permission so instead I am going to trust y’all to go and look and then come back….Here, look here! Wasn’t it worth it? #sheldoncooper pixelated!! A.MA.ZING!!!! Ok…back to the subject at hand, my shirts…

This was my first…

I hate selfies!
Lightning Bolts

Last week I made myself a Green Lantern shirt. Here is the shirt that inspired mine…


Here is my shirt…

green lantern shirt

Here are two more images of #sheldoncooper that inspired me…


Here are my versions…

flash shirt

batman shirt

I have only one more I want to make but only because it will show off so much of my fabric…this will probably wait until I can figure out how to make it without the t-shirt fabric showing between the bars.


Oh and I think I need to order one of these…


This is one more item off my July list!

Tomorrow I will share a couple more!signature_3

Secrets Told

Before I tell any secrets let me say….

happy independance day

We are certainly a blessed country – no matter how poorly run (did I say that?).

Moving on!!! I have a couple of secrets to tell today (I love telling secrets – but only when its ok…)

A couple months ago some of my bloggy friends and I worked collaboratively on a quilt for a fellow quilty/bloggy friend. She was struggling a bit and well we did what quilty friends do, made a quilt! We named the quilt Circle of Friends and when you see the pattern it may look a bit familiar. I seriously fell in love with the pattern – almost as much as the recipient. Here is a stunning picture of the finished quilt…

Susan of Canadian Abroad did the quilting and put a siggy strip and label on the back:

Here is a list of all the participants
Sarah OSarah F, Susan

Tell me there isn’t some talent there!!

There aren’t two more deserving people!! Cindy & Brian….my hopes are that some day we can meet! But until then….my prayers (and now my quilt blocks) are with you!!!

One final pic for good measure…

Now onto another secret…

Last month I tested a pattern for the spectacularly talented Sara of Sew Sweetness! What a gorgeous purse I ended up with!! I decided to use a fabric which brings many of bloggy friends close to me…check this out….

British Bag full

British Bag

This pattern is now ready for purchase! You can buy it here. I am telling you….you won’t be disappointed in this one! It holds tons and can be carried multiple ways!! Check out the many variations here! I tell ya….I love my bag!!!

Well, you officially, know all I know – all my secrets….Oh wait there is one more thing….nope can’t tell that yet! Maybe another day……


Not Here Today…

Instead I am at Clover & Violet, guest blogging for this….

click image

Go check it out, it’s guaranteed to give you a chuckle…me hand stitching? Probably not!!! BUT I did complete a project!! Oh, and a heads up….for every comment you leave on any Clover & Violet post during the Season by Hand series you are entered in their giveaway…I have already won a super prize!!! I won a Summer Sampler entry by The Frosted Pumpkin!! Cool, no? You better go comment!!

**Don’t forget about my giveaway going on**


Lettered Tea Cozy & Teabag Pouch #PatchworkPlease **GIVEAWAY**

Here we are at week 3 of the  Zakka Along 2.0 :: Patchwork Please. You can find details either in the link above or in theFlickr Group.

This week there are two projects: the Lettered Tea Cozy and the Tea Bag Pouch. I made the Lettered Tea Cozy even though I don’t use a ceramic teapot. Hopefully you will find that very pleasing at the end of this post (do you smell a giveaway?). It was quite straightforward to make, although I still find myself struggling with the author’s wording at times. I wonder if that is simply a culture thing? I have to say they aren’t so confusing that I feel I need clarification just enough to cause to me to pause & think (maybe this  is a good thing!! Hehehe). Regardless, I am enjoying myself!!!

The Tea Bag Pouch is ever so useful for me. I always have tea bags & equal in my purse. This pouch makes for a great place to keep them both. I will say that I wish the design had called for elastic instead of ribbon for the closure – ribbon doesn’t seem very sturdy. BUT again…its preference!!!

Here are my finished projects….

tea cozy 2



tea cozy

Well, how you would like to win my tea cozy? I did add some jumbo ric rac on the bottom instead of lace as I didn’t have any lace (and maybe it is hiding a sin or two)….

I am going to create several ways you can obtain entries to the this giveaway. The choices are yours. You can enter as many times as you want…

  1. Follow me in one of my button on the top right side of my blog or let me know you already do (7 options).
  2. Follow me on Instagram or share this giveaway on IG (be sure to flag @gapquilter).
  3. Be a new subscriber to my podcast on iTunes.
  4. Leave a new review in iTunes.
  5. Pin one of my pictures (be sure to flag @gapquilter).

There you have up to five different entries. If you made the tea cozy yourself and wish to win this one as a gift I am ok with that!  I will leave this giveaway open for 10 days…closing it on 6/30 at midnight EST! Open to all my followers – regardless of your location!

Have a great day y’all and good luck!!


WhiteBoard Wednesday

I hope to start this new thing called Whiteboard Wednesday. As you may recall from my last podcast, I keep a WhiteBoard in my sewing room with my monthly to do list. As a form of accountability I plan on blogging about the status of that list every Wednesday….thus, WhiteBoard Wednesday. Some Wednesdays will even be Wordless WhiteBoard Wednesday!

So, this week you will see I have quite a few done! All my monthly’s (the ones in green) are done. BUT there are still 3 important things to do! I can say the FAL tutorial is almost done – the projects are complete and the tutorial is about half written. Oh and what you don’t see is I have added #swoon2013 yep! you guessed it! a new project!


Back in 2012 there was a Swoon Along started by Katy of i’m a ginger monkey (if I’m wrong about this please don’t tell me). It was a huge success but some of us missed it. So Sarah of Fairy Face Designs has decided to host Swoon 2013 because she rocks!!! I know there are about 5/6 of us swoon-ing at the moment and maybe more after Sarah blogs about it. If you want to #swoon2013 with us please let me know and I will forward you to the right place once it is all up and running.

Here is my fabric of choice (I hope to add some of Lori’s newest line too):

2013-06-16 18.27.53
Time to recover ironing board?! YES!!!!

There are two lines from Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet here – Millie’s Closet & Polka Dot Stitches. I hope to add Bake Sale and potentially Gracie Girl. I have also been looking on Etsy and found some of her older lines that will fit in this quilt – Sew Cherry and Daisy Cottage. Obsess much?

I am taking my time with this one because I want a LARGE king size quilt. I actually want more of a bedspread size. What I mean is that when I don’t want to have to use a bed skirt. I want it to go all the way to the floor and over the pillows. Like this….

So…one large block at a time….that’s the plan!

There you have June 19th WhiteBoard Wednesday….accountability is important (that’s what they tell addicts too)!!!


Bell Pepper Coasters #PatchworkPlease

I have decided to play along with the Zakka Along 2.0 :: Patchwork Please. Sometimes I have a difficult time keeping up with things like this but we will see how it goes. You can find details either in the link above or in the Flickr Group.

This week’s project is the first one and it is the Bell Pepper Coasters. It was a fairly simple project and went fairly quickly but I have to be honest there were a couple directions I had to read a couple times to figure out what she was talking about. Of course that could very well be me!

Here are my finished coasters:

three pepper coasters

three pepper coasters and a cuppa

green coaster and a cuppa


I really enjoyed making these and am looking forward to next week’s project….

Are you playing Zakka Along-ing? 


May Finishes

I cannot believe how much I have gotten done in May, especially considering how busy May was. I have to admit, I am glad May is over. I can’t wait to tell you all about the last few days in my upcoming podcast (there just isn’t room for it on a blog post and I don’t think a post would do it justice).

So, let’s summarize May’s finishes. Here is the list I wanted to finish when the month started:

  1. Quilt Kaylah’s T-Shirt Quilt – DONE
  2. Make my mom an apron for Mother’s Day – DONE
  3. Make myself another skirt – Note Done
  4. Quilt The Revamp Top – Started
  5. Complete all my monthlys
    • Sugar Block Club – DONE
    • MSB (I am queen this month – nothing to do)
    • Toes in the Sand – DONE
    • Christmas BOM – DONE (I was mistaken I have another month left)

So, in summary I finished 3 of the 5 projects and started one of the two I didn’t get finished. I think that is pretty good. Now for the fun stuff, the pictures:

Sugar Block Club - May
Sugar Block Club – May
Christmas BOM
Christmas BOM


Block 2A

Toes in the Sand - Block 2
Toes in the Sand – Block 2


Kaylah's quilt
Kaylah’s quilt…notice my monkey trying to hold it down?

I am only posting one picture of Kaylah’s quilt for now as I will dedicate an entire post to it with all the deets very soon. I just needed to get it in this post to qualify for the Year of Lovely Finishes monthly entry. Yeah, Yeah, leave it to me to be pushing it to the last mintue. I have so many posts I need to do: the party, graduation, the quilt, the podcast….and the list goes on and on. But since I am just now catching my breath (I slept for 12 hours last night) I think I am doing pretty good. lol

I have some great pictures to share over the next few weeks. We had a photo booth set up at the party and had a great deal of fun. But in order not to bore you to death I will simply sprinkle them in here and there. So as a farewell today, here is one of my darling Callee and her parents:

Before Callee got ahold of the mask...
Before Callee got ahold of the mask…
After Callee got ahold of the mask...hehehehe (maybe she's mad because her daddy stole her crown)
After Callee got ahold of the mask…hehehehe (maybe she’s mad because her daddy stole her crown)

Ok…well, that’s it for now….

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Charm-ing Apron (in 30 minutes or less) Tutorial

Charm Madness at Sew Lux Fabric

Charm-ing Apron

In  30 minutes or less

Today is my day for the Charm Madness Blog Hop. I hope you enjoyed the amazing tutorials written by Jess at Sew Crafty Jess yesterday and by Jennie at Clover & Violet on Tuesday. Two very talented ladies. I am still amazed I (me? really?) am among such talent! It seems so unfair to those around me but I am enjoying it!

Let me start by saying I really wanted to keep this apron as simple as possible. Additionally, I wanted to use as little additional fabric as possible. I believe I did just that – created a simple, low cost apron using one charm pack and very little else! So, let get started on this 30-minute apron!

Charm-ing Apron
Charm-ing Apron

Let’s get right to it!


  • One (1) Charm Pack **NOTE: In order for this tutorial to work, you need to use a charm pack that come with pinked edges!
  • 1/2 yard coordinating fabric (actually only need 10″ if you are attempting to use something you have in your stash)
  • Matching or contrasting thread for top stitching
  • Misc. sewing supplies (sewing machine, iron, seam ripper, etc)

Making the Apron Piece: 

Start by laying out your charm pack in a pleasing manner 5 squares across by 4 squares down with a 5th row of 7 squares.

NOTE: The picture doesn’t show the correct number of squares on the bottom row but please lay out 7.


Stitch the rows together. When pressing, be sure to alternate direction so you can nestle seams when stitching rows together.

See how one row is pressed to the right and the other to the left - causing the seams to nestle (or spoon) with each other.
See how one row is pressed to the right and the other to the left – causing the seams to nestle (or spoon with) each other.

Stitch the top 4 rows together.

Gather the 5th row. The technique I use for gathering is to do a wide, long zig-zag stitch over a thick piece of thread (button thread) the length of the row – See the picture below. Pull the gather until it is the same width as the 5×4 piece.

The idea is that you can remove the “stitched over” thread when you are done gathering but I always forget (or sew over it when applying gathered piece to garment). Oh well, its just thread.

Stitch the gathered row to the previous joined rows.

Press the seam toward the top of the top (or unruffled rows). Top stitch on the unruffled side so as to Set this aside for a moment. ALMOST DONE!!

Top Stitched

Making the Tie Piece:

Cut two strips from a coordinating piece approximately 5” by WOF*.

Stitch these two pieces together on one short end – making one long piece. Press seam open.

Press this in half on the length. Open up and press the sides into the fold and press folds together – enclosing the cut edges.


Combine the Apron Piece and the Tie Piece:

Find the length-wise center of the tie piece and the center over of the apron piece. With the two centers together, place the apron piece inside the tie piece, enclosing the apron piece. Pin along the apron piece.

Fold the ends of the tie piece to create diagonals. Pin from diagonals to the apron pieces – both ends.


Top stitch from one end to the other on the tie pieces, enclosing the apron piece.

More top stitching
More top stitching


Sometimes it helps to see a flat picture for construction purposes!

NOTES: Now, as you can tell, we didn’t hem the sides or the bottom. This is why I stated you need a charm pack that had pinked edges. The pinked edges keep it from fraying, the lack of hemming keeps it simple & quick.

I like to tie my aprons in the front so I can hang my dish towel over the tie.

I like to tie my aprons in the front so I can hang my dish towel over the tie.
BUT if you prefer it tied in a neat bow in the back you can certainly do that too!
BUT if you prefer it tied in a neat bow in the back you can certainly do that too!

Well, there you have it, a completed 30-minute *or less* apron. Super simple…but sometimes we need a gift that is just that…simple to throw together but still a delight to give! And considering the price of charm packs, you could make this for under $15.00. GREAT GIFT!!

Because I have been on a bit of an “apron-kick” lately, I have decided to give this one away. Like the making of this apron I have decided to keep the giveaway simple. All you have to do enter is leave a comment on this blog. You have until midnight Saturday – so as not to interfere with Chrissy’s giveaway which starts Sunday. Any comment will do – from how cute my converse are to which tutorial you plan on trying – anything at all!

And don’t forget to to “hop” over tomorrow to see what Janelle at Echinops &Aster is writing about…. oh, and about the giveaway post at Sew Lux Blog on Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by!



Maybe not Mayhem…

I just realized I spelled the title of my last post incorrectly….to fix it or not…prolly not!

Well, I am progressing quite well so far this month. Here are the goals for March (and consequently the progress of each item):

1. 2 rows of Bee in My Bonnet Row by Row – 1 row is done which is the last row but now I will need to put it together and create the borders, back, bindings and so on and so forth – parts of which will get done this month

Tulips - appropriate for Spring!
Tulips – appropriate for Spring!

2. Sugar Block Club block – DONE!


3. Modern Stitches blocks – Di of Random Thoughts… Do or “Di” is queenie this month – 1 of 2 blocks complete – PHEW! This one was a doozie!

To quote someone else (can't remember who) - Many points were lost in the making of this block!
To quote someone else (can’t remember who) – Many points were lost in the making of this block!  I still need to give it a good trim and press!

4. Christmas BOM – DONE!


5.  Charm Madness Blog Hop Project – Project done just need to write tutorial – pictures must wait!

6. Revamp top – Done

May start quilting it this month at the rate I am going....not sure?!
May start quilting it this month at the rate I am going….not sure?!

7. Make a new skirt using Debbie Moebes’ video on Craftsy

8. Cut the pieces for the Batik BOM top – Done

Stack & stacks of squares (3 1/2", 6 1/2", 12 1/2") all cut from the scraps of the front.
Stack & stacks of squares (3 1/2″, 6 1/2″, 12 1/2″) all cut from the scraps of the front.

9. Callee Quilt red0

10. A Kindle Fire cover for my nephew’s birthday – DONE – used the tutorial at Whipstitch.

Obviously his name is Owen.
Obviously his name is Owen.

Since I only have a couple more things to do this month I might start quilting one of my tops – Foo is coming in a week or so which will initiate #7 on my list but that leaves quite a few evenings until then.

I know I haven’t posted any pictures from my trip but I am working on a entire post dedicated to only that because I have so many. Probably tomorrow! Until then I am thinking y’all will enjoy a picture of Callee enjoying the Sock Monkey I recently finished. My daughter-in-law sent me this last night….

callee sock monkey

I hope y’all are having a blessed day….pictures like the one above make my day super special! Until tomorrow….have a super stitchy day!


February Finishes

I was quite ambitious when I created my list of “things to do” for February. BUT…..I did quite well!

Before we get into that let me just say… I know I have been MIA lately but – well – y’all really don’t care about the gory details! They are boring and icky! BUT I have been doing a bit of sewing between the gory, boring and icky!

Here is what the original February list looked like – and its current status:

1.  Sock Monkey – DONE!

Sock Monkey on its way to Callee for a B-Day present!
Sock Monkey on its way to Callee for a B-Day present! BTW its the big one!

2. Finish Re-Vamp Top (only 2 more rows to go) – ALMOST there…I got one more row done!

3. Vanity Scarf – DONE!

The other side is pieced but since her color scheme changed this is side that will show now. Go figure!!
The other side is pieced but since her color scheme changed this is side that will show now. Go figure!!

4.  February Bee Blocks  – Already wrote about it – just click

5. Christmas BOM Block – DONE!


6. Cut the pieces for the Batik BOM top – FAILED!

7. Foo’s Banner – DONE

It's difficult to read but it says Foo
It’s difficult to read but it says Foo

8. February Sugar Block block  – Already wrote about it – just click

9. Callee’s dress – Actually made her two  – DONE!




10. 2 rows for Row by Row – DONE!



So there you have it! A decent month for me – and I did an extra dress for Callee….. I couldn’t resist since she is turning 2 tomorrow! I am heading to Michigan for her birthday party. I will post pictures of her in her dresses when I get back…

Tomorrow I will post my list for March….off to type that now since I will be busy have tea with Minnie and Callee!

Oh and I am linking up with Melissa at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs

Later y’all!!!