Something to Shout About….

Every now and then I find something in my blog surfing that I just have to share with y’all. Today is your lucky day!!!!

I am a follower of Quilting Lodge. The Quilting Lodge (an actual online quilt shop) is lovely. Read all about their history here. Here is a picture of the quilt they designed and that you will have after this Quilt Along. It’s called the Texas Teardrops:


Isn’t it gorgeous?

Quilt Along Information:

  • Easy Pace….Weekly scheduled, starting tomorrow. You have time to gather fabric & miscellaneous notions. 
  • Fat Quarter or Scrap friendly. They have some great bundles in their shop for this QAL!!
  • There is a minimal $5.00 charge for the pattern on Craftsy….no biggie in my opinion – seriously look at that quilt!!!!!
  • Prizes!!! Who doesn’t love the chance to win cool prizes…I know I love the chance to win them. 

You can read all about this fun Quilt Along on her Texas Teardrops QAL page!

I think I am going to stitch along. I am notorious for falling behind but I will do my best to keep up. We will see how well I do….I think I am going to use up some Christmas fabrics I have in my stash. I am all about stitching out of my stash this year! So far so good!

As many of you know I have been playing with Callee for a few days and I have 3 more to go! Here are a couple of fun pictures from the last couple of days:

Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny (who has Limp Ear Syndrome)
Jump to Me
Jump to Me
Ride 'Em Pony
Ride ‘Em CowGirl

I will be back tomorrow to summarize my finishes for the Q1 FAL!


A new winner & more….

Well my first winner never responded so I have decided to pick another. The new winner is Tracee Perry. If this is you please respond to the Facebook message I sent you so that I can get your FQ bundle mailed out to you! Cindy is chomping at the bit to get it in the mail. If no one responds to this call out, I am going to have the bundle sent to myself!  hehehe

Well, I have another finish to brag about show off. Amazingly enough this project dates all the way back to the DUO QAL – October 2011. Pathetic, right? And the kicker? My part of the DUO QAL was to teach Free Motion Quilting and there is none in this table runner. O.M.G. Well, sometimes you just need to get a project done. Regardless, here it is…

Duo QAL runner collage


I used polyester batting in this project because that is what I had scraps of and because I wanted it to stay super flat. Now that it is done I will add it to the Christmas totes and use it next year. Another project off “the list” ! Woo Hoo!!!

Also, I have all the binding sewn onto the placemats. Now I just need to flip them to the back and stitch them down. Then, done. Today I will write the tutorials (if things go as planned) and then all my January projects are done. Actually the table runner is an extra and my revamp project is also an extra! I have a little sneak peek of one of the placemats:

Is that mean?
Is that mean? Doesn’t offer much does it?

Oh, wait! I have another row of my Row Along that came out yesterday. I need to do that this weekend! Can’t forget about that….it’s houses and super cute! Hopefully mine will look like houses when I am done,  unlike my stars. hehehe

Well, I am off for today. There was something else I wanted to share but darned if I can remember what it is. LOL


Mod Pop…but not quite what I want at home

Looking for the giveaway? You can find it here.

Ok that is one crazy title but I am sure it will make perfect sense by the time you see my signature at the end of this post. Well, I hope so anyway!

My dear bloggy friend Leanne, She Can Quilt, is hosting a quilt a long! Normally, I am not overly tempted by QALs but Leanne is so incredibly talented that I simply couldn’t resist this one! I mean seriously…look at the one she made:

I stole this photo from Leanne’s blog!

Told you….talented!!! Hey Leanne…(I know you are reading this so don’t try to hide)…how about an interview for the podcast?! But I digress.

So, I signed up for this QAL and need some help with a decision. I want the focus part of the quilt (the white part in Leanne’s version) to be from the Sunrise Bundle at Fluffy Sheep Quilting (btw, there is a discount available if you are participating in the QAL). I ordered that and am all set there. The background is what I am not sure about.

My original thought was to do all different shades of white as the background – that is, until I seen it all together – now, I’m not so sure! Here it is all together:

Mod Pop QAL

So, what do you think? Should I go with all different shades of white or just one shade? Come on, I know you have an opinion!!! Oh and I almost forgot…you can get the pattern and templates from Julie @ Julie Pickles Designs.

I also know you are curious what this business about home is (in the title). Well, just this past weekend, when I had a houseful of visiting adult children (and the one that is still at home) I was telling them I wanted to redo my house in a retro way. When I got that “are you kidding me” look I tried to explain myself and described further as Retro Modern. This is the very same description I would use to describe this quilt…Retro Modern!


I don’t want these colors in my home. I want browns, rust, dark orange, and weird 70s green.

To sum it up…I want a Mod Pop home with funky colors! Something that made my children want to vomit! Maybe they won’t be tempted to move back in that way? Just maybe!

I can’t wait to hear what y’alls opinions are about my fabric selection! Chat soon!