September’s List

September is going to be a tricky month! Can you guess why???? Here’s a hint…. She’s potty trained now!!!!!

just like dad
Her dad has taught her well!!!

That’s right……………

Callee’s Coming!!!!

I couldn’t be more excited about her coming!! She will be here on the 14th and she is bringing her mom & dad. They will all be here for a week!!!! During that week, the 5 of us are going on vacation for a couple days (a tourist-y town – Gatlinburg, TN – fairly close to us) then we are going to make the 2 hour track to Kaylah’s school and spend the day with her. So our week will be BUSY!!!

Then on September 26th my mom and her boyfriend will be here for the weekend. So, that weekend takes me out of commission (and part of the week before since I probably need to clean to prepare for her).

Now, having said all that….I probably SHOULD reduce my list a bit BUT I’m not going to. I would rather try my best and see what happens….who knows maybe it will happen. Of course 2 of the items, are for Callee **big cheesy grin**.

  1. Spring Time Quilt (jelly roll race) – finish
  2. Modern Stitching Bee block – Leanne is Queen
  3. Tumble Tee for Callee (9/12)
  4. Batik Nature – finish
  5. Sugar Block Club block
  6. D9P – work on blocks – 4 twins
  7. Faux Fur Vest for Callee (9/12)
  8. Christmas Quilt – finish
  9. #swoon2013 – make remaining blocks
  10. Toes in the Sand  block
  11. Black Monkey – finish restitching back
  12. Row by Row – finish

It seems doable as long as I stay on top of it! I guess only time will tell. I am linking up with:




WhiteBoard Wednesday

I cannot believe this is my final WhiteBoard Wednesday for August! There is a VERY SLIM chance I will get the final 2 items done but instead I will probably just complete the one. I just don’t have the energy to work on the borders for the Row by Row – not the physical energy but instead the brain energy. Just not there!!!

Here is my WhiteBoard right now:

2013-08-28 20.43.21

You can see I have added another item in the last two weeks – Kaylah’s curtains. I had to cut some bits off her bedroom curtains so as to make them fit her dorm room windows.

I have gotten quite a bit done in the last two weeks. I have spent so much time in my sewing room. I will call it HIDING. Hiding from the world. Hiding from my emotions. Hiding from my husband. Hiding from my daughter (before she left). Hiding from EVERYTHING!!!

I honestly didn’t think I would have a difficult time with her leaving! I don’t think I would call it Empty Nest Syndrome because the house being empty doesn’t bother me. She has been gone about a week and I think the funk has just about lifted. I just needed some adjusting time. BUT phew those first few days after she left and the few days leading up to it…..UGH! Did they SUCK!!!!

Anyway….enough on that! It is passing and I was quite productive! I will have all of my squares cut for the D9P cut before the end of August and that is for 4 twin beds!!! Let me just say that is a great deal of 4.5″ squares!!!

I have certainly missed posting but was in no way of the mental capacity to put words into a sentence, let alone sentences into a post!

I will be back soon to show you some recent projects – well those I remembered to photograph!


WhiteBoard Wednesday

July is officially over!! Can you believe it? August is the month my baby leaves the nest (assuming all goes as planned). But more on that later. Here is the last bits of July’s list (since I missed posting WhiteBoard last week):ww 731

I did finish Cindy’s Project (Clara) which you seen yesterday. The problem is that I took this picture before completing the quilt later in the day.

Since we are in a new month I have a new WhiteBoard:

ww 0807


As you can see I am a being a bit ambitious for August, especially considering all I have going on this month (Um….daughter off to college). There is one more project I need to add to my list, I have decided to test a pattern for Rachel of Imagine Gnats….and I am stoked, she is one talented lady!!


WhiteBoard Wednesday

I cannot believe how busy I have been the last week. The odd part is I am not sure what I have been busy doing. I know I went to the zoo one day (blog post coming), I completed my 8 #swoon2013 blocks (yep, I’ll post about this too), spent a day with friends, and even learned some square dancing (oh you have to know more about this). OK, so maybe this does explain things a bit.

Without further ado….

ww 717

As you can see I am making pretty good progress this month. If you follow me on Instagram you know I have received some lovely stuff from Cindy to play with:

Cindy's Project

I can’t wait to put a quilt together for the lovely Cindy! Well, its not really for her but for her shop! Love her and her shop, so….

I am also making progress on the Duckie Quilt. It is a watch TV project as it needs to be tied (something my daughter started ages ago). Toes in the Sand & the last two Christmas Blocks will have to wait until I finish Cindy’s Project. I hope to finish it up within a week.

Well, there you have WhiteBoard Wednesday for this week. Later!


WhiteBoard Wednesday

I am amazed at everything I have gotten done since I posted my July list. Just look at my WhiteBoard:

ww 710

You can see I added #11 & #12 but completed them. You haven’t seen #1 yet but you will tomorrow. I got so excited about giving it away that I gave to the recipient without taking pictures. I did that yesterday. Then I feel asleep at 7:30 last night and didn’t wake till this morning. Which will explain the blank post if you happened to see that this morning.

There you have a great start to the month of July. The last two days haven’t been so good but house/yard work must happen. I am still well on my way. 

Oh and I know someone will be curious (Susan) so the numbers on the right (30 26) are the total # of #swoon2013 blocks I need. Don’t want to lose sight of the big picture (and its a big one!!!). I may change my mind about that number but we will see…


WhiteBoard Wednesday

It’s early in the month so it’s a clean WhiteBoard! A whole new list!

ww 7-3

I started quilting Amazing Grace last night and I am almost done! I should have that quilt done (assuming I don’t put the binding off) by the weekend!!

I also have all the stitches torn out of Large Dresden so that one is ready to quilt! As I said before, if I don’t need the slot of Cindy’s Project I will throw something else in there…time will tell. No biggie…the great thing about my WhiteBoard is flexibility!

While I have ya here, I need to announce the winner of the Tea Cozy.  I used Mr. Random to draw my winner and he chose #8 who is a dear friend:

tea cozy winner

At this moment she is off galavanting around the globe with her family so I will wait to hear from when she returns some time in August. If you don’t follow her blog, you really should check it out …. Mail From the Cheeky Monkeys!

Well! I have to run…time to get dressed! Ta Ta


WhiteBoard Wednesday

I keep a WhiteBoard in my sewing room with my monthly to do list. As a form of accountability I blog about the status of that list every Wednesday….thus, WhiteBoard Wednesday. Some Wednesdays will even be Wordless WhiteBoard Wednesday!


I am amazed that I have completed so much on my list. I finished the quilting on ReVamp!!! I will share pictures of that when I share the completed quilt. I am working on the binding as we speak. I need to hurry because I only have a few days before the end of the Finish Along Quarter (btw, Leanne needs people to contribute tutorials – if you might be interested, read this).

The mystery quilt is all pieced and ready for layering. Here it is…

mystery top


I didn’t finish all the blocks in the mystery challenge so it ended up being a weird size. It’s ok for a baby quilt, size wise, but I think its a bit dark for a baby quilt. I could put a sleeve on it and make it a wall hanging. It measures approximately 47″ square.

What do y’all think? What would you do with this one? 

**Don’t forget about my giveaway still going on**