WhiteBoard Wednesday

I know this is a terrible Picture but I bought some bright colored Chalk Pens and they brighten up my sewing room but they are difficult to photograph! I had to make some adjustments on PicMonkey and I’m certainly no Photo Editing Professional. heheh


Believe you me, I know just how ambitious this list is! BUT this at least keeps me aware of what I am up against. Keeps me on my toes!!


WhiteBoard Wednesday



This week’s WhiteBoard requires a bit of explanation….

WhiteBoard Wednesday 7/30/14
WhiteBoard Wednesday 7/30/14

You will notice a couple of the items on my list (#3 & #9) are marked off but they were changed. I didn’t have what was needed to finish the capri pants so I did a couple of other mending jobs in my pile. I am very pleased with all I got done in the month of July.

Since I had a few extra minutes last night I decided to work on my list for August…

WhiteBoard 8/1/14
WhiteBoard 8/1/14

There are two other MAJOR jobs that are not on this list….move Kaylah back to school (8/15/14) and update my blog reading list so I can get back to that. Over time it has gotten WAY out of hand and I just can’t keep up so it has become overwhelming; causing me not to read any of my favorites. That is very disappointing and I miss them!

Now you know what is in store for me this upcoming month…well sort of!

Happy Stitching….


WhiteBoard Wednesday 7/16/14

This past weekend I made a great deal of progress on my WhiteBoard list:

WhiteBoard 7/16/14

The majority of my progress was made on the Super Hero/Americana Quilts. I will be posting some details on my progress tomorrow.

I also made 2 Union Jack Quilt blocks but I can’t give you any details as to why just yet but I can tell you I used the tutorial by the amazing Molli Sparkles (who found my mistakes on IG and I fixed – Thank you!!). You can find the tutorial here. Here are the blocks I made just in case you don’t follow me on IG.

Union Jack blocks

I didn’t mark off the Sew Together bag (pattern by Sew Demented) but I did cut all the pieces out. I had to order the zippers (have you seen the great deals you can get from ZipIt?). Here are all the pieces awaiting their turn under the sewing machine. I used the bundle of Cotton & Steel fabric I won from Imagine Gnats via IG!! Here are the pieces simply hanging out:

Sew Together Bag pieces
Sew Together Bag pieces

Another thing that is not marked off but I started on this week are the last 5 blocks of the #swoon2013 quilt. I hope to have those five blocks finished before the weekend gets here. Organization is key:

Last 5
Last 5

There you have it folks….my week in quilting world…


WhiteBoard Wednesday

If you have been around here for a while then you remember my WhiteBoard Wednesday posts. If not, then let me quickly tell you a bit about them….

The first of every month I update my WhiteBoard and then every Wednesday I update y’all as to the status of what I have completed by posting a new pic of my WhiteBoard. Generally, these posts are wordless but since it had been a while since I had posted a WhiteBoard Wednesday, I thought I would do a quick explanation.

Here you have it….WhiteBoard….

WhiteBoard Wednesday 7-9-14

Let me add this one thought…I am under no illusion all 13 items will be completed in July but I do expect this list to keep me on track (well kinda)…

Oh and can any of my Modern Stitching Bee members guess what #1 is for????

Glad you were here today…..have a stitchy kinda day!


WhiteBoard Wednesday

You haven’t seen this yet but here was January’s WhiteBoard:


I got #3 – the Modern Stitching Bee Blocks for Katy, #7 the Toes in the Sand blocks and #10 one set of blocks for one Super Hero/Americana Quilt done. THAT’s ALL!!! Which means February’s WhiteBoard looks a great deal like January’s:

2014-02-03 07.07.10

Since it is difficult to read, here is what it says:

  1. Finish blocks & put top together SH/Amer Quilt #3
  2. #swoon2013 – finish last 5 blocks
  3. MSB – Annabella
  4. Hive #7 Blocks
  5. Finish quilting Spring Time Quilt
  6. Make Callee’s Skirt
  7. Toes in the Sand blocks
  8. Put top together SH/Amer Quilt #1
  9. Catch up SBC Blocks
  10. Finish blocks & put together SH/Amer Quilt #2
  11. Mend 3 pcs clothing
  12. Finish blocks & put together SH/Amer Quilt #4

Just in case you are curious about my color coding system: top priority, monthly items ie: bees, bom, etc, and if you get around to its.

My WhiteBoard needs replaced so I am in the market for a new one. But in the meantime this wavy one will do….

In a couple days I will tell you all about the SH/Amer Quilts and maybe you will understand why it appears I haven’t been getting anything done!


WhiteBoard Wednesday….on a Friday

It’s odd how you don’t keep track of days when you don’t work and you don’t have kids in school. This past Wednesday I posted about Callee’s pressies (the whole time thinking about how I needed to post WhiteBoard Wednesday on Wednesday). Later in the day I was having coffee with the neighbor and she said something about what day it was (Wednesday)….oops!

Regardless….here is my progress on my list:

2013-09-12 20.23.56

Yesterday I cut my last five #swoon2013 blocks. I may work on them a bit today. I won’t do anymore sewing again until the 22nd (when Callee leave – and I deal with my sadness). At that time I will work diligently on #swoon2013 and the D9P quilts. I need to make some progress on those two things. Oh I should have my Toes in the Sand block by then as well.

But I am quite pleased with where I am as of now. To be honest I got more done than what I thought.

Well…off to clean house a bit before my company comes and then sew for a bit….