Bloggy Business

I have been ill for the past few days so it feels wonderful to be back in the “land of the living” today. I will spare y’all the nasty details and just say “being a migraine sufferer SUCKS!!” That’s all I have to say about that!!!

Now I have a winner to announce from the Charm Madness Blog Hop. A few days ago I posted a tutorial for a Charm-ing Apron. The giveaway is for the Apron I made. The winner is …

who is….

Chiska please email me by Friday with your address so that I can send your apron to you! I will redraw on Saturday morning if I haven’t heard from you! I do love doing giveaways.

Another little tidbit of business I need to take care of….

Way back in January I hinted about a tutorial I was writing for Fluffy Sheep Quilting’s newsletter. Well, that newsletter is going out on Friday. My tutorial is for some placemats to celebrate someone special or someone’s special day! Here is one of the four I made for the tutorial (a sneak peek for y’all):

callee placemat

I am not the only one that wrote a tutorial for this newsletter. The incredible Annabella wrote one as well. You really need to go and sign up to receive these newsletters!! You don’t want to miss out!! Here’s how: (1)go to the Fluffy Sheep Quilting Website, (2)scroll down to the bottom right corner, (3)enter your email address in the box below “Newsletter”, (3)click on “Subscribe”. That’s it….All done!

Also, don’t forget the Charm Madness Blog Hop is not over. You can get the full schedule here. There are some great tutorials!

Oh and one more thing!!! The first quarter of the Finsh A Long is about to come a close. Get your finished lists ready and get next quarter’s list ready!! So much to do!!

Phew….I think I have all the Bloggy Business out the way! Oooo Oooo I almost forgot…..guess who will be here tomorrow?????   That’s right…..My ‘lil Angel….Caaaaaaaaalllllllllllleeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Get ready for picture over load!!! Do you follow me on Instagram! I really load IG up with pictures of her! I am gapquilter on IG.

I will back soon to round up all my finishes for the quarter!


Dos, Deux, Duo, Ge….

….all those words mean the same thing……TWO!!! That, my friends, is how old my granddaughter turned on March 1st! Unbelievable! I am still reeling a bit that I am a grandma, let alone that I am a grandma to a 2-year-old! LOL

As you may, or may not, know I went to Michigan to celebrate the darling’s birthday! We had a grand time at a bouncy house! Serious fun for adults and children alike! I have put together a few collages so as not to overwhelm y’all with a billion photos (yes, I probably took that many)!

First up is a breakdown of her birthdays….

from newborn to this year (I bought her those Minnie ears for Christmas - cute, no?)
from newborn to this year (I bought her those Minnie ears for Christmas – cute, no?)

Next up we have her trying on the two dresses I made her as presents. The long one is her Easter dress. I just got word yesterday that she will be here for Easter…..WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

I seriously couldn’t ask for better fits! the Spin Around dress (This tute) is a bit big but she will be able to wear it all summer!

I am not sure if it is obvious or not but my granddaughter ADORES Minnie Mouse and therefore she was the theme of her party:

Can you see Callee's nails....yep, red with white polka dots!
Can you see Callee’s nails….yep, red with white polka dots!

I said before the adults had a great time with the kids! Here is Callee and her mommy in the bouncy house:

It was a bit more than a bouncy house - room for playing ball too!
It was a bit more than a bouncy house – room for playing ball too!

I made ONE trip down the slide just because I wanted to be one of those grandmas that has fun with the grands but I have to say I have way more fun behind the camera….

I like to have never made it up the “ladder” and then on the way down I was bouncing off the walls. I will be honest and tell you I fell trying to get off the slide. My DIL almost peed herself laughing so hard!!!

As much as I hate to admit it, Callee’s favorite playmate is KayKay (Aunt Kaylah). They had so much fun!!!

The joy on Callee's face says it all, right?!?!
The joy on Callee’s face says it all, right?!?!

I leave you with one final collage…..THE MANY FACES OF CALLEE…

I could lie and say "I don't know where she gets this from but in reality it took many generations to perfect some of these faces!!
I could lie and say “I don’t know where she gets this from but in reality it took many generations to perfect some of these faces!!

Well, there you have my trip in a nut shell….fun, right?!?!

Happy Stitching!


Maybe not Mayhem…

I just realized I spelled the title of my last post incorrectly….to fix it or not…prolly not!

Well, I am progressing quite well so far this month. Here are the goals for March (and consequently the progress of each item):

1. 2 rows of Bee in My Bonnet Row by Row – 1 row is done which is the last row but now I will need to put it together and create the borders, back, bindings and so on and so forth – parts of which will get done this month

Tulips - appropriate for Spring!
Tulips – appropriate for Spring!

2. Sugar Block Club block – DONE!


3. Modern Stitches blocks – Di of Random Thoughts… Do or “Di” is queenie this month – 1 of 2 blocks complete – PHEW! This one was a doozie!

To quote someone else (can't remember who) - Many points were lost in the making of this block!
To quote someone else (can’t remember who) – Many points were lost in the making of this block!  I still need to give it a good trim and press!

4. Christmas BOM – DONE!


5.  Charm Madness Blog Hop Project – Project done just need to write tutorial – pictures must wait!

6. Revamp top – Done

May start quilting it this month at the rate I am going....not sure?!
May start quilting it this month at the rate I am going….not sure?!

7. Make a new skirt using Debbie Moebes’ video on Craftsy

8. Cut the pieces for the Batik BOM top – Done

Stack & stacks of squares (3 1/2", 6 1/2", 12 1/2") all cut from the scraps of the front.
Stack & stacks of squares (3 1/2″, 6 1/2″, 12 1/2″) all cut from the scraps of the front.

9. Callee Quilt red0

10. A Kindle Fire cover for my nephew’s birthday – DONE – used the tutorial at Whipstitch.

Obviously his name is Owen.
Obviously his name is Owen.

Since I only have a couple more things to do this month I might start quilting one of my tops – Foo is coming in a week or so which will initiate #7 on my list but that leaves quite a few evenings until then.

I know I haven’t posted any pictures from my trip but I am working on a entire post dedicated to only that because I have so many. Probably tomorrow! Until then I am thinking y’all will enjoy a picture of Callee enjoying the Sock Monkey I recently finished. My daughter-in-law sent me this last night….

callee sock monkey

I hope y’all are having a blessed day….pictures like the one above make my day super special! Until tomorrow….have a super stitchy day!


Giveaway Winner

Well, folks we have a winner. I know I am a bit late about posting this but I have been a bit busy! I had to work part of the weekend – YUCK!!!

I don’t have any way to contact the winner except through Facebook so I sent her a message on FB and haven’t heard anything back. So today’s winner is Sherry Murray. Sherry, if you think this might be you, please check your FB messages and send me your address. I will contact Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting and have her mail your bundle out right away.

When I wasn’t working this weekend I finished another project (more on that later), worked on binding a couple placemats, and revamped an old project. If you follow me on Instagram (gapquilter) then you seen some pics that hint at that. If not, then let me share a couple pics with you:

2This is where I started. It is inspired by a quilt I saw at You Had Me At BonJour. Seriously, that woman is incredibly talented. She has some great tutorials.

I am revamping a project that required me to cut a GREAT DEAL of 4″ squares. This project requires 3 1./2″ squares. I used the 4″ squares to make 3 1/2″ HST and am cutting down the remaining squares as I go.

I am breaking it down into 12″ blocks and this is what I got done yesterday (I needed a “new” project to work on):



Does this help you know which project I am revamping? I think I might keep to myself a little while longer, just cause!!!

It’s been a while so how about a pic of my girl – who is going to turn 2 very soon….can you believe it?

Before I show this let me tell you, in this picture she is modeling a dress I made her for Christmas (I think I forgot to show it to y’all). OK, here ya go:


I also bought her the shirt, tights, and boots. The fabric is corduroy. I have to be honest and tell you I am still not sure what I think about the dress. I think it would be cute for a summer dress….hmmm….maybe it is the fabric…..not sure!

ok, well that’s it for today!



This Christmas….

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I had with my family this Christmas. I am not going to try and put it into words, instead I am going to let it show through the pictures. There are alot of them and I hope you enjoy them. In honor of my son who really enjoys The Temptations I hope you will enjoy this great song as well which kinda summarizes how I feel:

We went to see lights in a local park!
We went to see lights in a local park!


callee santa cookies

Nana might have hidden candy in MANY of Callee's prensents
Nana might have hidden candy in MANY of Callee’s prensents
Theme?: Mickey & Minnie and Popcorn LOL
Theme?: Mickey & Minnie and Popcorn LOL
Final one!
Final one!

I told you…..truly blessed….This Christmas!!!

In my next post I will talk more about the makes I did this year! Until this…I hope you felt as blessed as I did This Christmas!

Merry Chistmas

I hope this day finds you relaxed and enjoying family. I will be back with a big post on Wednesday when I can share so much more about my family’s holiday.

For now I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all my great readers, listeners and followers….2013 is going to be great fun!!!

Until then, how about a coupl of sneaky peak pictures?…………

Smooches for Papa
Smooches for Papa
Wait till you see the photos that caused this!!!
Wait till you see the photos that caused this!!!

jp family merry christmas lights

In case you can’t tell, we are having a great time with Callee (and her parents) here. They have to go home on Christmas Day which stinks but life is what it is. In light (oh I crack myself up….you’ll see) of the holidays, I am going to leave you with a different signature……………..

We went to local park to see lights (more late) and this is was on the way out............fitting, no?!
We went to local park to see lights (more late) and this is was on the way out…………fitting, no?!


…is a question I am often asking. I know that may sound odd but let me try and explain. See that list on the right-hand side (down toward the bottom)…it’s title is “One UFO At A Time”. Well, I often wonder “WHEN did I start that?” Here are a couple finishes that I may or may not remember starting. Regardless they are done…more whens to follow…

This was started last year during my tutorial for the DUO QAL. I have one more to finish up for the QAL (only a year later – not too bad) hehehe.


My daughter picked the fabrics for this when she first started school (needless to say her tastes have changed. I also used this quilt to learn how to use a long arm machine. We will use it for picnics, football games, and for the grands to play on – exactly what quilts are meant to be used for, well some of them.


…..I am ticking things off the UFO list, I get very excited!!! I may and may not have bought a certain bundle of FQs as a reward…**Cheesy grin**

….did my children become adults or children in adult bodies? And…does that make me old?

…..did I put on all this weight? OMG I feel so uncomfortable!! I know I could diet, exercise or whatever the young kids are callin’ it these days *cough* Nicke *cough* but I don’t like sweating….it’s just that simple…is there no other way?

….I grow up I want to be a kid! Oh wait…I still am every time I am in the room with this beauty….

Minnie Mouse for Halloween 2012
Up Close
Making a Wish…”I Wish I could see my Nana”

I will be back soon…maybe with another finish!

Time to Vote (But not what you might be thinking – or maybe)

OK OK….so today is the day we Americans vote for President of our country and that is very important but it can also be very stressful – especially when neither candidate is all that spectacular (and that is all I have to say about that). So instead of speaking of that kind of voting, I am going to talk about the fun kind of voting….quilting-related voting!!!!

That’s right y’all it is time to vote for your favorite quilts at Blogger’s Quilt Festival. The Amazing Amy (I think that name should stick) is once again hosting the Festival, nominations have been made, and it is time to vote. There are 12 categories and 5 quilts each category – that is 60 amazing quilts!!!

Among those 60 I have a few favorites so I thought I would share those with you today – I mean come on….I’m not sharing my political views!!! Keep in mind these favorites are listed in order you will find them on the voting site and if there is no picture it is because I am awaiting permission from the owner (check your email y’all)….

Favorite Throw Quilt category is Kati of from the Blue Chair ….

I love the graphicness (yes, I know this isn’t a word but it is the only thing that describes what I think) of this quilt. LOVE it!!!!

I have been admiring this next quilt since Audrie of Blue is Bleu starting posting about it back in January (I am kind of a silent stalker of her blog). N.E.Way….I was excited to get to nominate and vote for this beauty in the Favorite Bed Quilt category because I would certainly put this baby on my bed!!

Let’s see, what next? Have you ever looked at a quilt and thought “WOW!!!” and really just had a difficult time not looking at it? **ignore poor grammar** Well Sarah of Narcoleptic in a Cupboard made one of those quilts for me! Check this baby out….

That beauty was created from bee blocks….amazing right?!? I love the nontraditional layout of course, quite fitting for a nontraditional lady (I sure use that term quite loosely – hehehe). Lovely quilt from a lovely lady. This quilt can be found in the Favorite Group or Bee Quilt category.

I have been in the great debate about buying this next pattern ever since laying eyes on the next quilt! I would love to see it in two other colors like maybe red & gray, or yellow & gray…ooo or maybe blue & yellow…but I digress!! This next quilt was made by Lindsey of Happier Than a Bird Quilts. Love, Love, Love this quilt!!!!! This gorgeous quilt is found in the Favorite Two Color Quilt category.

Now, Vicki of Quilting Lodge I don’t know personally but I do love her quilt….so pretty! It is part of the Favorite Applique Quilt category. B.E.A.utiful….

The quilting is pretty cool too….she quilted it herself on her Gammil – I might be a bit jealous!

Y’all hear me talk about this next chick all the time (mostly good things)….Susan of Canadian Abroad! She is one radical lady…with a couple pretty gnarly girls too! Well, finally someone other me and couple of her bloggy friends have recognized her amazing stitching talent and her quilt made it into the Favorite Hand Quilted Quilt category. I won’t rattle on endlessly about the quilt, instead I will just show you a picture of it and let you be the judge….

Amazing right? I know!!! Remember I said there were a few of Susan’s bloggy friends who recognized her talent? Well, Sarah (mentioned above) is one of them, as is Hadley of Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle. Coincidence they were all three nominated? Nope….talented people gravitate toward other talented people (still trying to figure out why they all like me ;-P) Hadley’s quilt is in the Favorite Doll/Mini Quilt category and it is another stunner – boy that lady can really pump them out! I think she finishes more quilts than anyone I know – except maybe Leanne!! Here is Hadley’s quilt:

That quilt has some of my favorite fabrics in it!!!

Well there you have my favorites in this year’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival….please go and vote for your favorite (notice I didn’t ask you to vote for my favorite – that is not what voting is all about – oh wait here we go….my political views are coming out…sorry!!!)

Have a great voting day y’all!!!


Episode 22 – The Quilted Tortoise

Today I have a nice chat about the fun/craziness of family coming to visit, the joys of family portraits, Mouthy Stitches,a few projects,  the FUNC’s adventures…oh and I interview Michelle at the Quilted Tortoise.

Before I forget…if you are looking for the Fluffy Sheep Quilting giveaway <—–just click

Here is the beautiful Michelle:

During the course of the interview I speak of the Diversity Lottery Program. You can find some information on it here.

Here are a couple of links for a few things I mention:

Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt

Liberty of London

Material Obsession and Material Obsession 2

Feathering the Nest

Wheat Bix

You can see Michelle’s stitching on Flickr. Dig a little and you will see some other things we talk about. Not to leave you to go hunting for everything, here are a few pictures of her work:

You can buy the pattern for Camelot hereLiz’s version of Candied Hexagon (yes, amazingly I give an opinion…can you imagine? **giggles**)

And my favorite part….her pics (and one of mine that I don’t know how to remove from the gallery):

So much fun. Please take the time to visit Michelle at The Quilted Tortoise and tell her you heard all about her from here!

Yes…I remember…here is the promised video of the first 10 minutes of me podcasting…it ain’t purty y’all!

I will be posting pictures, a little at a time, over the next couple weeks…but here is a taste of what is to come…

Me & my girl!!!


So much…

There has been so much going on I am not sure where to start!

This week’s podcast will be a little late because I was playing with Callee on Sunday. She will be here all week. We had to take her to the doctor yesterday because she was CRANKY. Come to find out she has an ear infection in both ears…poor thing. I will have the podcast up on Sunday with a giveaway from Fluffy Sheep Quilting…you don’t want to miss this one!!

On Friday of this week my son with be here (just his wife and daughter are here are now). My adopted daughter and her three boys will be here as well. She is a photographer and she will be taking my daughter’s senior pictures and some family pictures as well. It will be so fun!!!

I have been working on my tutorial for Cindy’s newsletter and my blocks for my Bee: Modern Stitching Bee. Chrissy is the Queen this month. She picked a super fun block. Here is my creation:

Every month I make an extra block of the queen’s desires for me. By the end of the year, I will have a sampler for myself….and seriously it’s just one more block each month. After Leanne’s and Chrissy’s this is what I have so far:

I think it will be a nice scrappy quilt!!!

I am thinking about embroidering each person’s blog name on the block…but I am not sure!

Additionally, I have also been working on a tutorial for the Finish A Long (REMINDER: this quarter will be closing end of September….are you ready??). I am not quite ready to share pictures of that but it is a sewing machine needle case. So handy that I forgot to take pictures once it was done. LOL

I think that about sums it all up! Here are a couple of closing pictures of Callee on the swings that are just down from the house. She is currently suffering from multiple personality problems so this is during one of those good mood moments…hehehe…poor sick baby!

Then we went for sherbert (she is lactoce intolerant) and she stole my cone and her mother’s but we didn’t care because (a) she was eating and (b) she was happy!


Well that just about does it for now. I probably won’t be back again until Sunday with a podcast and giveaway. Unless of course I decide I miss y’all too much!!! Boy will I have a bundle to share on Sunday…not to mention I am going to be interview Michelle from The Quilted Tortoise…what a great lady! See ya then!