2015 UFO List

Its that time of year again…you know that time when things seem to be new and fresh and all things seem to be possible. Well, it is this time of year when I look at my list of UFOs. I pray 2015 is a very different year for me. Last year was very unsettling and therefore I got very little done, did very little blogging, and honestly, felt quite poorly a great deal of the year.

As a result, my UFO list looks very similar. Similar but longer. I found a few projects that somehow never made it to the UFO list…weird. Regardless, I am excited about what 2015 will be for me creatively!!! Without further ado, here is my current UFO

  1. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back done **Bonnie Batik**batik nature collage
  2. Spring Time – started quilting **Susie Springer**

    Susie Springer
    Susie Springer
  3. Red & White – Top & Back Done **Mr Red & Mrs White**

    Mr Red & Mrs White
    Mr Red & Mrs White
  4. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut **Peters Penguins**

    Peter's Penquins
    Peter’s Penquins
  5. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders, back ready **Rowland**Rowland - the Row by Row
  6. #swoon2013 – Some blocks quilted **#swoon2013**swoon collage
  7. Sugar Block Club **SBC**SBC blocks to date
  8. Purple/Yellow quilt **Tess the Crash Test Dummie**

    Tess the Crash Test Dummy
    Tess the Crash Test Dummy
  9. #moderninstabee – **Nellie’s Neutrals**July
  10. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #1 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Quiltinghero1
  11. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #2 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Top almost donehero2
  12. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #3 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Top almost donehero3
  13. Super Hero/Americana Quilt #4 **Super Hero/Americana Quilt** – Top almost donehero4
  14. **Fredly Found** – Need to finish tying & bind

    Fredly Found
    Fredly Found
  15. Toes in the Sand BOM blocks -**Sandy**sandy
  16. MSBee – **JuJu Jack** – May end up being more than one quilt2014
  17. **A Few of My Favorite Things**few favorite things
  18. Modern Stitch Bee Sampler **Sammy Sampler**msb sampler
  19. Modern Stitching Bee 2013 **Emmy**msb2013
  20. Orphan Blocks into Something – Too many to name (these are good to practice FMQ on)orphan blocks

Tomorrow, I will narrow this list down a bit and tell you what I will work on this quarter (necessary for the FAL2015) and then on Sunday, I will narrow it down even further (necessary for the Lovely Year of Finishes) and tell you what I will work on this month. Accountability is important!!!!

Speaking of accountability…something else I decided to commit to for 2015 is Sew My Stash 2015. In 2014 I was real good about shopping for fabric and recently I cleaned out my scrap bin (it was seriously overflowing) and sold it for real cheap! All this combined felt like a good cleansing. Since I have so many UFOs to finish there really isn’t a need to buy any excess. **wink wink**

Well, better get started….


#swoon2013 – part 3

In case you are new here you can see this quilts humble beginnings here:

#swoon2013 – part 1

#swoon2013 – part 2

I have finally finished the last of the blocks and am ready to start thinking about the quilting.

These are the last five blocks I made:

swoon 25 swoon 24 swoon 21 swoon 22 swoon 23

I cannot wait until this quilt is done. Every time I work on this quilt I get more and more excited to see it finished. Look at the blocks all together:

swoon 25 collage

They are almost as pretty in their bin:

swoon 25 stack
Not really…..Just Kidding!!!!!

Due to the size of this quilt (more than 120″ square), I plan on quilting this in a quilt-as-you-go manner. What I can’t decide on is HOW!  I have browsed and browsed and browsed and browsed and browsed. My options seem to be this:

  1. outline the blocks (but outlining which portion?)
  2. straight line
  3. all over meander (or some other pattern other than straight line)
  4. or mix and match

Here are a few pictures I have pulled from the World Wide Web:

swoon quilting ideas
TL: http://sarah.lidbom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/IMG_0399.jpg, TR: http://quiltingismytherapy.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/swoonchevron.jpg, BL: http://quiltingismytherapy.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/img_9720.jpg, BR: http://piecedgoods.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/swoonquilted1.jpg

So…..do y’all have any ideas, thoughts? I would love to have your input! I am going to start putting the Hero Quilts together this weekend. In the meantime I would love to hear your thoughts on how to quilt this lovely lady!!!

Happy Stitching (and creative thoughts on quilting #swoon2013)


Super Hero/Americana Progress

I am finally ready to start sewing the tops together on these quilts. I started these quilt way back in February I started piecing these D9P blocks for these 4 boys:

4 Handsome Grands
4 Handsome Grands

You can read the full beginning story of these four quilts here. I trimmed almost all 140 blocks this past weekend – see latest WhiteBoard Wednesday post.

Now that the blocks are done I have the freedom to work on the “identical but different” layout. The boys share a room so mom wants the quilts to match but be different. Here is the plan:

Two quilts will be set straight – 1 with sashing and 1 without & two will be set on point – 1 with sashing and 1 without. I snapped some pics as I was crawled around on the floor (phew – that is getting harder and harder):

Straight Set with Sashing & Cornerstones
#1: Straight Set with Sashing & Cornerstones
Close-up of Straight Set with Sashing & Cornerstones
#1: Close-up of Straight Set with Sashing & Cornerstones
Close-up of On Point Setting with Sashing & Cornerstones
#2: Close-up of On Point Setting with Sashing & Cornerstones
On Point Setting with Sashing & Cornerstones
#2: On Point Setting with Sashing & Cornerstones
Close-up of On Point Setting
#3: Close-up of On Point Setting
Set On Point
#3: Set On Point
Close-up of Straight Set
#4: Close-up of Straight Set
Straight Set
#4: Straight Set

The thing you won’t see here are the random placement of names. I have promised to embroider the boys’ names on their quilts. I haven’t decided where I am going to embroider them yet – or maybe I have and don’t want mom to know yet (I suspect she reads this).

Here is a neat pic of all the trimmed blocks trimmed up:


Next order of business – get at least one quilt top done in the month of July (WhiteBoard says so!).

I am curious…am I the only one who still makes old-fashioned hand written notes for her quilts? I do this! Here is one for one of these quilts (and I have one for each of these quilts – I scanned this one):

Handwritten Notes
Handwritten Notes

As the quilt progresses I add things. For example, if the size changes on this or if I decide I need to add borders, I will sit down with a calculator and decide what size, or when I decide where to embroider his name I will make that notation. Additionally, when its time to figure backing, batting and binding I will do so here.

Since this is for a grand, I will save this paper and maybe when they clean out my quilt room some day they will come across it and he will want it some day. OR they will throw it away.

Now you have a sneak peek at the Super Hero/Americana Quilts as well at my weird note-taking ways….am I alone here?



Super Hero/Americana Quilts x4

Yes, You read that right……4 of them…

If you have been a follower for any amount of time or if you were a listener of the podcast (which I have placed on sabbatical) then you are aware of my husband and I’s intermingled family…..a yours, mine and ours sort of situation. Well, somewhere right in the middle of all that is a young lady we took into our home many years ago and love very much. We refer to her as our adopted daughter – aka Perk- even though there were no official papers drawn up (she was a bit old for that). She is now grown with four boys and when we count grands we count her boys in with all the rest and there is a slew of them – 16 at last count including the newest great grand – I told you, a slew! Here is Perk & her family….

Last May
Last May – look at Bug sticking his tongue out – Rotten boy!!!

Well Perk – yes, there is a story behind that nickname but not one we share with the world – has requested 4 identical but different quilts for her boys room. She wants them to be Spiderman colors but no Spiderman on them. I suggested red, white, and blue because that allowed her to change the boys rooms into Americana theme, Superman, or various other SuperHeros without changing the quilts. I mean I love those boys but figure the odds of me doing this again soon…

Her and I talked and decided on D9P (truth be told, I offered suggestions, she decided)…

THE Block
THE Block

Here are some stats:

5×7 layout = 35 blocks each which requires x 4 = 140 blocks @ 11 1/2″:

The makings of 4 quilts or 140 blocks
The makings of 4 quilts or 140 blocks

Each 11 1/2″ block contains a 9-patch cut 4-ways which contained 9-4 1/2″ squares for a total of 1296-4 1/2″ squares:

Pre-Sashing, Post-9Patch
Pre-Sashing, Post-9-Patch

Each of those needed sashing cut at 1 1/2″:

The Lowly Block with Sashing
The Lowly Block with Sashing


There is an old saying “These colors don’t run” … well, after a while your eyes will cross and they do start to intermingle…..hehehe

I can’t wait to get them done….but only because I want to see the boys with them…..yeah, right!!!!

Now you know what I am chipping away at, ever so slowly!!





Robyn the Christmas Quilt

I am so excited to introduce Robyn to you today. I love this quilt!! I had so much fun working on this quilt. Fun for multiple reasons: the un-traditional Christmas colors, the specialized quilting, the new-to-me QAYG technique, and the embellishments.


This quilt started as a BOM from Fat Quarter Shop. The BOM was based on a book called Christmas Favorites by Nancy Halvorsen. She also designed the fabric line that was used. Of course she already has a new Christmas line out which is equally as fabulous!

robyns bits

I decided to quilt each block uniquely or as the block called for. I’m not sure what professionals call that but I call it INTIMIDATING. I knew the only way that would work for me was to do each block before it is sewn to the others or QAYG. They’re not perfect  and please don’t look at the back but I am in love with this quilt!!! I will show you the back (from a distance so you can see how it sort of looks like patchwork quilt but since it will be hung on a wall it doesn’t really matter:

robyns back

When it came time to put the blocks together I turned to the extremely talented Mari of The Quilting Edge. She has some amazing tutorials for QAYG (and many other things). I chose the one with narrow strips (I think I will use the wide strip tutorial for my #2013swoon quilt). She made this quilt possible!!

robyns embellishments

Oh and then the embellishments sort of tip the scale on this quilt!! I love the buttons & the bows! So adorable! I feel like I am tooting my own horn but in reality I didn’t design – just followed the super-cute instructions and ended up with the beauty!!

robyn swinging

Quilt Stats

Name: Robyn
Made for: My wall during Christmas (can’t wait)
Fabric: Nancy’s Christmas Favorites by Nancy Halvorsen
Thread: Various 
Batting: Scraps
Size: 57″ x 72″
Quilting: FMQ 
Pattern: from book Christmas Favorites by Nancy Halvorsen

EDITED TO ADD: This is part of my Q3 2013 Finish A Long Plan of Attack and therefore I am linking up as a Q3 2013 finish.

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Dorothy’s Duckies Must Die

I don’t know about you but every now and then I work on a project and no matter what I do it just seems, WRONG!! Welcome to the DUCKS!!

Dorothy's Duckies must die
A little later on you will understand why I am using such a HORRIBLE picture!!!

From the very first stitch to the last binding stitch this has been the case for this wall hanging! It seems no matter what I do all I see are mistakes!!! I just want to KILL THE DUCKS!!!!

I have to say I REALLY hope my daughter in law wants this thing for Callee’s room and removes it from my home!!! I feel like I owe someone (not sure who) an explanation.

When I first started stitching these ducks I was learning embroidery so I bought CHEAP fabric for the “outside” of the blocks because I figured if I jacked them up I could just toss them and not feel badly. Well cheap fabric doesn’t always play nicely (GRRRRR #1).

After a bit of embroidery experience (about 4 blocks) I switched from these blocks to Callee’s embroidered quilt. This one was placed in a box and became a UFO (GRRR #2).

Youngest child leaves, I stitch to make myself feel better the day I drop her off but mind isn’t really on stitching so EVERYTHING that could go wrong DOES go wrong. (GRRR #3). Things pucker that shouldn’t and so on and so forth!

Oh and then…..it is time to take pics of the quilt (GRRR #4)!! Due to the colors in the embroidery, there was no way to get a decent picture!! I posted pics on IG with iPhone and that ended up being the best one!! Seriously, look:

Dorothy's Duckies must Die collage

If it wasn’t the glare (in an attempt to get the colors right), then it was the colors or the terrible stitching! ICK!!! So, here is a close up of one of the pics so as to give you a general idea of the quilt:

Dorothy's Duckies must Die close up
Not that you can tell, but the duck is yellow in this one – but not in all!! (GRRRRR)

Well there you have it! It’s not a horrible throw it in the garbage quilt but I certainly don’t love it!!!

EDITED TO ADD: This is part of my Q3 2013 Finish A Long Plan of Attack and therefore I am linking up as a Q3 2013 finish.

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Quilt Stats

Name: Dorothy’s Duckies Must Die
Made for: The Sheer Frustration of it All
Fabric: Cheap Blue Box Store 
Thread: Various 
Batting: Scraps
Size: 26″ square
Quilting: straight-ish lines
Pattern: Birdie Stitches by Little Miss Shabby


I have been a bit amazed by how quickly some of these UFOs have come together….and here’s another one.

myrtle hanging

I started Myrtle, the Mystery Quilt, in early 2011. It was a mystery quilt by Sheila of Bluepatch Quilting.  I did not finish all the blocks but the parts I did complete were so much fun. Sheila is a talented quilter and very good at writing tutorials. Seems I recall rumor of Sheila turning the mystery quilt into a pattern but I can’t find it anywhere (if anyone knows where it is, please tell me so I can link to it). UPDATE: Sheila indeed is selling her pattern in her Etsy Shop!

myrtle side

The quilting on this is something I have been wanting to try for quite some time. This quilt has some serious saggy bits so it was quite the struggle to quilt. My larger circle arcs are a bit scary up close but babies don’t look at that sort of thing!!

myrtle front up close

I did machine binding again but I think I was (a) too tired – it was late and I wanted to get her in the wash and (b) I rushed a bit because I was tired and wanted to finish. BUT I am still pleased with the binding.

myrtle front

myrtle back

Oh and I actually got a decent roll picture so I will include one this time:

myrtle roll

Here’s her deets:

Quilt Stats

Name: Myrtle the Mystery Quilt
Made for: Some unsuspecting baby somewhere
Fabric: Who even knows?!
Thread: Quilting – Star Machine Quilting Thread Variegated in Black Pinstripes
Batting: Warm & Natural 100% Cotton
Size: 45″ x 55″
Quilting: bulleye(ish)
Pattern: Mystery Stars by BluePatch Quilter
EDITED TO ADD: This is part of my Q3 2013 Finish A Long Plan of Attack and therefore I am linking up as a Q3 2013 finish.

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Clara aka Cindy’s Project

clara front

I am so blessed to have met (virtually) some special people through my blog, Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting is one of those people. She has a super online fabric shop and a super fun blog. When Cindy put a call out for people to make quilts for her ….I rushed to the front of the line.

Who doesn’t want to play with the newest and bestest fabric? Especially Happy-Go-Lucky!!

Cindy's Project

After receiving this package, I got to work. Cindy and I had already agree on a design. I used a tutorial from Moda Bake Shop called Happy Weekender by Kim of My Go-Go Life. It was super quick and easy. The only thing I changed was size & fabric placement on the back.

clara on ladder

Let’s talk quilting…I decided (with the help of some IG friends) that randomly placed straight lines were the way to go with this one. So I started stitching. When I was all done I hung it up to IG a photo and could have croaked!!! My lines weren’t straight they were more slow moving arcs. I have grown to love it, but it wasn’t my intention. I have since seen a great technique for keep your lines straight. I guess Clara wanted curves. This shot of the back shows the quilting best:

clara back

Now, about that binding. If you have been reading here for any amount of time, you know I hate (HATE) hand sewing the binding down on quilts. I have tried several times in the past to do machine binding but with mediocre to poor results. Lately I read where Leanne (She Can Quilt) was using touch as encouraged by Mari and it was working. (I sure hope it was Leanne). So I decided to try it!!! Worked like a champ!!

clara up close binding

I really enjoyed working on Clara and I hope Cindy is able to sell lots of fabric when she is displayed!!

clara on a cabin


Quilt Stats

Name: Clara
Made for: Fluffy Sheep Quilting
Fabric: Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie & Camille for Moda
Thread: Coats & Clark 100% cotton for piecing and quilting (I really need to order some thread)
Batting: Warm & Natural 100% Cotton
Size: 45″ x 50″
Quilting: randomly placed straight slightly curved lines
Pattern: Happy Weekender by Kim – My Go-Go Life for Moda Bake Shop
Time to pack Clara’s bags….she has an international trip to make!!

Amazing Grace

This is a finish that was exciting to finish for a couple of reasons. Obviously, one of those reasons is that it is OFF the UFO list – exciting!!! Another reason is that I finally get to gift it to the recipient. Let me give you a little background….

When I was a wee one (less than a year old – almost 43 years ago), a extended cousin of my moms started watching me so my mom could work. Her name was Skippy. If Skippy had to work one of her daughters, just teenagers at the time, would watch me. This went on long enough that I became part of the family. I thought of Skippy and Pappy (her husband) as grandparents. I just loved them. Pappy passed away when I was about 13 and to say it was devastating would be the understatement of the year. It rocked my world to the core – but I am rushing things.

Over the years, our family moved about, had more children (there were 3 after me), BUT anytime I came back to the Cumberland Gap area to visit, the first thing I did was go to Skippy & Pappy’s house!! I couldn’t wait to climb in their lap so I would know all was right with the world.

This continued even as I was adult and started having children of my own. Whenever we would visit the Cumberland Gap area, one of the first stops was Skippy’s house. Of course by this time, I had to fight my children for a spot on her lap but when she hugs me I just knew all was right!

Another VERY IMPORTANT aspect of Skippy & Pappy was that when I lived down here, they always made sure I went to church every Sunday. I remember being a wee one and sleeping on Pappys lap in those old wooden pews. When I was 8 I came to know my Lord & Savior in a very personal way – as introduced to me through these two wonderful people. Then over the years I stepped away from the Lord and lived a less than holy life (and that my friends is putting it mildly). But this never changed the way Skippy treated me, she would love on me, pray for me and tell me she was proud of me even if not proud of my behavior. She always made me feel special. Eventually I came back to live my life with the Lord and I can thank Skippy for this ….

Do you now understand why I made a quilt for a special lady with the words of Amazing Grace on it? Here is a picture of the front…

amazing grace

I got so excited to give Skip the quilt, I completely forgot to take any pictures first. So, I had to go back yesterday and snap a few. Oh yes, we now live in Cumberland Gap, just a few doors down from Skippy and I get to see her all the time. She is the most amazing woman! I know no one else who is the epitome of grace!!

This fabric is some my daughter bought me ages ago, and when she bought it, she bought the panel. I figured I might as well use the panel for the back and guess what….Skippy likes the back better than the front…hehehe…

amazing grace back

I decided to keep the quilting on this very simple, straight lines following different parts of the quilt. I love how it ended up forming little stars in the sashing squares. Also, to add a little something, I did some dense lines in each of the four short borders. I love the lines this created on the back. You can see those if you look closely in the above picture. Here is an upclose of the quilting:

amazing grace quilting

Well that is all the pictures I was able to get. When I went to her house yesterday to get the pictures, she was without power so she put me to work on that problem. She can be quite bossy when she is stressed LOL

Quilt Stats

Name: Amazing Grace
Made for: Bobbie Burchette aka Skippy
Fabric: All unknown as it was a gift many years ago
Thread: Pieced with CT Essential Thread Taupe, quilted with a bright blue ??
Batting: Warm & Natural 100 % Cotton
Size: 54 x 76
Quilting: Diagonal lines to form a grid and then straight lines in the sashing and the borders
Pattern: Quilt Stats

Name: Large Dresden (ever so creative ;-)
Made for: Me
Fabric: Hugs & Kisses by Linda Lum DeBono and Unknown white on white on front, backing is Cheap Talk by Connecting Threads
Thread: Pieced with CT Essential Thread Taupe, quilted with a Star Variegated Orange in bobbin and CT Essentials Thread White on top
Batting: Warm & Natural 100 % Cotton
Size: 30″ square
Quilting: Followed the dresdens to form a star then followed circles and tiny border
Pattern: Copied something I seen in a catalog but made it up as I went along. 
Well there you have yet another finish for Q3 FAL and off July’s list!!!
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Large Dresden Wall Hanging

It has been a few years….you think I am exaggerating but I am not! Here is proof! Oh yeah….I chose the fabric for this finish 2 1/2 years ago!

Well regardless….it is done!!!

Large dresden

Before I could finish it I had to rip out a ton of quilting I had done it quite some time ago. I am so glad I took the time to do that! I took a different approach this time and it looks MUCH better! You can see the quilting much better from the back…

large dresden back

My first thought was to use it as a table topper.

large dresden dresses the table

But then I remembered my sewing room was curtain-less! I moved the curtains I made for my sewing room to my kitchen. So….

large dresden as a curtain

Love it!!

**Edited to add**

Quilt Stats

Name: Large Dresden (ever so creative 😉
Made for: Me
Fabric: Hugs & Kisses by Linda Lum DeBono and Unknown white on white on front, backing is Cheap Talk by Connecting Threads
Thread: Pieced with CT Essential Thread Taupe, quilted with a Star Variegated Orange in bobbin and CT Essentials Thread White on top
Batting: Warm & Natural 100 % Cotton
Size: 30″ square
Quilting: Followed the dresdens to form a star then followed circles and tiny border

I have another finish (or two) for you tomorrow! Oh and Amazing Grace is almost done…I am stitching the binding down **my favorite part – NOT**!!

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