Horse Dress

As you could tell by the WhiteBoard Wednesday this week I had two projects completed – both of Callee’s dresses. Monday, I blogged about her Feather Dress and today I will share her Horse Dress. This is the one I think she’s most excited about but in the end I think she will enjoy wearing the other more (I’m not sure why though).

Here is the finished project:

horse dress

Oddly, this is a dress I would love to have in my size. It looks incredibly comfortable for an adult. I’m not sure how flattering it would be on my figure but -eh…enough about me.

I put great thought into making sure all the horse were upright but in the end it is virtually impossible to cut a complete circle (the peplum) and keep them all straight up. Which is the one place my eye goes – where those two horse come together and make a blob. Reminds me of one of those ink blots – what do you see? I see, a huge, glaring mistake #UGH (are we back here again – see this post?)

N.E.Way….Oh, speaking of mistakes…

horse sleeve detail

The sleeves ended up with two stitch lines because one was longer than the other so one needed a narrower hem but they looked silly with one big seam and one narrow seam so I made them match with two stitch lines. Innovative? Maybe not, but it works.

I was just wondering …. why am I putting my mistakes on here?  You know why…so we can all learn from them. Maybe one day, you will have sleeves that one longer than the other and think now what? Oh I remember that time Rhonda had two stitch lines….I’m here to serve, and share my DOH moments.

I will be seeing Callee (and her parents) tonight so I will get some pics of her in her new dresses!

I’m off to my Angel!!!


I will eventually link to

Callee’s Feather Dress

A few days ago I told you I needed to finish a couple of dresses for Miss Callee before I head out of town to meet her next weekend. Remember the fabric from Girl Charlee

Specifically the feather one for this dress!


Today I finished one of the two – the Feather Dress.For this dress I chose a pattern by EYMM {Everything Your Momma Made & More} and it was very well written, simple and easy to follow. I would certainly purchase another of her patterns. The pattern I chose was called Girl’s California Dresses & Peplum Top. There was a great deal of variety packed into this pattern for the price.

Here is my finished dress:

feather dress

There are a lot of things I like about this pattern. In addition to the variety I mentioned above (see link), the way she has you face the arm and neck holes with contrasting knit fabric makes it look like it is piped from the front (see pic below). Honesty Hour: It may not supposed to be that way, and maybe I was supposed to turn it all the way to the back but I really like the way it turned out. **cheesy grin**


feather top detail

While the Honesty Hour is still in effect let’s take a look at our ABC’s…

feather a b c

A) I’ve had this machine, and several others and this is the first time I have used a stretch stitch. Maybe if I had not been so lazy before and read a manual (prior to this week) I wouldn’t have been so blasted afraid of knits. #UGH

B) I’m pretty darn impressed with my new serger (even if all my kids didn’t pay me back for my Christmas present and I ended up buying myself a present AGAIN) BUT I am embarrassed to say I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to hem with it before my blonde brain kicked in and realized that is what a double needle is for. I had to go another route because I didn’t have a double knit needle – OH the horror. #UGH

C) You’ll love this one….When sewing with my regular sewing machine I sew right over my pins ALL THE TIME. I didn’t realize it until I was taking this picture but apparently I do it with my serger too! #DOUBLE UGH (Oh and in case you are wondering….yep, the knife just cut right through it)

I’m gonna close with that because you are either giggling or horrified…either way you are high on some sort of emotion and I am grinning.



Serious Catch-up **UPDATED**

I have a great deal of catch-up to do today. I think it has been an entire month since I have posted. I could list a million reasons why but instead I think it’s more important to move forward (who knows maybe admissions will leak out as we move ahead **wink, wink**).

So, in the spirit of moving forward here is what is going on in Rhonda’s world:

1 – Let me start with the most important…Today is Sunday, March 1st…..which means today my girl turns 4…four, quatro, quatre, vier….no matter how I say it, she is growing up.

Here’s my girl being super silly the other day:

Callee feb27

2 – The cat did eventually get a name. I was so busy with snow storms, work and **oops, I wasn’t going to do that was I**. Ok, cat’s name. If you follow me on IG than you know she was dubbed Neuro. I know, its a strange name but it fits her to a Tee. She is the most Neurotic animal I have ever seen. For example, she will only eat food that is all the same shape, she scratches the outside of her litter box BEFORE and AFTER she uses it. That list could go on forever. She has many neurotic quirks. So, Neuro stuck. Of course, my husband rarely says it right (more to annoy me than anything) so I’m not sure she knows her name, but she knows her favorite room, my sewing room!


3 – While visiting Miss Callee this month (I told you reasons would leak out) we decided I would wouldn’t go back for her birthday thereby making 2 trips to Michigan in about 2 weeks. Instead husband, daughter and I are meeting son, daughter-in-law and Callee about half way in just a couple weeks and spending a couple days. I can’t tell you how excited I am. All my kids (well, the birthed ones) in one place! Such fun.

The reason I am telling you this is because I have 2 dresses to make for Callee (Happy Birthday) and hopefully one for me (if time allows). I am using this fabric for Callee’s:


They are knits from Girl Charlee. Now that I have my serger I am not afraid to work with knits. The feather print has some significance for Callee and I but she probably won’t remember it. Her and I found a feather once while on a walk. We saved it and petted it and she thought it was the coolest thing (I think she was around 2). I will never forget that moment so when I seen that fabric and her mom expressed interest in it I was sold. BTW, I don’t think I ever showed y’all the dress I made her for Christmas….

Callees christmas dress 2014

It’s made with Tula Pink Bumble Fabric that I purchased at Quilter’s Square and MadebyRae’s Charlie Tunic Pattern with the Dress Add On. I adore her patterns and have made a couple of them but own several. I will get around to the others eventually. She loves her “Bug Dress”. The one thing I will say about making Callee clothes….I wish she were closer so I could fit her BEFORE they are done. I had to make adjustments on this so she didn’t get it until February (when I went back to see her). BUT I did give her mom a measuring tape so hopefully we can avoid this issue in the future.

4 – Another big piece of new is I FINALLY HAVE A FINISH….

2015-02-24 06.03.42

I realize I am not showing much and that is because I can’t just yet. I need to finish the other 3 before I show them off. This is #1 of the Hero Quilts. I am sewing the binding on #2 and just about the start quilting #3. I NEED to finish these quilts for my own mental well being. I am sick to death of them!!!!

5 -In more news…. I have started a couple more quilts….UGH!!! I just couldn’t help myself. Hello, my name is Rhonda and I have a chronic starting problem!!!

I started a QAL with Melissa Corry at Happy Quilting. It’s called the Irish Chain Twist QAL and I am really enjoying myself. It is simple and the steps are minimal. Here are a few pics of my steps:

irish chain twist qal
Neuro doesn’t always make my sewing easier. But she does make life more fun!


I have also started a  Stereo Quilt by Jaybird Quilts. This one is for my spare room and while the bed is queen size I decided to make the quilt in King so you just have to throw it on there without much thought. The pieces are all cut, BUT just taking my time. Too many quilts….not enough time!  **UPDATED A COUPLE HOURS LATER – apparently I already told y’all about this but eh – such is my poor feeble memory**

2015-03-01 07.45.16

I have more to say but I think I am going to stretch some of this out for other days. I mean there is such a thing as information overload. This is simply what I feel y’all have missed.

Plus, I have a question that I don’t want to get lost in the mix so I will go and type up a couple more posts and schedule those…Hopefully I can keep this going. UGH!


Back in the Land of the Living

I’m not sure if you have had it…

I’m sure you have hear about it….

I don’t recommend you obtain it….

I had it….


I am sure by now you have figured out I am referring to the dreaded FLU!

Monday – I worked but felt……tired (nothing odd as it was our first day back after 2 weeks off).

Tuesday – I was woken up with an urgency to RUN to the bathroom. Regardless, I dressed for work. By noon, I wanted to kill my co-workers (was actually plotting their demise) and was struggling to hold my head up. I decided I needed to go home. Oh and there was the path I was wearing in the tile between my desk and bathroom. There were many other symptoms but I am really saving you the gah-rose details.

I fell asleep at 12:30 Tuesday and woke up Wednesday about 3:00 pm. Now there were a few trips to the bathroom but I’m not certain I was awake for them. The family said I was moaning in pain and took some medication but again, I’m not certain I was coherent. I really think I only woke up to cough, sneeze, hurt….basically die!

I don’t think the pain and fever stopped until Friday evening. Did I say IT SUCKED!!!!

During the course of all this my new serger arrived. I could have cared less. Dedicated post coming soon!!


This past weekend we decided we needed a cat. So, we ventured out to the Animal Shelter and decided on a beautiful all black cat. She is 4 months old and remains nameless to this day. We simply can’t agree on a name. Let me clarify. There isn’t a large group – just me and the hubster….That’s right, 2 people can’t agree on a name!!! PATHETIC!!!! Here she is…

2015-01-11 20.03.41

Shortly after getting her home I remembered why I never had indoor cats before…..I’m allergic. Yep, sneezing, stuffiness, swollen eyes. Oh yeah! So, I have been on Benedryl all week! BUT I have read that eventually you build a resistance to the cat in your house.

Has anyone experienced this?

So there you have the last 7 days here in The Gap….a schlew (a hillbilly word) of snotty symptoms. It ain’t pretty folks but I didn’t want y’all to forget about me so I had to let you know what I was up to!

There was a little sewing but I’ll save that for another day, can’t share all the good stuff at one time.




One of my fellow quilt bloggers (hello, PennyDog) made comment on my last post about how big Callee was getting. I then realized y’all haven’t seen much of her recently. What a shame! So, in an attempt to fix this very unfortunate situation (hehehehe) here you are….

Detroit Tigers Fan
Detroit Tigers Fan
New BackPack from Nana
New BackPack from Nana
Princess Callee
Princess Callee
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Hungry Hungry Hippos
talking with Papa about life
contemplating life with Papa
waiting for the fish just like Papa said
waiting for the fish just like Papa said
Hunting Easter eggs with Rusty
Hunting Easter eggs with Rusty
On her way to school
On her way to school
making banana pudding with nana
making banana pudding with nana



a the fair - Captain America face painting
a the fair – Captain America face painting

And my all time favorite…..


Ready to destroy the bugs that bother her while making the porch pretty with sidewalk chalk!!!
Ready to destroy the bugs that bother her while making the porch pretty with sidewalk chalk!!!


Now you are up to date with Callee. Of course that’s not to say there won’t be more as early as tomorrow but at least I don’t feel sorry for y’all! hehehe



…is always in  my way.  So for the last 3 months I had to choose and blogging lost. Which is really too bad because….

….can really bite the pickle sometimes.

The above picture is the best image I have ever seen to depict Alzheimers Disease. I have shared here and on my Podcast my grandmother’s struggle with this terrible disease. October 31, the day after she turned 86, she won her battle. Won, you ask? Yes, she struggles no more…. because she is now resting with the Lord. In the end she knew no one, spoke no more, ate no more and therefore lived no more. Now she lives and wins!

But…its our loss and therefore, life bites the pickle sometimes!!

….can be such a blessing at other times!!!

2014-10-10 13.02.23-1

My Callee came and seen me and we had a formal Tea Party together. We got all dressed up, her mommy made us a cake, we wore fancy gloves & hats, drank “tea” (really Sunny D), and we remembered our manners. It was so very much fun! I miss that girl!!!!

…is hopefully getting back to normal.

Well….maybe not!!!!

So glad to be back…..


I’m back….

It has been FOREVER since I posted….5 months to be exact! Life has thrown me a great deal of curve balls in the last five months. I am going to cover them in a very general way….

As you may remember I moved back in October. We moved about 2 blocks….the new house needed some remodeling but was quite cute. I posted about it just before we moved in. We worked really hard on it through the winter months and then in February (around the time I fell off the blogisphere) we were asked to move (we were renting). I won’t go into detail but let’s just say it was unexpected.

So… we started looking and found another place closer to work. Oh and let me add there was no deal about doing work …the work has been done….all I had to do was move in…

New House - Finally Settled
New House – Finally Settled

I have been on vacation this week. My son, daughter in law, daughter and granddaughter have all been here. I have loved it!! I will post pics and share our adventures soon.

I promised myself I would get back to the blog directly after vacation. I have truly missed communicating with you guys and I hate it when life gets in my way!!!

Well, I am not sure how often I will be posting but I know I will be posting my list for the 3rd Quarter Finish A Long very soon.

I am so glad to be back!!!!


So Late So Soon

“How did it get to be so late so soon?”

–Dr. Suess


Boy do I completely and wholly understand that question as well as the humor in it? Let me explain…

For the past couple of years I have been having trouble sleeping (stop laughing Sarah). I have no trouble getting to sleep, just trouble staying asleep. I get an average of 2-4 hours a night. When I wasn’t working, it wasn’t a big deal but after working 8 hours with just a little sleep ….phew this girl is tired!

Considering this lack of sleep and working all day,  it is difficult to muster the energy to sew on weekdays. All I want to do is eat a bite, check Facebook, Instagram, catch up on Downton Abbey (or some other equally fabulous show) and then I’m down for the count by 8 pm(for a minute anyway). Add to all this the fact that its dark by 6 pm and you can count me useless most weekdays. I finally decided enough is enough and made a doctor’s appt to see if he could find out the problem….

Guess what he said….MENOPAUSE…..shocked? not really!!!!!

So, I am trying some over-the-counter all natural meds to see if it helps. If it doesn’t then I am going on “the patch”!!! I am OVER THIS MESS!!!! It’s supposed to take 4-12 weeks for this natural business to do its job…but I have it on a very short leash! I don’t have long…according to the doctor I need to remember I am “getting old”. I told him I would try but remembering things is hard at my age…..and I’m almost psycho!

I have only one question for y’all ……How did it get to be so late so soon in life?


I Am Moving….

Me…not the blog!!! I think it is easier to move houses than blogs…LOL!!!

The husband and I have been looking for quite some time for a different house, and we have finally found one. Actually I think this one found us. Let me back up a bit….

Our current house is not a mansion but it is certainly too big for the man and I. It has a pool (we don’t have anymore kids at home so we don’t use it) a large yard (we are too old to frolic) and a layout that requires you to climb upstairs just to enter the house (let’s face it – too old for that too)…so…we needed a different, older-person home.

As it happens, one of my relative’s renters moved leaving a mess. She doesn’t have the time or the money to fix the problems at the house – enter the man and I. It’s a blessing for all involved. It is certainly an older-person home. It’s a ranch style, minimal yard home. Here are some before pics (keep in mind – our work is cut out for us):

The Sun Room
The Sun Room
Den (love the FirePlace)
Den (love the FirePlace)
Sewing Room - check out that wallpaper!!
Sewing Room – check out that wallpaper!!
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 1 - we have since removed the stinky carpet
Bedroom 1 – we have since removed the stinky carpet
"remodeled" bathroom
“remodeled” bathroom
Living Room & access to basement
Living Room & access to basement (carpet has been removed)

We are over there every day and in the evenings we are packing. Our scheduled move date is November 1st. We probably won’t have all the work done by then but I am okay with that. I just want to have the majority of it done. Maybe?! Oh boy!!!!

Oh and I almost forgot….the best part…..It’s still in The Gap…..YAY!!!!!!!

Well, I gotta run….I’ve got work to do!!!!


Callee’s Pressies (and maybe one for me)

I have been working diligently at getting a few things ready for Miss Callee’s arrival….mainly her pressies!!!

The first thing I made (and if you follow me on Instagram then sorry for repeat photos) is her Faux Fur Vest. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this turned out. I bought the fur fabric on eBay at a reasonable rate (why is Faux Fur so expensive). I ordered a yard but for her size a 1/2 yard is plenty….now I need to find another someone to make a vest for! I used the Lux Vest pattern from Figgy Patterns.

fur vest
My favorite!!!

I also made her a new pillowcase. She used to use a smaller pillow on her bed but recently her mom was telling me they are about to upgrade her pillow size. So……a new pillow case was in order. I got this fabric from Super Buzzy quite a while ago and adore it!!! I used this pillowcase tutorial:

japanese pillow case
The print on this has the cutest sayings “room to grow” “bead board” “tooth fairy” so funny!!

Another thing my daughter-in-law informed me of is Callee’s new love for Superheroes. This sparked a couple of projects the first of which was a cape. Don’t all Superheroes need one? Who else will save the day if not Super Princess Callee? I used the free tutorial and pattern created by Thread Riding Hood (well written):

Zebra print – every superhero’s dream

Finally, I decided Miss Callee needed a new dress but not just any ordinary dress more of a Super Man inspired dress. One that would allow her to be proper when Mommy requested it but Super Princess Callee by simply stepping into a phone booth requesting a bit of help from said Mommy.

When I started out with the Tumble Tee pattern (created by the amazing Imagine Gnats) I was just going to make the one dress but due to a cutting mistake I ended up with 2 fronts and 1 back – so what was I to do but cut another back…

The first is the Minnie Cupcake Tumble Tee:

Cupcake minnie tumble tee collage
Notice this dress is a reverse of the one below – a direct result in my cutting error

The second is her SuperMan Tumble Tee (the front is the same as above minus the applique):

Superhero Tumble Tee
Notice once you unbutton the cape its just a plain dress

This pattern was incredibly written as well as the other patterns I used. I might have made a few mistakes but the patterns were great!!

Then I decided I needed a new bag/purse. I wanted something I could use for my extra camera lense as well as everyday purse items and maybe a few other vacation-y things. When I seen the Pocket Tote tutorial by Flamingo Toes I knew this was the one I needed. The pockets on the sides will hold a lense and the other big pockets will hold miscellaneous Callee things. And the inside is big enough for my regular & extra bits.

 There is a problem with the fabric cutting pieces so if you use this tutorial (which I recommend) email me first (unless of course she updates the tutorial). UPDATE: Bev (flamingotoes) has updated the tutorial.

When I made mine I didn’t have any leather bits so I just used a contrasting fabric. I am certainly going to be on the look out for some thrifty leather purses/bags to cut up. I want to make a couple more of these especially now that I know the ins & outs of making one. I love it but want more:

pocket tote

Well there you have my last several days in a nutshell! I gotta run, I have quilts to finish…my list is calling out for help!!